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GoDaddy is a privately owned, Internet-based company that provides a variety of services including domain name registration, web hosting and e-business software sales. The company, which is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, was founded by Bob Parsons. Parsons previously owned a financial services software company, which he sold in the mid-1990s upon retirement. He came out of retirement in 1997 to form Jomax Technologies, the predecessor to GoDaddy.

Since it’s inception, GoDaddy has risen to become the largest domain registrar in the world, with tens of million of domains registered to its clients. The company ranks as the world’s largest ICANN-accredited registrar; it’s approximately four times larger than its nearest competition. Recent corporate acquisitions include Outright, Locu, Afternic, and Media Temple.

GoDaddy has redefined Internet hosting services, and it has been the recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades. Among these awards are the 2001 Arizona BBB award for Business Ethics and the 2011 SC Magazine award for Best Security Team. In 2011, it ranked number four in the Phoenix Business Magazine list of “Best Places to Work in the Valley” and it made the 2012 Forbes list of “Best 100 Companies to Work For.”

Known for its sometimes controversial commercials and interesting spokespersons, GoDaddy also sponsors a number of charitable causes in support of domestic violence and child abuse awareness, and sports events, including NASCAR and the Super Bowl. In 2013, the company shifted its advertising strategy to focus more on small to medium sized business owners (SMB). Reflecting this change, its commercials and advertising materials shifted from “sexy” to smart.

GoDaddy Changes Domain Name Expiry Process


I want to share an email from my GoDaddy account representative about a change to the domain name expiry process. I believe this is going to have an impact on the auction process as well, and this should be good news for people who have called for changes at GoDaddy Auctions.

The renewal timeline will shift from 42 days to 30 days. From my perspective, it looks like this means that a domain name that is won at auction will no longer be permitted to be renewed by the former registrant. The email I received did not mention anything about the impact on auctions, so that is my interpretation of the news.

Here's the email I received a moment ago: (more…) → Read More Ends at $125,001 on GoDaddy Auctions


I was following the auction on GoDaddy Auctions for the last few days, and the domain name sold for $125,001 yesterday. Because was an expired domain name, the domain registrant has several days to renew the domain name before the winning bidder will be able to close on the domain name and take possession of it.

I reached out to GoDaddy Aftermarket VP Paul Nicks about the auction, and he told me "this is the highest priced expired domain on our platform." If the sale closes, it would rank as the 34th largest public domain name sale of the year in the DNJournal year to date sale report. On NameBio, you can see a list of the largest domain name sales via GoDaddy Auctions and GoDaddy's domain buy service.

For many years, has been owned by a company called Gradient Resources. It is unclear why the company let the domain name expire. Because this name (more…) → Read More

GoDaddy Sends McAfee Security Warning Email


A friend of mine forwarded me an email he received from GoDaddy informing him that McAfee "blacklisted" one of his domain names. The subject of the email was, "McAfee has blacklisted [domain name redacted]" and the email had GoDaddy's logo and branding. In the heading of the email, the message was clear in bolded font: "Security warning: McAfee blacklisted your domain. It's important you resolve this issue as soon as possible. Contact our security team if you need any help."

The messaging provided a bit more information, although the owner of the domain name was encouraged to call GoDaddy to rectify:

During a routine security audit of our network, we found that [redacted domain name] (hosted via ns2. redacted .com,ns1. redacted .com) was blacklisted by McAfee. This audit was performed by the GoDaddy Security Unit to ensure the integrity and trust of the network.
You can find details of why your domain was blacklisted here:[redacted]
What this means for you.
A → Read More

GoDaddy Acquires Another Domain Portfolio


I was looking through my daily Registrant Alert email from DomainTools, when I noticed what appeared to be another domain name portfolio acquisition by GoDaddy. A very large number of domain names that were privately registered at Uniregistry changed hands and are now registered to NameFind, the portfolio holding company owned and operated by GoDaddy.

I reached out to GoDaddy's Paul Nicks, and he confirmed an acquisition. "Can confirm another portfolio purchase, but we wont be disclosing price or seller information," he told me in an email this morning.

Some subsequent research using DomainTools Whois history tool shed some additional light on the acquisition (more…) → Read More

Trivia: What Was the First Domain Name Sold by GoDaddy?


We all know that was the first domain name ever registered. That domain name was registered on March 15, 1985. That domain name is currently owned by Aron Meystedt of (and Heritage Auctions).

Here's a bit of domain industry trivia for you: What was the first domain name ever sold by GoDaddy? The domain name is still registered, and the owner of the domain name still has it registered at GoDaddy.

The first person to answer the question correctly gets a virtual high 5 from me. → Read More

Afternic Outbound Email Sales Tactic


I was chatting with Adam Strong, and he let me know he has had some success selling domain names through Afternic. He just started listing some of the domain names from his portfolio a couple of months ago, and he has sold five figures worth of names. On one of his sales, he was chatting with the buyer, and she mentioned that she learned about his Afternic listing after receiving an email from GoDaddy.

I had not heard about this outbound sales tactic, and I have not received an email like the one that was described. With Adam's permission (and encouragement), I emailed Afternic's Alan Shiflett to learn more about this email campaign. He confirmed that GoDaddy sends out occasional emails to prospective buyers, and he was kind enough to share two examples of the email for me to share with readers. I asked Alan to mock it up using one of my own domain names because I don't have permission to use someone else's domain name listed on Afternic, so these two emails are samples: (more…) → Read More

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