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Twitter is “Down for Maintenance” [Updating]


twitter down

I was trying to access my Twitter account this afternoon, and I was having trouble. When I went to Twitter, it prompted me to the sign in page, which doesn’t usually happen because I always stay logged in to my account. After attempting to log in to my account, I was taken to an error page stating that “something is technically wrong.”

Apparently, there is something funky happening because now there is an error message when visiting the website alerting people to the Twitter downtime: “Twitter is currently down for maintenance. We expect to be back shortly. For more information, check out Twitter Status. Thanks for your patience!” Visiting the Twitter Status page, you can see a message that says there is currently a “service issue.”

Unfortunately, I usually use Twitter to see if other people are experience service outages for various services (like Gmail, Facebook…etc), but obviously, with Twitter down, I wasn’t able to do that. Perhaps because many of my friends aren’t active on Twitter, I didn’t even see any friends posting about the Twitter downtime.

Update: It appears that the issue has been resolved. After looking a second time, it does not look like service has been fully restored yet.

Update 2: “Service is restored” according to a tweet from Twitter Support a few moments ago.

GoDaddy Razzes Joe Namath for his Fur Coat

Retired New York Jets quarterback and Hall of Fame member Joe Namath flipped the honorary coin at tonight’s Super Bowl. He was wearing an “interesting” fur coat that surely attracted a lot of attention at home. It certainly caught the attention of people tweeting during the game, as “Joe Namath” is a trending topic on Twitter, which is quite an accomplishment during the Super Bowl.

As you can see above, GoDaddy’s social media team jumped all over it. I am sure they are going for a viral tweet in the same way Oreo did with their Super Bowl tweet last year and Arby’s Grammy Awards tweet last week.

We’ll see if this one goes viral. It’s going to be a big night for GoDaddy’s social media team.

5,000 Followers on Twitter – Thank You


Twitter 5000

I am excited to see that my @dinvesting Twitter account now has 5,000 followers. I was late to adopt Twitter, but it has become one of my go to places for sharing links and having discussions with people. It has also been a great place to find content for blog posts and to learn about new resources to follow.

I have not done a great job of

Video of a “Mind Reader”


I saw this excellent video and think it offers a valuable lesson that you might want to consider the next time you are using social media. It’s not a new video, but I think it’s well worth a watch when you have a few minutes to spare.

Thanks to Charles Christopher for sharing this video.

Social Media Tips for Domain Companies


Several years ago, Moniker pretty much ruled the roost when it came to the preferred domain registrar of domain investors. The company was known for its security, but I think the primary reason for its popularity was because of the personal care company founder Monte Cahn gave to his clients. The underlying feeling was that if there was ever an issue, you could call or email Monte directly and the issue would be resolved ASAP.

I was thinking about this when I discussed Voodoo customer support, and it got me thinking about the types of connections we have today. In addition to meeting account representatives and executives at conferences, I think relationships can be forged using social media options like Twitter and Linkedin.

There are a number of companies that have great social media outreach, and I want to share some tips other companies may be able to use to connect with their customers on a more personal level and establish a relationship.

  • Follow customers on Twitter – from official accounts and personal accounts
  • Connect with customers on LinkedIn
  • Reach out to customers when you see something (good or bad) about your company and ask for private contact information to resolve in private
  • Retweet to show you care about what they care about
  • Respond to tweets and messages directed to your attention and even those directed to the company if you can solve them
  • Offer introductions when you can’t resolve an issue

With prices being so competitive and security fairly comprehensive  at just about all domain registrars, it’s often a personal connection that gets customers to continue doing business. It’s no surprise that the majority of my domain names are registered at Enom and Go Daddy right now since I have account reps that have worked with me for years.

Establishing and maintaining relationships is a critical part of this business, and companies should be using social media to engage with clients.

Name.com Video: How to Generate Leads with Content and Social Media

I really like what Name.com has been doing with videos, and the video I am sharing with you today can benefit you if you are developing your domain names into businesses or communities. The topic is how to generate leads with content and social media, and it features Rebecca Corliss From HubSpot. The video was shot at HostingCon 2012 in Boston.

Kudos to Name.com for their outreach efforts – I’ve mentioned them several times in the past for their humorous and informative video channel as well as the company’s engaging Twitter feed. I think it’s good for the domain industry, especially when a company called “Name.com” is out there selling domain names and engaging the small business and developer communities.

The company is certainly practicing what it preaches in the video.

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