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GoDaddy Changes Domain Name Expiry Process


I want to share an email from my GoDaddy account representative about a change to the domain name expiry process. I believe this is going to have an impact on the auction process as well, and this should be good news for people who have called for changes at GoDaddy Auctions.

The renewal timeline will shift from 42 days to 30 days. From my perspective, it looks like this means that a domain name that is won at auction will no longer be permitted to be renewed by the former registrant. The email I received did not mention anything about the impact on auctions, so that is my interpretation of the news.

Here's the email I received a moment ago: (more…) → Read More Ends at $125,001 on GoDaddy Auctions


I was following the auction on GoDaddy Auctions for the last few days, and the domain name sold for $125,001 yesterday. Because was an expired domain name, the domain registrant has several days to renew the domain name before the winning bidder will be able to close on the domain name and take possession of it.

I reached out to GoDaddy Aftermarket VP Paul Nicks about the auction, and he told me "this is the highest priced expired domain on our platform." If the sale closes, it would rank as the 34th largest public domain name sale of the year in the DNJournal year to date sale report. On NameBio, you can see a list of the largest domain name sales via GoDaddy Auctions and GoDaddy's domain buy service.

For many years, has been owned by a company called Gradient Resources. It is unclear why the company let the domain name expire. Because this name (more…) → Read More

NameJet Addresses Missing Public Auction History


Someone included me in a tweet me this morning mentioning that some closed auctions were missing their bid history at NameJet. This missing data was also discussed in a NamePros thread this morning as well, so the issue was not isolated to one account. I went into my Auctions Report tab at NameJet, and I confirmed that the bid history for some of my auctions was missing. For example, when I clicked on the auction report for a closed public auction I had back ordered I saw the following:

I reached out to NameJet GM Jonathan Tenenbaum to see what was happening, and he followed up (more…) → Read More

NamesCon Auction Details and Submission Info


With the NamesCon 2018 conference a few months away, the domain name auction is starting to take shape. Monte Cahn from Right of the Dot is helping to organize the auction event, and he shared some details about the auction as well as some information about submitting domain names to be sold via auction.

Monte shared these details about the types of domain names that are being sought out for the auction:

"I am looking for the best super premium .com names - meaning key words, dictionary terms in proper tense, N, NN, NNN, L, LL, LLL, etc. These will be at no and low reserve to drive as much bidding competition and bidding excitement as possible.

Although there will be some new TLDs, we will not get most of those from submitters, some will come from the registries and some from registrants but we will not allow any names with premium priced renewals or crazy tiered pricing, etc. But point is, that I am not looking for new TLDs from registrants yet for the auction - just super premium .com names for now."

The auction will be run → Read More and to Sell for $340,000


Hilco Streambank was marketing and after the company that owned these domain names filed for bankruptcy. Two weeks ago, Hilco Streambank announced it had a stalking horse bid of $100,000 for these two domain name assets, and the company was seeking other bidders to participate in an auction, which occurred this past week.

According to a court order shared with me by Hilco's EVP David Peress (and found online in .pdf format),,, and associated trademarks will be sold for $340,000. According to the court filing, the buyer is listed as Westerdal Corp., Inc., a company associated with domain industry veteran Jay Westerdal.

I reached out to Jay to see if he had any comment about the purchase, and he shared some of his plans for the domain name: (more…) → Read More

Sedo’s October GreatDomains Auction Results


Sedo's GreatDomains monthly auction concluded today, and there were over $150,000 in sold domain names. The single letter domain name had the best result, selling for 49000 EUR. Once this sale closes, it will rank as the fifth largest publicly reported ccTLD domain name sale of the year in DNJournal. The second highest sale was, which sold for $49,000. sold for 24999 EUR, rounding out the top three.

I was one of the bidders in the auction, although I was not the high bidder. I think the buyer of got a pretty good deal at $9,999. The list of this month's sale results is below. Keep in mind that these domain name auctions just closed today, so these deals are not yet completed. Sedo will report the sales to NameBio and DNJournal once the transactions close.

October 2017 Great Domains auction results:

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Domain Currency Sales price EUR 49000 $US 49000 EUR 24999 $US 9999 $US 9999 EUR