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No Win Scenario with TrumpTowerMoscow.com

TrumpTowerMoscow.com is a domain name that has been owned by The Trump Organization since 2008. From what I can tell using Screenshots.com, the domain name has not been used for an active website in that time, and instead, the domain name has either had nothing resolve or had the default GoDaddy landing page.

A few days ago, Salon published an article about the renewal of the TrumpTowerMoscow.com domain name, Trump Organization renewed the TrumpTowerMoscow.com domain name — this year:

The Domain Name is the Center of Everything

When it comes to an online business, everything revolves around the domain name. Think of a bicycle wheel for a moment. All of the spokes radiate from the hub in the center of the wheel. Likewise, the various aspects of running a business start with the domain name as the hub.

Earlier this morning, Rick Schwartz shared some thoughts about how the domain name is the hub for a business:

Yoni Belousov on Web Masters Podcast

Yoni Belousov is one of the most successful domain investors you don’t hear about very often. I don’t know Yoni very well, but I know he has an exceptional portfolio of domain names, which he has stealthily put together over the years. Original.com is Yoni’s corporate website, and it has a bit more information about Yoni and his company, Original Web Ventures, Inc.

I saw that Yoni participated in Aaron Dinin’s podcast called Web Masters. In the 25 minute podcast, Yoni gives a bit of background about valuable domain names and shared some insight into how he acquires his domain names. Have a listen to this (relatively) short podcast when you have a free half hour if you want to learn more about Yoni and his business. The podcast is embedded below for those who do not have a preferred podcast app.

Unemployed “Starting New Businesses”

This year has been a pretty mixed bag for me. I’ve had a few very good sales and quite a few run of the mill sales. When all is said and done, I expect to surpass last year’s sales numbers. All in all, I most definitely will not complain about a bad year, especially given my expectations in March and April.

One of things I have been seeing and reading about is that domain name registrars have been doing very well. It seems like domain name registrations are growing at a strong clip. In addition to the growth in domain name registrations, I have also seen and heard that premium domain names in the four figure price range (plus or minus) have also been selling quite well this year.

As one might imagine, people seem to be more willing to go out and start a business. President Donald Trump’s economic advisor Larry Kudlow, who serves as Director of the United States National Economic Council, mentioned this today:

Shout Out to Some Great Company Representatives

Did you know this week is “customer service week?”

There are quite a few domain industry companies who have team members that regularly go above and beyond to help their clients. These company representatives are quick to reply to questions and requests, are able to navigate difficult issues that come up, and they regularly handle complicated matters in confidence. Some of these professionals aren’t in a typical customer management role, but they work to put the customer first. Put simply, working with these people makes my life easier and helps me run my business.

I want to take a moment to say “thank you” to some of the great people I work with on a regular basis and greatly appreciate:

1&1 is Kit Sponsor of Borussia Dortmund

I grew up playing soccer, and have always enjoyed watching soccer games and matches when I can. My brother got me into supporting Arsenal a bit, so I watch my fair share of English Premier League matches. Beyond some advertising (like SportsBet.io) during matches, I have not really seen much of a tie-in between domain names and football – until yesterday.

Did you know a domain name registrar is the kit (jersey) sponsor for a major professional football team in Europe? I was checking in on some matches on ESPN yesterday, when the German Super Cup match caught my attention. Bayern beat Dortmund 3-2, but it was the Borussia Dortmund jersey that was what stood out to me.

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