Domain Auctions Auction Winner Defaults

44 sold at GoDaddy Auctions last week for $65,000. I learned that the winning bidder in this auction defaulted, and this news was confirmed to me by Paul Nicks, GM of the GoDaddy Aftermarket.

The way GoDaddy’s system works on default winning bids is that the next highest bidder would get the opportunity to buy the domain name for the next high bid as if the winning bidder did not participate. If that buyer opts to not purchase the domain name, the opportunity would go to the next high bidder. This continues until a bidder accepts the price and purchases the domain name.

The domain name was sold to the sixth highest bidder in the auction. Although GoDaddy does not disclose sale prices, the company made an exception in this case, and I was told the domain name

Results from Sedo’s .CO Auction


At the end of July, Sedo hosted a special .CO domain name auction. The auction concluded on August 2nd, and I received the results of the auction to share with readers.

Vegas.CO was the largest sale at $18,500 followed by Hire.CO at $10,099. The third largest auction was Weather.CO, which sold for $9,999. In total, nearly $80,000 worth of .CO domain names were sold in this auction.

The results of the auction are listed below. Because the auction closed a week ago, it is very likely that many of these sales have not yet closed. Once they close, Sedo will report them to DNJournal and NameBio for archiving.

Sedo’s .CO auction results:

“Fantasy Island” to Become a Movie But Sony Dropped the Domain


According to a post on Deadline just yesterday afternoon, “The long running ABC series Fantasy Island is being reconstituted as a feature film by Blumhouse and Sony Pictures, the latter of which controls the rights to the Aaron Spelling series which ran from 1977-84.” Smartly, Sony Pictures Entertainment owned the matching domain name for several years, as reported by Ray Hackney on

For some unknown reason, Sony let the matching domain name expire, and it was deleted just prior to the news about the movie. As Ray reported, sold via auction for $3,251. The Whois has not yet changed, so the winning bidder for the domain name is presently unknown. This marked a precipitous decline in sale price, as had been reportedly acquired for $22,005.

I would maybe sort of give

Domain Name from Company With $215m+ in Funding in Auction


A big auction on GoDaddy Auctions caught my attention this morning., which GoDaddy appraises at $18,765, is in auction with a high bid of $41,500. There are 20 bidders who have participated so far. It appears the domain name expired, based on the “Renew Now” message seen at the top of the landing page filled with pay per click advertising:

From my perspective, as a domain name doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning that I can see, so I was curious about what could be causing the substantial interest in the domain name.

Apparently, Lytro was a well-funded company at one point. Crunchbase reports the total funding for the company at $215.8 million. According to a 2015 Business Insider article discussing a pivot, “Lytro has raised $140 million since its 2011 founding from investors including Allen & Company, GSV Capital, Danhua Capital, K9 Ventures, Greylock Partners, North Bridge Growth Equity & Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates, and Andreessen Horowitz.”

Despite its substantial funding, it would appear that things

Sedo to Host Premium .CO Auction


In honor of the .CO registry’s 8th birthday, Sedo will be hosting what is billed as a Premium .CO domain name auction starting on July 26 and running through August 2. I was told the domain names in the auction are owned by Sedo clients. I was also told that Sedo would consider adding super premium .CO domain names if customers are interested in listing them. Some of the .CO domain names names included in the auction are:

  • DN.CO
  • CV.CO
  • Ad.CO
  • Trip.CO
  • Deal.CO
  • Find.CO
  • Meet.CO
  • First.CO
  • Vegas.CO
  • Payment.CO

If these domain names were in the .com extension, we would be talking into the

Keyword .Net Domain Names in Expiry Auction at GoDaddy


I was looking at GoDaddy Auctions’ most active auctions this morning, and it looks like quite a few strong keyword .net domain names are in expiry auctions. Some of the keyword .net domain names that are in the list of most active auctions include the following .net domain names:


It looks like auctions for these domain names end in a little over three days. Although the recent GoDaddy Auction changes would have made these domain names

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