NameFind LLC

NameFind, LLC is the domain portfolio business owned and operated by GoDaddy, the largest domain registrar in the world. GoDaddy has been using the NameFind branding for the past several years, in the wake of a number of domain name portfolio acquisitions. The company owns hundreds of thousands of domain names in this portfolio.

The vast majority of NameFind owned domain names are available for sale via Afternic, a company GoDaddy acquired in 2013. Domain names registered to NameFind are also available to purchase through GoDaddy and its network of partners, including other domain registrars like, Network Solutions,, and many others.

If you do a GoDaddy Whois lookup and see NameFind LLC as the registrant organization, it means the domain name is registered to NameFind and is part of the GoDaddy domain portfolio. The Whois address for NameFind LLC is the same address as Afternic’s Cambridge, Massachusetts headquarters:

NameFind LLC
1 Main St. Suite 1120
Cambridge, MA 02142

Some NameFind domain names have an Afternic / GoDaddy inquiry page. This allows visitors to fill out the form and request the purchase price of the domain name. Some NameFind registered domain names are parked with pay per click advertising links. On the top of many of those domain names, there is a message indicating the domain name is for sale: “The domain [XXXX] is for sale. To purchase, call at +1 781-373-6847 or 855-201-2286. Click here for more details.”

To purchase a domain name registered by NameFind, you can visit a popular domain registrar to see the asking price. You can also call Afternic toll free at 1-855-859-4662. The local number to call and inquire about a NameFind owned domain name is +1 781-373-6866.