What is My Domain Name Worth?

Determining the value of a domain name is important when the owner is looking to sell it or when an offer to buy a domain name is received. People regularly ask, “what is my domain name worth” when trying to understand how much their domain name is worth, and the answer is a bit complicated.

The domain name resale market is a fragmented  business. There are many individual owners who have certain price expectations for their domain names. There are quite a few marketplaces and domain sales venues with different sales channels. Millions of dollars worth of domain names are sold privately each year, making values difficult to track.

Domain names sell for prices across the board. Some companies will only pay the registration fee ($10 or less) for a domain name, while other companies value domain names into the millions of dollars. Each month, we see hundreds of sales reported in the $2,000 – $100,000 range. There are thousands of sales completed for less than $2,000 each month and just a handful of sales in the 6 and 7 figure price range.

The price paid for a domain name depends on the domain owner’s willingness and interest in selling and the prospective buyer’s budget. If the buyer and seller can agree to a fair price, a deal can be struck. Prospective domain name buyers need to realize that with good domain names, there are many people and companies who would want to buy a domain name, and the value is likely based on prior offers or the potential of a future sale.

When looking to determine the value of a domain name, a domain owner and prospective buyer should look at comparable sales to see the prices that other domain names achieved when they sold. Because the market is dynamic, the value of domain names may have gone up or down since the domain name was sold. NameBio is a website that archives public domain name sales prices and can be a good tool to search for comparable domain names.

Top Notch Domains, LLC (operator of this website) regularly buys great one word .com domain names. If you are looking to sell a domain name that is a meaningful dictionary word (in .com), you should get in touch. You can also contact a third party domain broker who can offer insight into the value of a domain name and help sell a domain name as well.