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When a Dan.com Buyer Doesn’t Start the Transfer

One of the things I like about using Dan.com to sell domain names is its automated transfer process. When I sell a domain name via Dan, they immediately asked me if I would like to push the domain name to their account at GoDaddy or send them the authorization code for an outbound transfer to their preferred registrar. It helps expedite transfers and deal closings since we don’t have to wait for a transfer agent to start the transfer manually.

Occasionally when I select the transfer option, instead of initiating the transfer to its preferred registrar, Dan will send the authorization code to the buyer who has already paid. In doing this, the buyer needs to start the transfer process on his or her own rather than having Dan start the transfer. This can cause a bit of lag time if the buyer is slow to initiate the transfer.

Postmates Founder Using Swetha-Sold .XYZ Domain for Startup

In December of 2021, Swetha Yenugula reported the sale of TipTop.xyz. The domain name was sold for $15,000 in a deal brokered by Lumis and closed via Escrow.com.

How You Can See if Someone is Paying at Dan.com

After a long and sometimes contentious negotiation to sell a domain name via Dan.com, it can be a bit of relief to receive the “Counter offer accepted” email. This email indicates that the buyer accepted the counter offer price, and the domain name is now pending sale. It’s not yet time to open the champagne and light a cigar though.

Getting a buyer to follow through with the deal and pay for a domain name is an important next step that can be stressful. It can take some time for a buyer to submit payment, particularly for a large amount of money or if the buyer is from a large company that has some internal red tape for payment submission. it can also take some time for Dan.com to process a payment, particularly if a wire transfer payment is originated from a foreign bank.

Did Rakuten Pay $260,100 for Link.Link?

A domain investor posted a screenshot from Escrow.com that reportedly shows the Link.Link domain name was sold for $260,000.

According to the screenshot, the buyer is Domain Licenses Limited and the seller is eName Technology, Co., Ltd. The sale date is not shown in the Escrow.com screenshot. Using the Whois History tool at DomainTools, it would appear that the transaction was from 2020. The Whois record for the domain name appears to have changed from a China-based domain registrant to Domain Licenses Limited in August of 2020.

Dropping BTC Price Not a Good Excuse to Default

After a short negotiation on Dan.com last week, I agreed to sell a domain name for six figures. It’s a domain name I had discussed with this prospective buyer before, and he accepted a counteroffer I made on May 4th. I was hoping to close the deal promptly to fund a couple of other purchases I have in the works, but it has not yet closed.

My Account Manager at Dan.com has been keeping me apprised of the transaction status. It appears this deal may not close. The buyer wants to pay for the domain name with Bitcoin, which can be done via Dan.com. Unfortunately, the price of Bitcoin has taken a hit over the last several days. Around the time of the sale, Bitcoin was hovering just shy of $40,000/coin. The price of BTC is now around $33,000/coin. I am told the buyer indicated he can no longer pay for the domain name due to the dropping price of BTC.

BUX Gets Bux.com After Bux Shuts Down

In 2018, SmartCompany published an article about a company called Bux that shut down after raising a substantial amount of funding. According to the article and corroborated by a Crunchbase profile, Bux had raised $65 million in funding before shutting down. Bux was a mobile bill paying platform, and it operated on the Bux.com domain name.

When it comes to a valuable generic domain name like Bux.com, a corporate shut down doesn’t mean the end of life for the domain name. Another company called BUX appears to have acquired the Bux.com domain name. Jamie Zoch tweeted about it this morning:

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