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Afternic Resolves Outage


For the last couple of weeks, I had difficulty accessing the Afternic website. I posted a note on Twitter asking if others had the same issue, and I was relieved to learn that a few others were also unable to access the website because it seemed like an isolated issue. When I checked Afternic's status on Down For Everyone Or Just Me, I saw that the site was operating. I was also able to access Afternic when I was on my iPhone.

Afternic and GoDaddy engineers were made aware of the issue, and the outage was resolved late last week. I asked what caused the outage, and Bob Mountain, Chief Revenue Officer at Afternic shared the following information with me:

"In late August, we were made aware that a small subset of customers were unable to access These customers were unable to access the website, but were still able to completely manage their accounts through our customer services team. We have investigated the issue and determined it was a firewall setting. We have fixed the issue. If someone is still experiencing → Read More

“Invest in your Success:” Afternic Introduces New Landing Page


I noticed a new Afternic "domain for sale" landing page I thought I would share with readers. As you can see below, the landing page does not have any pay per click advertising (PPC) on it, and the lander makes it very clear that the domain name is for sale. You can visit to have a look at the landing page in action.

On the top of the landing page, you can see the call to action with a phone number to call an Afternic sales associate. Afternic likes to encourage people to call rather than submit their contact information via form. Their sales team is likely very strong on the phone, and getting someone to call is a good way for the company to sell its domain names.

If a visitor clicks on the "Inquire Today!" (more…) → Read More

Share Your Thoughts About GoDaddy Auctions Valuations


GoDaddy LogoYesterday morning, I wrote an article discussing  that an updated valuation tool was being released by GoDaddy in conjunction with expiring domain name inventory coming up for auction at GoDaddy Auctions. The refined  domain appraisal tool takes the Afternic sales database into account and predicts the retail value based on its proprietary algorithm.

I think it will be helpful for domain owners to find "hidden" inventory by performing searches based on valuation, and I also believe this will become  a revenue driver for GoDaddy.

One thing you will notice is that when you hover over a valuation, GoDaddy displays the following disclaimer to ensure that people understand what the valuation is and what its limitations are: (more…) → Read More

GoDaddy Reintroduces Valuation Appraisal Tool


GoDaddy LogoGoDaddy Auctions is set to reintroduce an updated valuation appraisal tool for its expiring domain name inventory. If you visit GoDaddy Auctions  later on this evening, you will be able to see the "Valuation" column will be populated with a valuation range. Previously, the Valuation column was essentially useless because it was based on a parked earnings algorithm that didn't take the intrinsic value of the domain name into account. In fact, I described GoDaddy valuations  as "laughable" in an article I wrote last year.

According to GoDaddy Vice President Paul Nicks, the new and updated valuation tool's algorithm uses the (presumably) massive database of Afternic sales to determine the retail price range of the domain names for sale in GoDaddy's expiring domain name auctions. Essentially, the valuation tool is predicting what the domain names would sell for at retail prices if they  were listed for sale on Afternic.

The Valuation column will offer  a valuation price  range rather than a single number. Domain names that the → Read More

Clean Up Your Marketplace Portfolios!


This morning, I received a transfer email from GoDaddy for a domain name I didn't sell or transfer. I won this domain name at a NameJet auction in February. Although I am passively offering it for sale via my landing page, I am monetizing it via PPC and do not have it listed for sale on any of the domain name sale marketplaces.

After receiving the email, I did a bit of research to confirm that I still own the domain name. Essentially, I wanted to make sure I hadn't resold it or that something else funky wasn't going on with the domain name. Using DomainTools, I saw that there was a "for sale" notice with a BIN price. Clicking on the link to me to an Afternic page, although Afternic indicated that the  domain name was not for sale. I checked Sedo, and the domain name was listed there with the same BIN price as was indicated on the DomainTools page.

When I saw this, my hunch was that the domain name sold via Afternic. Because it wasn't my sale listing and not approved within my account as an Afternic listing, GoDaddy → Read More

Alan Shiflett Was the Real Winner of the Contest


alan-shiflettNearly three years ago, I hosted a hand registration domain name contest on my blog. Each of the seven participants shared a list of ten domain names they hand registered as part of  the contest, and readers selected who they believed registered the best domain names without knowing who registered what list of domain names. The simple rules for the contest were set out in this blog post, and voting for the contest winner was done in this subsequent blog post.

There were 260 votes cast for the winner, and it was my (blind) list that received the most votes. Although my list won the popular vote, the real winner in this contest was Alan Shiflett, who is Partner Sales Manager at Afternic. In speaking with Alan today, he let me know he has sold three of the ten domain names he hand registered!

Alan was kind enough to share the three sales and their sale prices: (more…) → Read More

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