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Which “Top Sales Pick” Would You Want?


Each week, I receive an email from Sedo detailing their top publicly reported domain name sales of the prior week. In addition to the list of domain name sales, the company also includes its choices for "Top Sales Picks" of the week. These domain names are listed for sale at Sedo and I believe most are actively brokered by Sedo's domain brokers.

I was looking at this week's list and thought about which name I like best. Here's a look at the list that was sent to me this afternoon:











If you could own just one of these domain names, which would it be and why? → Read More

Sedo Job Opening: Country Manager for the UK


If you are looking for a job within the domain name business, Sedo is looking to hire a Country Manager for the United Kingdom. Sedo is one of the largest domain name marketplaces, and it also offers an auction platform, domain name brokerage for higher end domain names, as well as a parking service.

Here is the job description from the listing:

"You are responsible for driving new and existing business in the UK market across all products and services while establishing and maintaining high-level relationships with key decision makers and ensuring both growth and long term client satisfaction."

In the profile section of the job listing, there is no requirement for domain industry experience. I am not sure if that is because the industry is so small or if Sedo would prefer to hire someone from (more…) → Read More

Did Sell via Sedo?


According to the DomainTools domain registrant email I receive every morning, it looks like the domain name was briefly registered to Sedo's Transfer Service. This would indicate to me that the domain name was sold and is in escrow with Sedo.

When I checked the Whois information this morning, the domain name is now registered to an entity in the Netherlands. Prior to this, was registered to a California-based entity, according to DomainTools Whois history tool. Sedo's sold domain name RSS feed does not list As of this morning, does not resolve to an active website, so I am unsure about how it will be used.

I reached out to several contacts at Sedo to see if they could confirm the sale, and if so, share any details about the sale. Dave Evanson, Sr. Domain Broker at Sedo, replied to me and said he was unable to comment about the domain name. I searched my email records, and I do not see any emails from Sedo mentioning the domain name, so if the company was involved in the deal, it may have → Read More is Largest Sale at Sedo’s .IN Auction


Sedo hosted an auction for .IN ccTLD domain names in conjunction with the WHD.India and NamesCon India conferences. The auction concluded today, and 23 .IN domain names were sold.

The largest sale in the auction was for $9,950. This was followed by for $4,999 and for $3,800. In total, just over $36,000 USD worth of domain names were sold. Based on some of the names that were sold (all of which are listed below), I would imagine some of these domain names could be used as "domain hacks" rather than for users targeting India-based companies.

Because the auctions just concluded today, these sales have not yet closed. Once payments for the domain names have been received, Sedo will report the sales publicly.

In other Sedo news today, Sedo broker Dave Evanson reported the sale of for $86,500.

Here are the domain names that were sold in the .IN auction at Sedo: (more…) → Read More

Connect With Sedo at These 5 Events


Sedo_Logo_New_RGBSedo has been sponsoring and/or  sending attendees to a wide variety of conferences and events where there could be domain name buyers.  I received an update from Sedo on Friday to share some of the events where Sedo will have a presence. If you wish to connect with someone from Sedo, one of these 5 upcoming events would be a good opportunity to do it.

In the next couple of weeks, Sedo will have a presence at Domaining Europe, the British Business Show, WHD India, NamesCon India, and INTA Meeting. Sedo's Christoph Holler shared the following information about each event and how to connect with someone from Sedo at each event: (more…) → Read More

Clean Up Your Marketplace Portfolios!


This morning, I received a transfer email from GoDaddy for a domain name I didn't sell or transfer. I won this domain name at a NameJet auction in February. Although I am passively offering it for sale via my landing page, I am monetizing it via PPC and do not have it listed for sale on any of the domain name sale marketplaces.

After receiving the email, I did a bit of research to confirm that I still own the domain name. Essentially, I wanted to make sure I hadn't resold it or that something else funky wasn't going on with the domain name. Using DomainTools, I saw that there was a "for sale" notice with a BIN price. Clicking on the link to me to an Afternic page, although Afternic indicated that the  domain name was not for sale. I checked Sedo, and the domain name was listed there with the same BIN price as was indicated on the DomainTools page.

When I saw this, my hunch was that the domain name sold via Afternic. Because it wasn't my sale listing and not approved within my account as an Afternic listing, GoDaddy → Read More

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