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Don’t Scare a Prospect Away


I was looking at a domain name today and came across its Efty landing page. On the left side of the page, there was a short list of publicly reported domain name sales, including a few in the multi-million range. These domain names were not comparable to the domain name I was looking at, and the sale prices were not close to what the domain name is worth. I think showing unrelated domain name sales might be a detriment.

NBC May Have Acquired Peacock.com and Peacock.tv


Several years ago, I tried to buy Peacock.com. I made an offer to the registrant, and he declined. Some time thereafter, I made another offer to try and buy the domain name, and that offer was rejected as well. The registrant told me the types of other offers he had been rejecting, and I could tell I was not going to be able to make a competitive offer to close the deal.

Yesterday morning, Jamie Zoch tweeted that NBC may have acquired Peacock.com for its new Peacock brand:

Sedo Automated Follow-Up Email Closes the Deal


In 2013, I made an offer to buy Pulmonology.com via Sedo. Unfortunately, my offer was below the registrant’s expectations, and we were unable to reach a deal. In May of 2016, I received a follow up email from Sedo to let me know the registrant added a BIN price, and in September of 2016, another follow-up email informed me the seller decreased the price. I was not interested.

On Sunday, I received another follow up email from Sedo about the domain name:

Going to Remove “Offer” Field


I am going to try something on my Embrace.com inquiry pages. I am going to remove the offer field from the landing page and see if doing so provides any sort of lift. I am sure it will increase the number of inquiries, but my hope is to also increase sales.

I recently sold a domain name but the buyer did not remove the “for sale” link from the landing page. Because the domain name is no longer being sold by me, I deleted the name from my database. Instead of being directed to an inquiry page, people who click the link are instead directed to the contact page. Prior to selling the domain name, I probably received one inquiry/offer a month. Since changing the redirect to a general contact page, I have received several different purchase inquiries. The contact page form is somewhat similar to the inquiry form, except there is no field for offer or phone number. My hypothesis is some people may be intimidated by the offer field.

Smart Marketing Tactic from VPN.com


I read a press release this morning announcing that FuneralHomes.com and Cremations.com have been put up for sale. VPN.com is the domain brokerage that is marketing these domain names and published the press release. These are valuable domain names for a company in the business of end of life planning, and something in the press release caught my attention:

Skew Gets EMD, Then Scores Seed Funding Round


Towards the end of August of this year, Uniregistry reported the $92,000 sale of Skew.com. The sale was the largest publicly reported sale of the week in DNJournal. It is also the 44th largest sale of the year (to date). Skew.com was acquired by a cryptocurrency data analytics firm called Skew.

This morning, it was reported that Skew raised $2 million in a seed funding round with several investors, including Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins.

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