Domain Investing Guide

Domain investing is the purchase of domain names as a means of investment. A domain name can be used to generate revenue or it can be resold profitably, and domain investors acquire domain names for investment purposes. This domain investing guide shares information about buying and selling domain names, evaluating and appraising domain names, legal and regulatory issues, and other information about investing in domain names.

Domain name investments are similar in nature to real estate and property investments, with a major difference being that domain names are a digital asset rather than a physical asset like buildings or land. There is an industry filled with companies of all sizes who are active in the business of domain investing, and people throughout the world are involved in this business. Domain investing can be a profitable business venture, and the domain investing guide can help people learn about it.

A domain investor buys domain names for a variety of purposes. A domain name can be used as the foundation for a website, it can have pay per click advertising to generate passive revenue, or it can be sold. The domain name resale market (aftermarket) is well established, and tens of millions of dollars (if not into the hundreds) in sales of domain names on the aftermarket are made each year.

Domain investing has become very popular, and people around the world invest in domain names. Although there are likely only a few hundred people who invest in domain names for a living, there are tens of thousands of people who invest in domain names. There are a number of domain investing conferences, tradeshows, and other events where people who are involved in the business. There are also many domain investing resources, including forums, blogs, and informational websites.

Each year, tens of millions of dollars are spent to acquire domain names. The number could be well into the 9 figures, but a majority of domain sales are transacted in private and aren’t reported publicly. These sales bring liquidity to the market, although domain name investments are typically considered illiquid, thinly traded assets in a dynamic marketplace.

If you are looking to learn more about domain investing and how to get started, this domain investing guide can be used as a resource.  Read more about domain investing in the articles below, and check back often as articles will be added frequently.

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