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Water Night Raises $138k for Water School


Water Night was held last night during NamesCon, and according to an email from organizers, the event raised $138,000 in pledges to the non-profit Water School. This amount raised was based on pledges of $46,000 from Water Night attendees and a generous match from Namecheap and NamesCon.

Specifically, here’s what the email said about the fundraising effort:

Between pledges at the door, and pledges made specifically for the WaterShave inside, over $46k was committed to by you, the NamesCon attendees! With dollar for dollar matching by BOTH namecheap and NamesCon, that transforms into over $138,000 in donations raised by the industry for clean water projects. The WaterSchool charity will be following up with everyone over the coming weeks and we trust everyone will be quick to follow through knowing that every dollar collected becomes $3 to charity! Find out more about WaterSchool at www.waterschool.com

Prior to entry to the party, attendees

BuyDomains Video: How to Find a Perfect Domain Name

I want to share the video below, which is currently being promoted on the BuyDomains home page. The company is educating its SMB end user audience about the value in spending money to purchase the “perfect domain name” in the aftermarket rather than hand registering a lower quality domain name. It helps to answer the question that  end user buyers may have: “why should I pay $3,000 for this domain name when I can register one for $10?”

Aside from the fact that this video will be seen by many end users, I think domain investors can benefit from this video by sharing it with potential buyers. Let’s say you’re involved in a negotiation and the prospect mentions that they are considering other domain names. You can share this video to illustrate why they should buy the better domain name. Similarly, you can share this video with a company that is operating on a lesser quality domain name than the one you’d like to sell.

I reached out to

NameMedia Job Opening: Premium Domain Name Analyst


I saw a NameMedia job opening on LinkedIn, and I want to share it in case you might have an interest. NameMedia, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, is looking to hire a “Premium Domain Name Analyst.”

Usually, I hear about job openings at domain industry companies that aren’t really focused on domain name values or investing, so a good candidate might not necessarily be someone with domain industry experience. This particular job opportunity looks like it would fit someone with domain industry experience, which is why I wanted to share it with you.

Here are the responsibilities and experience necessary for the candidate:

VP of Marketing Karen Dixon Discusses Revamped BuyDomains Website

It’s an exciting day at NameMedia. Today we re-launched BuyDomains.com, our domain sales platform that was founded over ten years ago.  Our goal for the new site was to simplify the process of searching for and purchasing premium domain names, and to provide an ideal user experience and valuable resources that our small business customers rely on to make their domain investment decisions.

The new site is easy to navigate, and removes clutter while keeping important and relevant information that supports premium domain purchases front and center.  The shopping cart is streamlined and gets domains in the hands of customers faster.  We still have our world-class sales and service teams available to assist customers 24/7.

And we have more improvements on the way. Coming in the next release will be additional search filter options, the ability to download search results and a number of other features.

What does this mean for domain investors?  We’ve made it easier for end users to purchase your domains listed on Afternic, which are also displayed in BuyDomains search results.    Features like ‘Recently Sold’ domains help to support and justify the premium prices that aftermarket domains command.  Through our distribution network of over 100 partners worldwide, we are creating more awareness and demand for premium domains- both yours and ours.

BuyDomains is the third new site that NameMedia has released within 8 months.  We are committed to continuing to invest in our platforms for the benefit of both sellers and buyers of premium domain names.

BuyDomains Selling Sequester.com

Much was made about the fiscal cliff last year, and luckily (I guess) the US never fell over. Mike Berkens wrote about how FiscalCliff.com was a great hand registration, and the domain owner even received an offer close to $40,000 for it. Judging by the Whois, it looks like a deal was never consummated.

Fast forward several months, and the US is facing a sequester. The short story is that the sequester would cut quite a bit of governmental spending, and it would impact everything from education to food inspections. If you live in the US, you can’t avoid watching something on tv or online about the sequester.

Interestingly, Sequester.com is being offered for sale by BuyDomains  (not an affiliate link), and the domain name is

NameMedia Testing Direct Domains Forwarding

A few weeks ago, I told you about Direct Domains, a new offering from NameMedia that has domain names for sale at discounted prices. It appears that many of the domain names listed at DirectDomains.com are also listed for sale on BuyDomains, and I suppose you could say it’s more like clearance sale pricing.

I stumbled upon a domain name listed for sale at Direct Domains, and I want to share what the company is doing to sell it. Check out TrappistBeer.com, and you’ll notice that you’re forwarded to a DirectDomains.com landing page. The name and price are on the top half of the lander and an offer form is just below the fold.

My bet is that TrappistBeer.com (and other names that use this landing page tactic) does not receive enough traffic to warrant PPC links. The company probably figures people who visit the domain name may have an interest in purchasing it, and making it clear that it’s for sale is a good way to close a deal.

BuyDomains had/has been testing sales landing pages, and this could simply be another iteration using Direct Domains.

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