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Daily Poll: Do You Broker Domain Names?


Do a search on LinkedIn for "domain broker" or "domain name," and you will see a lot of results for people who list domain name broker in their LinkedIn profile. There are way more people who consider themselves to be brokers or who offer private brokerage services than I thought possible.

One reason for this is that there are likely brand protection companies whose employees work on domain name acquisitions on behalf of clients. Another reason is the relative ease in setting up shop and calling oneself a domain broker.

I am not a domain broker. I acted as a broker for a few names probably over 10 years ago, and I didn't like that business model. I prefer to sell my own domain names. I am curious what percentage of readers broker domain names owned by other people. Please vote in the poll below to share:

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Daily Poll: Will You Watch the World Cup?


I grew up playing soccer. I didn't watch much on tv (not surprising being in the USA), but I loved playing the sport. During the past few years, my brother has gotten me into following the EPL, cheering on Arsenal. I watch when I can, although it can be tough to do in the morning with other family priorities.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia kicks off today. One of the benefits of working from home on my own schedule is that I have the ability to tune into matches during the day. It's unfortunate the US won't be playing in the World Cup this time around, so I will probably gently root for a few countries I loved visiting and hope the matches are great.

Will you be watching the World Cup?

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Daily Poll: Have You Sold a Non .com Domain Name?


It is no secret that the vast majority of my domain names are .com domain names. I own and have owned some non .com domain names, but my focus is .com. That said, I have sold a handful of non .com domain names. I would estimate that the figure is probably about 3 but it could be a few more from a long time ago. One off the top of my head is a .net that matched a .com I sold and I also sold a package of 5 names in the same extension.

Have you sold a non .com domain name before? My guess is that somewhere north of 75% will say yes given the number of people who I know buy ccTLD domain names and there are also quite a few people who have had varying levels of success with the new extensions.

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Daily Poll: Is The Domain Investment Business Shady?


I regularly read about people complaining that the business of domain investing is a bit shady / sketchy or something along those lines. There are a multitude of things people comment about involving all sorts of things that may not be on the up and up. Sometimes the issues I read about are fairly harmless or unfamiliarity with how something works, but there definitely have been issues that were rightfully highlighted and discussed.

If I were involved in other investment verticals (crypto, stocks, forex, startups...etc), I would imagine there are also people who would say the same thing about those other businesses. Some industries are more regulated than others, but there is probably some level of shadiness in every type of investment.

I am curious to know how readers of this blog feel about the domain investment business. Do you think the business is shady? Vote in the poll below:

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Daily Poll: Have You Had a Sale Published in DNJournal?


When I first started buying and selling domain names, I learned about DNJournal's weekly sales reports, which archived the top publicly reported domain name sales. I had always wanted to have a sale that was large enough to be listed on DNJournal, and I was fortunate to have a few domain name sales listed a long time ago. These days, I keep my deals private, and it has been over six years since I last reported any sale publicly.

Although I keep my deals private, I am sure that others look at having a sale listed DNJournal as an honor and a mark of success. Some sales in DNJournal are reported by the marketplace, broker, or auction house (if privacy is not requested), and others are reported by one or both parties in the deal.

Have you had a sale published yet in DNJournal?

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Daily Poll: Do You Use Tools for Expiry Auctions?


Each day, tens of thousands of domain names expire, and many will go to auction at GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, SnapNames, and DropCatch.com. There are a number of tools that can be helpful for finding domain names coming up for sale in expiry auction.

I use the Basic account subscription at Dropping.com (I pay $49.95/month) to provide a customized list of domain names coming up for auction each day. The list is emailed to me first thing in the morning, and I scan the 1,000 or so domain names that meet a set criteria I have. I am sure there are plenty of other tools to find domain names, but that is the one I use every day.

Do you also use tools to find expiring domain names to bid on?

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