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Thankful for… Other Industry News Outlets


With Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday, I am giving thanks this week to people and companies in the domain name business that I appreciate. Today, I want to give thanks to my fellow domain industry news publishers and writers who work hard to share news and information about domain names and topics relevant to domain name investors.

I read as much as I can about domain names when I have the chance. The domain industry websites and writers I find particularly helpful include the following (with apologies to anyone I may forget): (more…) → Read More

Thankful for Domain Forums


With Thanksgiving in the US this week, I am giving thanks to various people, places, and businesses within the domain name community. Today, I want to give thanks to Domain Boardroom, NamePros, and even DNForum.

I spend quite a bit of time on Domain Boardroom (DBR) and NamePros. I am not a prolific participant on either of those forums, but I do visit regularly and appreciate both of those communities and their members.

DBR is a private domain name discussion forum operated by Donna Mahony. The community is relatively small, but it boasts a knowledgeable, professional membership that is willing to share personal insights about the domain name business. I have learned quite a bit from fellow members of DBR, and I am grateful for the community that Donna has helped cultivate for the last ten years. I find the topical discussions to be in-depth, and the environment is welcoming.

NamePros is probably the most (more…) → Read More

Thankful for… Readers


It's Thanksgiving week here in the US, and I am thankful and grateful for many people, places, and businesses related to the domain business. Each day this week, I am going to give thanks.

Today, I am thankful for the people who read I am especially thankful to those who share their insights and offer their opinions about whatever topic is being discussed. I am grateful to learn from people who share here, and I think others feel the same way.

When I write an article, (more…) → Read More

Bob Olea Pilots 747 in United Farewell Tour


For many people active in the domain investment space, domain investing is not a full time job. Bob Olea is a California-based domain investor who recently co-founded a web development business called imPowered. In addition to this, Bob also spends his time piloting commercial aircraft for United Airlines.

Yesterday, United Airlines final Boeing 747 flight took off from San Francisco to Honolulu. For the past several weeks, United was flying its 747 aircraft in something of a farewell tour. On its last flight to Washington DC's Dulles Airport, Bob Olea was the pilot. The flight made the news in the local NBC news affiliate station, and Bob was also interviewed on WJLA.

It is always fun to learn about the "real jobs" of people who invest in domain names as a profitable side gig or a fun hobby. Bob attends domain investing conferences, and I have had the pleasure of spending time with Bob over the years. It would be fun to fly on an aircraft piloted by Bob someday. Perhaps on my next cross country flight on United! → Read More

NYC Encourages Voting with Voting.NYC Domain Name


The City of New York has been using a .NYC domain name to promote the local election which happened today. Domain investor Larry Fischer, a New York City resident who has been in the domain business for many years, shared the photograph of this bus advertisement that is encouraging people to visit Voting.NYC.

When you visit Voting.NYC, you can see a sleek looking website that has information about the current election. It also serves as a resource to send people to other websites for further information about the election and voting. Essentially, it looks like (more…) → Read More

More Transparency!


I read Shane Cultra's article about transparency today and I feel compelled to respond. Transparency is obviously an important topic, especially when there are many conflicts because of business relationships and friendships with industry participants. I agree with Shane that people should be more transparent. In addition to blog writers, this should also be a given for forum participants as well as people who use social media to talk about domain names and the business of domain investing.

I wrote about advertising on in a blog post a long time ago, but I want to make a few things even more clear in case there is any confusion: (more…) → Read More

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