Domain Name Pricing and Valuation (Video)

Accumulating a portfolio of domain names is relatively easy. Selling domain names is the more difficult aspect of the business of domain name investing. There are many venues to list domain names for sale, including Sedo, Afternic,, and others. A challenging aspect to selling domain names is setting the prices for them. List a domain name too expensively, and it probably won’t sell. Price it too inexpensively, and money is left on the table.

There are a couple of domain name appraisal tools that were created to help give domain owners and prospective owners an idea about what their domain names are worth. Estibot and the GoDaddy Appraisal tool are separate automated appraisal platforms that algorithmically set domain name valuations. These tools can give users an idea about whether their domain names are worth something or not, although they may not be accurate since each domain name is a one of a kind unique asset, and the domain name aftermarket is dynamic.

Looking at comparable sales is an important way to understand what domain names are worth. NameBio is a website that tracks and catalogs publicly reported domain name sales to help understand what is selling and for how much. DNJournal is a domain name news publication that reports public domain name sales on a weekly basis.

To help people price their domain names and get an idea about how to set pricing, GoDaddy shared this video interview with Joe Styler. In the video, Joe gives some pointers to help evaluate how much a domain name is worth and how to set the price.