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Userbase Gets Its .com

A week ago, there was an active discussion about whether a small startup called Userbase should acquire its brand match .com domain name which was in an expiry auction at GoDaddy Auctions. The company has been operating on Userbase.dev, and the company’s founder (Daniel Vassallo) had polled Twitter to seek out opinions on whether he should spend the money required to buy the domain name. The auction ended at $33,500, and it appeared the company was passing on the opportunity.

it turns out that the winning bidder at GoDaddy Auctions apparently defaulted and did not complete the purchase. As the underbidder in the auction, Daniel was given the opportunity to buy the domain name at his highest bid after the winning bidder’s bids were removed. It looks like he is jumping at the opportunity to purchase the domain name for just shy of $25,000:

Should Userbase (.dev) Upgrade to Userbase.com?

One of the best domain names in auction at GoDaddy Auctions is Userbase.com. Despite the $7,234 (automated) GoDaddy appraisal for Userbase.com, the auction already has a high bid of $33,500 with a little more than 4 hours remaining as of the time of publication. I think it’s a great domain name and would be a solid upgrade for quite a few companies and businesses that user the Userbase or User Base branding.

One such company operates on the Userbase.dev domain name. In a Twitter thread last night, Userbase founder Daniel Vassallo asked for opinions about whether or not he should bid on the auction, which already had a high bid of $33,500:

Video: Following a Domain Auction with an End User Buyer (Subbly CEO)

Ray Dillman-Neu is the founder of the MERGE conference, which is a domain industry conference that is on a hiatus this year. This morning, Ray shared a video posted by Stefan Pretty, CEO of a company called Subbly. When Stefan spoke at MERGE in 2018, the company was operating on the Subbly.CO domain name. The vlog posted yesterday by Stefan shares some behind the scenes look at his life operating his startup.

Missed Time Finally Pays Off


There are quite a few positive aspects to making a living as a full time domain investor that go beyond the income. I think the biggest advantage for me is my flexible schedule. I may spend a lot of scattershot time focusing on my business, but I make my own hours and am fortunate to be able to spend much more time with my wife and kids than if I worked in a corporate job.

Sold for $1,938 at Auction, BerrySweet.com is Subject of UDRP

I noticed a UDRP filing at WIPO this afternoon involving a relatively generic domain name. A company called Berry Fresh LLC filed a UDRP against BerrySweet.com. The UDRP is WIPO case D2019-3091. Ordinarily, I would not be inclined to write about a UDRP filing involving a domain name like this, but something caught my attention when I looked into it a bit.

BerrySweet.com is currently registered under privacy proxy at NameSilo, the registrant of the domain name is not publicly known. When I visited the domain name this afternoon, it did not resolve to a functional website. BerrySweet.com has a creation date of March of 2004, making it more than 15 years old.

Silversea Won a UDRP and the Domain Name is in Expiry Auction

One of the top domain names on the board at GoDaddy Auctions today is SilverSeas.com. The domain name sounds like it could be sort of generic in the color + keyword sense I suppose, but it is very similar to the Silversea cruise line brand name. It is the type of domain name that caught my attention, but I quickly decided it would probably end up causing issues and I am not going to participate in the auction.

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