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Job Opening: Senior Program Manager at Amazon Registry Services


I saw a job opportunity on LinkedIn that might appeal to someone with experience in the business of domain names. Amazon Registry Services, Inc. (ARSI) is hiring a Sr. Program Manager. ARSI is the Amazon team that manages the domain name extensions operated by Amazon, which currently includes .Bot and will almost certainly include .Amazon. The job will be based out of Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Here is a copy of the description for the Sr. Program Manager job at Amazon Registry Services:

Michael Berkens Shares Insight About Investing in New gTLDs


Alvin Brown shared a full recap of his experience at the Ashville Domain Investor meetup organized by Rick Schwartz. It’s a nice summary of the event, and it will serve as an endorsement of the event should Rick decide to host again next year. Within his article, Alvin posted a video featuring a talk by Michael Berkens, who shared his thoughts, experiences, and insight regarding new gTLD domain names and investing in that asset class.

I am glad Alvin took the video, and I hope he doesn’t mind my sharing it below. I think it deserves to be highlighted on its own.

EFF Comments on .Org Contract Renewal


There has been an uproar since ICANN approved the new .org contract without price caps. The ICA posted some scathing remarks about the contract renewal. NameCheap also took a stand and posted a strongly worded response to the contract renewal and its process. In addition, NameCheap filed a Request for Reconsideration, a longshot attempt at getting the ICANN board to reconsider the contract renewal.

Reza Sardeha Shares Update Post-Rebrand


Reza Sardeha, CEO of DAN.com, shared some data from this company following its rebrand from Undeveloped, which was announced a little over a month ago. Reza’s update was made via LinkedIn, which I shared with you below:

DNForum Sends Out Password Reset


Earlier this morning, I unexpectedly received a password reset request at DNForum. I was previously an active user on DNForum, but I have not used the forum in quite some time. As a result, I was taken aback that a password reset email was sent to me. It looks like I was not alone in receiving the reset notification, as others have mentioned receiving the same password reset email.

Escrow.com Exclusion List Now Includes Russia, Panama, and Alabama


An industry colleague let me know that Escrow.com recently updated its list of countries and regions that are not supported by the company. Previously, the list of unsupported countries included “Belarus, Cuba, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Moldova, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe.” The updated list now includes the Russian Federation, Panama, Ukraine, and even the US state of Alabama, among quite a few other countries. This means users in those regions can not buy or sell domain names (or other things) via Escrow.com.

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