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Bill Hartzer’s “SEO and the Not Com Revolution” Presentation


Bill Hartzer is a SEO strategist, and he has been pretty vocal about the new gTLD domain names. I saw a presentation he gave at the 2016 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference held last week at the Addison, Texas Convention Center, and I want to share it with you.

For those of you who have been following developments in the new gTLD space, many of the slides will look familiar. There has been ample discussion had about quite of few of the topics in Bill’s presentation, but there may be some newer topics that you haven’t seen yet.

If you have questions or comments about Bill’s presentation, I am sure he will be willing to answer them.

Who is Winning Black Friday This Year in Google?


When it comes to Black Friday, I presume a great deal of traffic to various retailer websites comes from Google. Having top rankings for Black Friday keywords is likely a driving of significant traffic. With Black Friday coming up at the end of this week, I thought it would be interesting to see what websites are doing best for Black Friday searches.

Listed below are the top 3 results for a variety of Black Friday searches in Google. There’s nothing scientific about my research, but I did use a browser in incognito mode in order to show results in a more ¬†unbiased manner. I did use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool to see what keywords are popular at this time of year. I did not include Google news mentions, and the top 3 are unique websites, even if one of the listed websites holds 2 spots.

Here are the searches and top 3 results as of this morning:

Sunday Updates


I’m in the middle of a daddy-daughter weekend, as my wife went out of town for a baby shower. I think we’ll do a little apple picking, apple pie making, and maybe spend some time outside depending on the weather. I hope you have as much fun as I have!

I want to share some thoughts and updates that I have been compiling from the past week. You are also welcome to share your thoughts, feedback, or anything related to domain investing:

DomainInvesting.com Rebranding Series: Website Optimization


Before rebranding my blog to DomainInvesting.com and consequently changing the url, one of my greatest concerns was the impact on traffic to the website. Since this venture is a business with paying advertisers, I needed to make sure that the rebranding would have minimal impact on traffic, and if there would be an impact, it needed to be short lived.

While getting together with Braden Pollock at TRAFFIC Las Vegas, I happened to meet Jason Hennessey of Everspark Interactive. The three of us spent a couple of hours discussing business, and I left the meeting wanting to work with Jason on a future project. When I decided to change the domain name and rebrand to DomainInvesting.com, Jason was one of the first people I called in order to strategize.

With my blog, I never did any link building or paid much attention to search engine optimization. I am proud to say that traffic and links to the site are 100% organic, and I knew this would be helpful with the rebranding. I also knew there were many onsite issues that needed to be corrected though, and I chose to work with Everspark because I knew they would be able to help me with these efforts and could also give me advice regarding onsite SEO and other website optimization tips.

In the video interview with

Interesting Way To Tell If a Domain Name is Only Used for SEO

I came across a keyword .com domain name that was being used by a publicly traded company as a mini portal to sell one of its products. The product did what the keyword domain name is, but neither the product nor the website were branded as the domain name.

I thought it was neat to see the company using a descriptive domain name to market one of its services, and I realized it’s most likely only for SEO purposes rather than marketing purposes. To clarify, the company isn’t sending people to this website but they are hoping people find it via Google instead.

How did I come to this conclusion (aside from the lack of real branding)? The

H&M Hiring “Search & Domain Strategist”

Bill Sweetman shared an interesting job opening that he saw, and I want to share it with you. H&M, a trendy clothing store with retail stores across the world, is looking to hire a Search & Domain Strategist. The reason I found it interesting is that the company has specifically listed domain names as a tool in its SEO strategy.

Here are a few of the requirements I found most interesting, with respect to domain names (full details can be seen within the job listing):

  • Create and maintain the search and domain name strategy, coordinating with stakeholders across the company.
  • Act as an advisor to legal department and all H&M brands on acquisition and legal actions for domain names and domain name owners profiting our brand.
  • Keep up to date with trends in search and domain name industry.

I find it interesting that the company is not only looking for someone to help protect the H&M brand when it comes to domain names, but they also appear to

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