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An America 12 Conference Would Make Oversee Happy


Sports industry reports about a new NCAA college sports conference called “America 12” are bound to make Oversee.net very happy. According to report on ESPN  this afternoon:

“The “America 12 Conference” is the favorite to become the new name of the current Big East Conference’s football schools, league sources told ESPN.”

It would be pretty safe to assume that this new conference would prefer to own the matching America12.com domain name. Unfortunately for them, domain holding company Oversee.net has owned America12.com since December of 2010. I don’t know what  precipitated  this domain registration, but Oversee is actually the second person to have owned this domain name (someone else had it a couple years prior).

Interestingly, the Washington DC law firm of Covington & Burling appears to have registered a number of other America12 domain names in various extensions, including America12.net, America12.org, America12.info, and even America12.biz. These domain names appear to have been created on March 5, 2013, and they do not yet resolve. The law firm also appears to be the  registrant for the longer America12Conference.com as well.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t think America12.com would be worth much money, but now that it appears a major college football conference is going to be called that, the domain name could be worth quite a bit of money.

Did Internet Traffic Pass Domain Sponsor?

I was looking at DomainTools’ DailyChanges.com today, and I noticed that Internet Traffic DNS now has more domain names on them than Domain Sponsor DNS. I don’t look at Daily Changes every day, so this likely did not just happen, and the number likely fluctuates.

According to Daily Changes, there are  1,242,445 domain names on InternetTraffic.com DNS and  1,124,620 domain names on DSRedirection.com as of today. Some people may use their own DNS for parking though, so this number may not be completely accurate. One other thing to keep in mind is that DailyChanges.com only counts the top 6 domain extensions, including .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .us.

On May 16, 2011, it was announced that Frank Schilling launched his InternetTraffic.com parking service. Unfortunately, I could not find the total number of names on Domain Sponsor DNS at the time Schilling’s parking service launched.

It’s remarkable to watch how quickly this business has grown, and the number of domain names being monetized on IT DNS continues to increase.  I wonder how Internet Traffic usage compares to other legacy parking services.

Oversee Lists Information.com for Sale

I read a press release this afternoon announcing that Domain Advisors is the exclusive broker for Information.com, and the asking price has not been publicly revealed.  The domain name has been owned by Oversee.net for a number of years.

In checking out some screenshots from the website’s past, it appears that Information.com was once positioned as a search engine. I would guess that the results pages contained sponsored results and that Oversee made money on the resulting clicks. According to Domain Name News, it was previously used for “framed parking.”

If you have an interest in purchasing Information.com, you should contact  Brooke Hernandez at +1 508 689 9569, ext. 201.

Press release is below:

Will DomainFest Continue?

I’ve heard mixed reviews about this year’s DomainFest Global conference, although the majority of them were positive. As I mentioned before, I canceled my trip a few days prior to the conference to tend to some things at home (all is good here). It’s the first DomainFest I missed in four years.

The big news, it seems, was Oversee.net’s sale of Moniker and Snapnames, which was sort of announced during the conference, although it wasn’t officially announced to customers until yesterday. With the sale of these two assets, I wonder if DomainFest will continue in the future – both the main conference at the beginning of the year and the smaller local events held later on in the year.

As I recall, last year, the DomainFest website had links to the local conference agendas and dates for upcoming DomainFest events. As of right now, the only event listing is the most recent event that passed. I would have assumed Oversee and conference organizers would have the local events listed already since people need to make travel plans in advance. Maybe they will be added soon. Hopefully that will be the case.

I have no idea if DomainFest is a profit center or if it loses money but is written off as a marketing expense. If the former is the case, I would certainly assume that DomainFest will continue. If the events lose money, the sale of Moniker and Snapnames could spell the end for DomainFest, since Oversee would have less reason to put on these events, as Domain Sponsor is now the primary client-facing line of business for Oversee.

Personally, I hope DomainFest continues. The only two certainties on my business calendar are DomainFest at the end of January and TRAFFIC in October. There are other events that take place throughout the year, but those two conferences are really the only firm events on my calendar.

I reached out to Oversee to ask about future DomainFest events but I have not heard back.

Poll: Are You Attending DomainFest?

DomainFest (DFG) is probably the most widely attended domain conference. I think there were somewhere around 700 people in attendance last year, which is pretty large considering the number of people who invest in domain names full time.

I have heard from several people who I almost always see at DFG that they aren’t attending the conference this year for one reason or another. The turnout always appears strong though, so I am just wondering if you have plans to attend this year. If you’ve attended in the past but aren’t planning to be there this year, why did you make this decision.

I am booked (have been for a few months), and I look forward to attending in just a couple of weeks.

Jeff Kupietzky Named CEO of ActivePath

Jeff Kupietzky, former CEO of Oversee.net, has been named the CEO of ActivePath, the company announced in a press release this morning. ActivePath is the “inventor of a unique, actionable and secure email platform for businesses and consumers to interact directly within existing email messages.” Kupietzky will be working out of the company’s Tel Aviv, Israel office.

Kupietzky’s departure from Oversee was announced in July of 2011, and his final day with the company was at the end of August. Since he left, two co-CEOs have been named at Oversee. Good luck to Kupietzky in his new CEO role.

Press Release below:

ActivePath, inventor of a unique, actionable and secure email platform for businesses and consumers to interact directly within existing email messages, announces the appointment of Jeffrey S. Kupietzky as Chief Executive Officer. With nearly two decades of entrepreneurial and executive management experience, Kupietzky joins ActivePath to expand its ActiveMail ® technology into new vertical markets.

ActivePath Chairman & Co-Founder, Aryeh Mergi, said, “We are very pleased to welcome Jeff to our leadership team. ActivePath offers a unique and powerful technology that simplifies how consumers use their email to interact with businesses. Jeff’s background in the digital media, e-services and consumer fields, together with his proven track record in expanding new markets and growing companies, will help ActivePath gain rapid adoption of our actionable email platform across all vertical markets.”

“What excites me most about joining ActivePath,” said Kupietzky, “is that our patent-pending email technology significantly benefits both businesses and consumers. We enable consumers to experience personalized, dynamic content in a rich media environment and to take immediate action from inside their email without clicking on a link or opening a new browser. This saves them time and enhances their web experience.”

Kupietzky adds, “For senders, the ActivePath platform provides a game-changing tool set that supports live content and transactional messaging, simplifying how consumers take action within rich media emails. ActiveMail makes it faster and more secure to send personalized, real-time offers and interactive content. ActivePath increases conversion, enhances customer engagement, boosts sales and extends customer lifetime value. I look forward to driving market adoption for this powerful technology.”

Before joining ActivePath, Jeff Kupietzky served as President and CEO at Oversee.net, managing worldwide operations and driving growth for the $200 million digital media and domain services leader. Before that, he led product development, marketing, and inside sales for desktop search company X1 Technologies.

Earlier, at Digital Insight (Intuit) Jeff was responsible for all consumer product management, growth and retention initiatives. He was a co-founder of Siebel Systems (Oracle) subsidiary Sales.com, and also served as general manager of systems engineering and business solutions for Loudcloud/Opsware (Hewlett-Packard). Jeff began his career as a consultant for McKinsey & Co., developing business strategies for software, insurance and banking clients. Kupietzky earned an MBA with high distinction from Harvard Business School and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University.

About ActivePath:

ActivePath is the inventor of ActiveMail ®, a patent-pending dynamic and interactive platform that revolutionizes how marketers communicate and transact with their customers. ActivePath technology enables companies to deliver rich content and personalized, live offers within email messages to proactively engage customers, enable one-click purchases, and drive higher conversion rates – all without clicking on a link or opening a new browser. Consumers gain an enhanced website experience and the convenience to take action and securely transact from their inbox at any time, from anywhere. ActivePath’s robust email platform increases conversion, enhances customer engagement, boosts sales and extends customer lifetime value. Learn more at: http://www.activepath.com.

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