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Domain Auctions Sells for $71,938 on

4 had its second largest publicly recorded sale yesterday. sold for $71,938 in an expiry auction on the platform. There was a considerable amount of bidding at the end of the auction, which kept the auction running for an extended period of time. According to NameBio, this sale is the second largest sale at, behind the $220,950 sale of in January of 2016.

For the past ten plus years, had been privately registered, so it is unclear who owned the domain name prior to its expiration. Interestingly, in September of 2006 (the last time I can see the Whois record was public), had been registered to "The GoDaddy Group," according to the DomainTools Whois History tool. It looks like this entity is somehow affiliated with GoDaddy. I am not sure if that means the domain name had been owned by the company at the time or if that was some sort of generic or proxy Whois record I don't recall seeing. I checked and didn't see a development history for this domain name.
→ Read More Hits Reserve at NamesCon Auction (Updated)

7 is arguably one of the top domain names listed in the NamesCon domain name auction. The domain name did not hit its reserve price of more than $1,000,000 during the live auction, but it looks like it hits its reserve price during the extended auction:

I do not recognize the leading NameJet bidder alias, evstratov. It is possible that the high bidder signed up specifically for the auction or perhaps the (more…) → Read More

njhighbid Bidder Alias at NameJet


Last night, I was looking through a few of the NamesCon extended auction domain names on NameJet and I saw a bidder alias I didn't recognize. "njhighbid" is in the lead on several high profile auctions. For example, the njhighbid bidder alias has the high bid of $550,000 on the auction.

When I see a bidder nickname I don't recognize, it makes me a bit suspicious. This is especially so when I see the same bidder leading several auctions. In this particular case, none of the auctions I saw njhighbid as the high bidder had met the reserve price.

With the "nj" in the bidder handle, I thought this might be a house account related to the auctioneer, so I reached out to NameJet General Manager Jonathan Tenenbaum to ask about the bidder alias. Jonathan confirmed that this bidder handle "represents the high bid in room from the live auction." I believe this was necessary because the live auction used different software from the NameJet platform, and live auction bidders were not necessarily connected to NameJet bidder → Read More Up for Auction – Has $17,500 Stalking Horse Bid


Hilco Streambank is managing the auction for the sale of the domain name. The company has obtained a $17,500 stalking horse bid for the domain name (from Media Options). The minimum overbid to participate in the auction is $19,500. The online auction is open for bidding and will end on February 6, 2018 at 2pm EST.

Prior to Hilco Streambank's involvement, was owned by a company called National Event Company. The domain name came available as a result of the company's bankruptcy filing. NECO had been in the ticket sales business prior. Obviously, a domain name like can be used in a way that is totally unrelated to the former business.

People who are interested in participating in the (more…) → Read More

Surprised to See Blockchain Domain Names in Expiry Auctions at GoDaddy


I was looking at the GoDaddy Auctions homepage over the weekend, and I saw something that caught my attention. A large group of blockchain domain names are currently in auction, and they are at the top section of the board for highest bids.

It is not unique that blockchain and cryptocurrency domain names are in auction or have substantial bids though. What is interesting, from my perspective, is that someone had the foresight to register these domain names several years ago (circa 2013) and then let them expire this year as the crypto space has been on fire. Crypto related domain names have been seemingly selling at higher prices and greater volume, so these expiring domain names would appear to be worth more now than ever, yet they expired.

Some of the domain names with substantial bids include: (more…) → Read More

3 Expensive “Super” Domain Names Pending Delete


Several years ago, a few "Super" domain names sold for somewhat substantial sums of money. The domain names were acquired by SuperMedia LLC / Idearc Media LLC. I believe they were related to the company's Super Pages phone directory.

I was looking through a list of pending delete domain names, and it looks like some of these domain names are dropping. Because of the pending delete status, I believe these will be auctioned should people backorder them via platforms such as, NameJet, and SnapNames.

Here are some of the Super domain names in pending delete status. Next to the name is the sale price as recorded by NameBio: (more…) → Read More

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