Privacy Policy Statement:
Top Notch Domains, LLC is the owner of and has developed this Privacy Policy Statement to inform you about how it deals with privacy issues in relation to this website.  Elliot J. Silver is the “Publisher” of this blog and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC.


When you visit the this website, the Publisher can record certain information in relation to your visit such as your IP address or proxy server IP address, domain information, your Internet service provider information, the date and time of your visit, the length of your visit, the pages you have visited, the files you have downloaded, the number of times you have accessed this website, the website that referred you to this site, links you clicked on to leave the website, your Internet browser information, your operating system information, your email address if you leave a comment, and possibly other details. This information is collected through the use of cookies via third party software.

At the present time, the Publisher  has no intention of selling the information that is collected. However, the Publisher reserves the right to do so without consent or notice aside from this privacy policy.  In addition, the Publisher may provide any information that is collected to anyone who may ask for it, at the Publisher’s own discretion. For instance, if someone asks for an IP address of a commenter, the Publisher may give it at his own discretion.  

If anyone posts something that is malicious or that may be libelous, the Publisher may or may not give out any information that can be used to track down the person whose comment was posted. The Publisher believes that people should have the right to say what they believe, but the Publisher does not believe they should be able to make untrue or harmful comments anonymously and without repercussions for their comments.

Links to Other Websites:

This website contains links to other websites. Top Notch Domains, LLC and Elliot Silver can not be held not responsible for the content or privacy practices of websites that are referenced or linked to in this website. See the Disclaimer and  Site Terms of Use for more details.

Children Under 18:
The Publisher does not believe this website has any materials that would be objectionable to children under the age of 18. If you find something that you believe is objectionable, please contact the Publisher at once using the contact information below.

Changes to Privacy Policy:
Top Notch Domains, LLC retains the right to alter, modify or change the Privacy Policy at any time.

How To Contact The Publisher
Should you have other questions or concerns about this, please call (781) 343-1865 or send an email to DomainNames “at”