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The Opportunity Cost of Not Owning Your .COM


The valuation of .com type-in traffic (when a user navigates directly to a website by entering the domain name in the browser) has been a matter of debate for some years.

I recently came across an article by Howard Fellman  in which he makes an interesting case for  Why .COM Domain Names Are Better Than Conventional Real Estate in which he states:

"Simply put, if you don't own the .COM, you are helping the guy that does. He will end up with a percentage of your prospective customers, your intended backlinks and your misdirected email."

While this may not be news amongst the well informed, surely many companies out there wonder to what extent this is true, and whether it justifies or even dictates a .com domain acquisition for their business purposes. The introduction of the new gTLD's makes that question even more relevant.

Incidentally, in the past 5 months I happen to be witnessing one good example of the .COM type-in traffic effect, while consulting a client and friend of mine.

Her long established site happens → Read More

Guest Post: Serial Domain Investor Offers Domain Name to Royal Family


This is a guest post from Luc Biggs of Key Domains, the registrant of the  domain name. Luc discusses why he registered the domain name and what his company plans to do with the domain name.

We have nearly finished completing our little site to donate the domain name  to the Royal Family.

After registering the domain shortly after the announcement (with no clear goal in mind), we decided to test traffic levels (7,500 average visitors/day) and have since verified where the web traffic is coming from (countries & online sources).

As a half-British citizen, I am only happy to donate the domain name to the Royal Family - the website should be finalized within the hour. I have declined all interviews over the past 48 hours (from various newspapers and radio stations) and will continue to decline from further telephone/radio interviews once the site goes LIVE.

The domain has been kept out the hands of true cybersquatters or online identities that criticize or downplay the → Read More

Nat Cohen: Why I Support the ICA


This is a guest post about the Internet Commerce Association from domain investor Nat Cohen, President of Telepathy, Inc.

The Lord Giveth and the Lord taketh away.

For the domain industry, the part of the Lord is played by the U.S. Government and ICANN.

In the early days of the Internet, the U.S. Government policy allowed billions of dollars of domains to be registered on a first-come first-served basis for a registration fee per domain of $100 or less.

Those of us who benefited from this "landrush" know how fortunate we've been. Even those domainers who weren't involved in the early days, benefit from the tremendous value inherent in domain names that is still not fully recognized.

But it is a mistake to confuse being lucky with being smart.

Being smart is taking full advantage of the good luck that comes your way and not  taking it for granted. That is why I consider it smart to (more…) → Read More

Go Daddy Guest Post: How To Protect Your Accounts


Go Daddy CISOThis is a guest post from Go Daddy's Chief Information Security Officer, Todd Redfoot. In the post, Todd discusses how you can keep your accounts protected and your domain names safe.

Knowing that an outside party accessed one of your accounts can be incredibly frustrating and exhausting. But there are practical steps you can take to protect your accounts and the information you store in them.

7 basic ways you can make sure your accounts stay secure:

  1. Use a strong password. Eight characters is really not sufficient, a strong "passphrase" is the better choice. A creative device to help with generating strong passwords is to use a phrase that has special meaning to you. For example, "I need a strong password to make sure I'm completely secure," could become the password InaspTmsIc$. Passwords should consist of a minimum of nine (9) characters and contain at least one special character.

  2. Change your password – often.  This can be as simple as setting a reminder on your calendar to change your password at the beginning of → Read More

Guest Post: The Introduction of .uk Risks Damaging the UK Economy


This is a guest post from Edwin Hayward, who has been involved in the domain name industry since 1996. He set up the first dedicated domain name news and information website, Internet Goldrush (later sold to the current owner).

Edwin continues to participate actively on several domain discussion forums, and has been invited to be a panelist at various industry tradeshows. He is a director and co-owner of Memorable Domains Ltd, a UK based domain investment company with a portfolio of 7,000 domains.

Nominet has proposed allowing the registration of domains directly under .uk (such as for the first time.

Currently, there are over 10,000,000 domain names registered in the UK, and 93% of them are domains. The internet economy contributes over £121 billion to UK GDP (at 8.3% it's the highest of any G20 country).

However, Nominet is planning to turn its back on existing domain name registrants and make the .uk domains available to trademark holders first.

This would mean organisations such as → Read More

Amusing Guest Post Requests


On occasion, I publish guest posts on my blog, but they are almost always done at my request. I've either vetted the writer, or I know they will provide valuable information to readers (and me).

Because I've allowed guest posts on my blog, I often receive requests from others to provide guest posts. I am pretty sure most of these requests are because there is SEO value in the embedded links, so people try all different ways to get me to publish their guest posts.

I want to share some of the email introductions I receive because I think they're fairly amusing. I guess the word on the street is that flattery gets the best response rate.

My name is Alicia and I'm a writer from Manchester, UK. I have a keen interest in guest blogging and have covered different financial categories
Having looked at your site I find your approach is informative and engaging for your readers and I would love the opportunity to have my piece published on your site

I hope all is well with you. My question is: Do you allow guest post on your blog? if → Read More

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