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Squadhelp Rebrands as Atom with Atom.com

Squadhelp announced a complete rebrand this morning. The company is now known as Atom, and it acquired the Atom.com domain name in advance of the announcement. I believe Atom is a superior brand name than Squadhelp. This is a nice example of a company’s growth leading to an investment in its future via authoritative rebrand.

In this morning’s press release published below, Atom Founder and CEO Darpan Munjal commented about why the company decided to embark on this rebrand:

Squadhelp Adds Escrow.com as a Payment Option

Squadhelp has added Escrow.com as a payment option for buyers. The addition of the Escrow.com option was shared by ARIYAS on X this morning:

I visited some of my Squadhelp listings, and the domain names all had the option for buyers to select Escrow.com for payment.

MJ.com to be Offered on Rally

A few years ago, I wrote about domain names being offered up on Rally, “a platform for buying & selling equity shares in collectible assets.” It looks like the company offered fractional ownership in at least two domain names that I can see – HotSpot.com and Directions.com.

HotSpot.com currently has a $136,500 “market cap” and Directions.com has a $68,600 “market cap” on the platform. I am not familiar with the platform, but it looks like both domain names are trading for less than when shares were first available on the platform.

Dynadot Now Offering Cryptocurrency Payments

Dynadot just announced that it now offers customers the ability to make payments using cryptocurrency. The offering is made via Bitpay, which supports more than 100 crypto wallets and coin options. Customers can pay with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency options. Payments using cryptocurrency are available in USD.

Supplementing the email news release, Dynadot published a blog post with full details about this new payment option. For those who wish to pay using cryptocurrency, the process seems pretty easy:

Bodis “Unable to Monetize Adult Classified Domain Traffic”

If you have adult-related domain names monetized with pay per click links at Bodis, you may consider changing where you point them. According to an email from the parking service, the company’s upstream advertising provider will no longer allow the monetization of domain names classified as adult. I suspect this may impact other parking services as well.

Here’s the email I received from Bodis with more information about the situation:

Building for Domain Investors is Happening

One of the criticisms of companies catering to domain investors is the lack of innovation in the space. Those people aren’t wrong. There are a handful of companies intent on making innovative changes to domain investor services, but the needle doesn’t seem move much. I am hopeful that is going to change.

I was in Las Vegas for the ICA meeting last week and had the chance to connect with domain investor colleagues. One thing I heard from several people is that they / their companies are building new products and services that are tailored to domain investor needs.

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