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Sedo Sold via Sedo for $500,000


According to a tweet from Sedo's Frank Tillmanns, the domain name was sold for $500,000. I believe Frank brokered the domain name with Hao Shen, the Country Manager for China at Sedo.

The Whois record for is currently private, and the domain name is registered at Uniregistry. Using DomainTools' Whois history tool, it does not look like the Whois information has changed yet. It is possible the buyer is keeping at Uniregistry for the time being, although I do not see an archived record with Sedo's escrow service listed. It is unclear who the buyer is at this point since the domain name is not yet resolving.

NameBio does (more…) → Read More

Mike Mann Sells via Sedo for $194,888


According to a tweet from Sedo broker Dave Evanson, Mike Mann sold the domain name for $194,888 via Sedo:

It looks like Mike Mann's company has owned this domain name since late 2011, according to DomainTools Whois history tool. While I don't know what Mike's company paid to buy the domain name, NameBio recorded that this domain name sold in 2006 for just $485.

The Whois information is currently showing Sedo's escrow account, which means the buyer has paid for the domain name but the domain name has not yet transferred. It also means that we do not yet know who acquired the domain name or how it will be used going forward.

When I was doing a Whois history search, I saw that has (more…) → Read More Acquires


About a week ago, Sedo reported the sale of, which sold via its platform for $75,000. Although it is very early in the year, the sale currently ranks as the second largest public sale of the year on the DNJ sales chart. Had it closed in 2017, it would have ranked in the top 100 public domain name sales last year.

I was monitoring the Whois information to see who took possession of the domain name after it left Sedo's escrow account. Although the Whois information is private so the registrant is not known for certain, it looks like the company that operates acquired If you visit, you will be forwarded to the website. Publica is "an ICO and platform for publishing books in the blockchain era."

According to, a website that covers the cryptocurrency market, I believe Publica's ICO has a market cap of nearly $30 million USD. At the time of publication, each token (PBL) trades (more…) → Read More

Discussing My Tweet


My tweet about an offer I turned down for yielded some good discussion on Twitter and at NamePros a couple of weeks ago. I don't generally share sales data or offers, so this was out of the ordinary for me. It was also a bit strange seeing people discuss it publicly, although some good points were made. I thought I would share a bit more about my rationale for passing on the offer and the status of the domain name.

First, some background. I bought privately several years ago. I think it is a meaningful domain name that can be used by a company in virtually any field. For those unaware, lilac is a color in the purple palate, and it is also a shrub with beautiful purple flowers. We have several wild lilac bushes on the side of our driveway, and they bloom in the Spring as the temperatures get warmer. It is my sign that the Spring is coming. It is also my daughter's favorite color. I think it would be a positive and happy brand, perhaps with a touch feminine. It is easy to spell and is memorable.

I want to → Read More

Sedo Great Domains December Auction Results


Sedo's monthly Great Domains auction for December ended yesterday, and nearly $150,000 worth of domain names was sold. The largest sale of the auction was, a domain name that sold for $70,000. Assuming this sale closes, it will be tied for the second largest public .net domain name sale of 2017, tied with Only, which sold for $100,000 earlier this year, is larger.

A couple of other notable sales this month include, which sold for 24999 EUR (approximately $29,474 USD) and, which sold for $18,000.

Since the auctions just concluded yesterday, it is likely that they have not yet been paid for or closed. Sedo will report its closed sales to NameBio and DNJournal for recordkeeping once the deals have fully transacted.

The full Great Domains auction results for December 2017 are below: (more…) → Read More

Transacting with Cryptocurrency on Sedo


Earlier in the week, I reached out to the leading domain name auction platforms and sales marketplaces to see if they have plans to accept cryptocurrency. From my perspective, it would make sense for people who are active in the cryptocurrency community to be able to spend their cryptocurrency to buy domain names.

According to Tobias Flaitz, CEO of Sedo, the company is "planning to accept cryptocurrency some time in the future.” Tobias added, "We identified at an early stage that there are several touch points between domain investors and crypto currency investors. Therefore our focus is to offer attractive opportunities for domain sellers and parkers, such as allowing payouts in crypto currencies and many other options.” The timing and particulars about which currency will be accepted are both up in the air at this point, but I think this is a very good step for those who own or actively trade cryptocurrencies.

Tobias also announced that Sedo just began allowing customers to transact using cryptocurrency on deals that were → Read More

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