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You Should be Thankful a Domain Name is Undeveloped


I love waking up to the peaceful sound of ocean waves breaking on the beach while the sun streams in through the sheer curtain panels covering the windows. At some point down the road, we will probably buy a beach house in Nantucket. When that time comes, I will almost certainly have to work with a real estate agent to find the perfect house or piece of land that fits our needs and budget.

It would be so much easier if we could just visit town hall, select an undeveloped oceanfront lot, fill out a bit of paperwork, cut a very small check to cover the registration fee, and register our property with the recorder of deeds. This is obviously not possible because pretty much every piece of oceanfront real estate is owned by someone or not available for sale. If someone wants desirable real estate to build a home or business, they will need to need to buy it from the owner and pay whatever the market rate is. This is the case whether the piece of real estate has a structure on it or is totally undeveloped.

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Was Bought for $2k via HugeDomains?


Apparently Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had a baby that they named Chicago West. As one might imagine, a domain name like that was long registered before the young West was born. In fact, was registered back in March of 2015.

Since 2015, the domain name had been owned by A entry shows the domain name was for sale and it had a price of $2,095.

As of very recently, the domain name is now registered under privacy at GoDaddy. If you visit, the domain name resolves to a generic GoDaddy landing page. This makes it unclear who bought the domain name - or even how much was paid. One thing seems clear though: someone bought as says the domain name was sold: (more…) → Read More

Changes Coming to Fabulous


At the end of October, I reported that Directnic acquired Fabulous. Mike Robertson, who previously worked at Fabulous for a number of years, will be working with both companies going forward. When the news was announced, Mike let me know that Fabulous was going to undergo a website and infrastructure update, adding functionality and giving customers a better user experience.

This afternoon, Fabulous sent out an email to customers announcing some of the changes that will be forthcoming:

  • 24 Hour Support

  • Phone Support

  • Live Chat

  • New Site Design

  • Improved 2 Factor Authentication

  • Payment with Digital Currency

  • 41 Day Renewal Period - with no extra fee!

These changes are expected to be implemented in Q1 2018 - so sometime in the next three months.

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We Don’t Work Together


I think the biggest criticism that domain industry bloggers hear / read is that the same information is posted on multiple websites. If .Club or Sedo issues a press release or contacts writers directly with something newsworthy, it is highly likely that several writers will publish an article. These similar articles (sometimes with the same headlines even) all show up consecutively on, and it gets people irritated for some reason. I am sure the same can be said about other, non-domain business publications that cover the same industry or field.

Most domain name writers/bloggers work independently. There are a couple of people who write for multiple websites, but for the most part, we each have our own website where we write. I can't speak for others, but I hardly ever chat with other people who also operate blogs / news websites in the domain space. Put simply, when I receive a bit of news or I find something interesting to write about, I don't ask anyone else if they are also writing about a specific topic.

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ICANNWiki May Lose Primary Funding Source


If you have ever done a Google search for a person or company in the domain name business, it is very possible you came across ICANNWiki, a website community with a ton of information about ICANN and the domain name industry. According to a tweet from the company, ICANNWiki might lose its primary funding source:

Here's an excerpt from the blog post announcing the news:
"ICANNWiki was recently informed that ICANN might choose not to renew its contract, which accounts for 60% of our annual revenue. The contract began in 2015, with an initial three-year term, which enabled us to bring on two full-time co-directors to steward the project and improve its services. ICANN has stated, 'At this time, while it is highly unlikely that ICANN will be renewing its contract with ICANNWiki, we have not come to a final determination.'”

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What Features Should I Add?


Having the brand gives me quite a bit of flexibility to grow the website beyond a blog. Instead of trying some things to see what sticks, I thought I would share a few additions under consideration to see what visitors think about them. I also invite people to share other ideas for the website. Vote in the poll below and feel free to add your own suggestions.

Possible features to add in 2018:

Weekly Brokerage Listings - this has always been a popular feature. It is great to see what new domain names domain brokers are bringing to market and it is also a good opportunity for readers to share one domain name for sale.

Domain for Sale Marketplace - People could list domain names for sale in bulk. I could coordinate this with one of the third party sales platforms. (more…) → Read More

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