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Corporate Registrants Lose $46k in Revenue


There were two high value, one word .com domain names that closed at auction this afternoon at NameJet. This is not surprising. What is surprising is that both domain names were previously registered to major corporations, and instead of taking a gain from the sale of a valuable domain name, the registrars and auction platforms were the beneficiaries rather than each of these companies.

GoDaddy Should Add a Year of Registration for Aftermarket Purchases


In July, I noticed a domain name I had sold for five figures on Afternic was coming up for auction at GoDaddy Auctions. The domain name had been sold less than a year before, so it was surprising to see it had already reached expiry status. I posted a tweet mentioning that I think GoDaddy should add one year of registration after a domain name was sold via Afternic:

Sedo’s September 2019 Great Domains Auction Results


Sedo’s Great Domains monthly auction ended this afternoon, and there 21 domain names that sold in the auction. The largest sale of the month was Upgrades.com, which closed at $32,000. I was a bidder in the auction, although I did not win it. DNE.com was the next highest sale, closing at $26,666. This was followed by two other three letter .com domain names – HVW.com and IYW.com.

Advantage of Auctions Over Private Deals for Inventory


Generally speaking, my largest and best domain name purchases are private deals. More often than not, I spend quite a bit of time and effort to close a deal. These private deals are worth it when buying higher value names. When it comes to standard inventory, though, I would much rather buy at auction than from a private seller.

When I buy a domain name at auction, the only effort I need to make once the name is on my radar is to place my bids. Sometimes I follow along as the auctions close and sometimes I let my proxy bid ride. I can bid higher if I feel like it, but as prices continue to rise, I can also drop out and focus on other inventory. Beyond the research, there is not much effort needed to win an auction.

Dynadot Changes Auction End Times


I am not a regular bidder on Dynadot expired domain name auctions. I have bid on just a handful of domain names there over the years. Because I have a bidding account though, I received an email from the company announcing that the ending time for its expiry auctions will be changing. Bidders who participate should take notice.

Here’s the information that was shared with me in an email announcing the time change:

Sedo’s .UK Auction Results


On the heels of its auction last month that resulted in the sale of 240 .UK domain names, Sedo held another .UK domain auction that closed today. This auction saw 68 domain names sell for 28,621 GBP, which is just shy of $35,000 USD.

The auction just ended this afternoon, so the sales are not yet closed. Once the buyers pay and the domain names are successfully transferred, Sedo will publicly report these sales. This should be considered tentative until Sedo reports them officially.

The full list of sold domain names is below:

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