Investing in domain names can be profitable, although it’s not easy to register a domain name and then sell it quickly for a lot of money. To become a successful domain investor, I spent quite a bit of time learning all I could learn about domain names, and I used many websites to get information about the business.

Listed below are a number of great websites and resources I use to help improve my business. Some of these domain name websites are updated and read on a daily basis, and some are referenced periodically. There are domain name blogs, registrars, domain consulting companies, domain name brokers, and other domain industry resources. There is also information about domain conferences and events.

I am sure I’ve forgotten some, so if you notice a resource that is missing and should be listed, you are welcome to contact me. The resources are shared in order of the type of website they are:

Domain Investing Blogs & News


Domain Brokers

Domain Consulting

Domain Forums

Domain Parking

Domain Sales / Marketplaces

Domain Tools

Escrow Services

Expired Domain Names


IP / Domain Lawyers

My Company


Web Development