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Forwarding Domain Names to Your LinkedIn Profile

I noticed that a few domain investors forward at least some of their higher value domain names to their LinkedIn profile. I think this is a neat idea for a multitude of reasons.

When someone visits another person’s LinkedIn profile, the person whose page was visited will be able to see who visited unless the visitor has a paid account and chooses to browse anonymously. I would venture a guess that most people do not.

By forwarding a domain name to the owner’s LinkedIn profile, the owner will be able to get an idea of who is visiting. This, importantly, includes representatives from companies with that name. It also includes startup founders seeking out domain names for their company.

When to Re-price a Domain Name

For the time being, I no longer allow offers for my domain names listed for sale at Dan.com. This doesn’t always stop people from making offers to me since it’s easy to see that I am the registrant.

Yesterday afternoon, someone emailed me to make what I would deem a wholesale-level offer to buy one of my domain names. The offer was slightly less than half of the price listed on Dan.com. I passed and told the prospect that he can choose a payment plan if that helps with his budgetary needs.

Velvet.com (“not for sale”) Gets Sold (Updated)

I tried to buy Velvet.com a couple of times over the years. In mid-2019, I offered $45,000 to buy the domain name and was told Velvet.com was not for sale regardless of how much I offered, and I was asked to not contact the registrant again. In fact, there was a message on the website for quite a while to let people know the domain name is not for sale:

Dan.com 2.0 is Now Live

If you visited your Dan.com account today, you will notice some big changes. Dan 2.0, as the company has called it, is now live. Not only are there changes on the back end of the platform, but the landing pages have changed as well. The company discussed the launch of the newest iteration of the platform in a blog post today.

I have not had much of a chance to look through the platform with its changes, but I am going to spend some time doing that this morning.

Lettuce.com Acquired by Lettuce Entertain You

The Lettuce.com domain name has changed hands in a deal brokered by Andrew Miller. Lettuce.com was acquired by a restaurant group called Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, which has been using the LEYE.com acronym domain name for its corporate website. Andrew Rosener was the seller of Lettuce.com.

Andrew Rosener wouldn’t comment about the sale price of Lettuce.com. He connected me to Andrew Miller, who shared the following with me:

$18 Purchase to $4,999 Sale to $150 Million Startup

Late last Summer, I placed a $18 Discount Club backorder on a domain name at DropCatch.com. Once it became eligible to transfer, I spent under $10 to transfer it to my account at GoDaddy. I listed it for sale on Afternic for $4,999, and it sold within the last several weeks at the BIN price without any negotiation. After the 20% commission and acquisition + transfer costs, the total profit is somewhere north of $3,950.

Since the domain name sold, I have been periodically checking the domain name to see who bought it and why. Recently, I noticed a new website on the domain name, and it turns out a stealth startup with around $150 million in funding was the company that acquired the domain name. It’s the perfect brand match .com domain name for their business, and it suits them well.

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