Domain Name Forums

Domain name discussion forums have become very popular over the last several years. Because domain investing tends to be a business where people work alone, domain forums have become popular destinations for people to discuss all aspects of the business as well as share advice and list domain names for sale.

There are four popular domain forums at the moment: DNForum, NamePros, Domain Boardroom, and Domain State. Several other Internet forums have sections related to domain names, but these four forums are the only forums that are almost exclusively for discussions about domain names.

Some of the domain forums are free and others have free sections but charge either annually or one time for membership. Most of the domain discussion forums have moderators who ensure that the forum rules are followed and watch out for scams, stolen domain names, and other behavior that is unprofessional.

Out of the four domain name forums mentioned above, Domain Boardroom is the only private forum, although DNForum does operate a private section for the highest level of membership. In order to participate on Domain Boardroom, members must apply and be approved by Donna Mahony, the founder of DBR. Adam Dicker is the current owner of DNForum.

Domain forums are a great place to learn about the business of domain investing. It’s recommended that people who are new to the business spend some time looking around to see how others operate before participating.

List of Domain Name Forums