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Pen.xyz Reportedly Sold for 6 Figures via Afternic

A domain investor shared that he sold the Pen.xyz domain name for $109,888 via Afternic. He shared the sale email he received from Afternic in a Twitter post, and Afternic congratulated the seller:

Thursday is Best Day for Domain Name Sales


I’ve always been curious about the best day of the week for domain name sales. Afternic shared that the busiest day of the week for domain name sales across its network is Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday follow closely behind Thursday:

Not surprisingly, Saturday and Sunday are the worst days of the week for domain name sales. I assume that is because most people aren’t working. Perhaps it’s also related to the fact that Afternic isn’t processing larger sales on the weekend, but that’s unclear.

Given the size of Afternic’s network along with its integration at most popular domain registrars, I would imagine this holds true for other domain name sales platforms.

Test, Test, Test… Keep Testing

Many years ago right after I graduated from college, I went to graduate school and earned a Master’s Degree in Direct and Interactive Marketing. The program no longer exists as it was, and it was rolled up into another program at NYU.

Nearly every one of my other classmates but had already started their professional careers and had jobs related to Interactive Marketing. I probably would have directly benefitted more from the program had I done that, but that’s another story. I think the thing I retained the most from my graduate studies is the importance of testing.

Afternic Reminder: Deal Isn’t Done Until Money is Banked


I am in awe of the success of Swetha Yenugula. Swetha has built a great .XYZ domain name portfolio, and she has shared many impressive domain name sales. Unfortunately, Swetha reported yesterday, her six figure sale of Byte.xyz was canceled by Afternic because the platform was “not able to verify the buyer’s funds.

Byte.xyz Sold for $129,888 (Updated)


The Afternic Twitter account posted an image of an Afternic sales notification email informing the owner of Byte.xyz that the domain name was sold via its network for $129,888:

Afternic Lander: Get Idea of Pricing Without Calling

I search for domain name acquisition targets in many ways. One of the most regularly used methods is simply visiting a domain name to see how it is used. There’s no sense in making an effort to buy a domain name if it is being used as a brand by a billion dollar company or well-funded startup.

Domain names that are available for sale often have a “for sale” landing page either hosted by the registrant or by a platform like Afternic or Sedo. Afternic landing pages, for example, notify the visitor that the domain name is for sale without providing any pricing information. The landing page implores visitors to submit their information to get a price within 24 hours or to call and get a price immediately:

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