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BuyDomains Offering Third Party Brokerage Service


Last week, I received an email from BuyDomains asking if I was interested in buying a valuable one word .com domain name owned by a third party. BuyDomains is a division of Endurance International Group that owns and operates a domain portfolio with hundreds of thousands of domain names. The company’s focus has been on selling its own inventory of domain names, but it is now offering a third party broker service. Domain registrants are now able to work with BuyDomains and its brokers to sell their domain names.

Karen Dixon, Vice President of Marketing at BuyDomains, shared the following information about the new service offering:

“The BuyDomains brokerage service provides owners of premium domains exposure to our extensive marketing channels, our customer base containing over 350,000 contacts, and expert sales team to manage the sale of your domain quickly and effectively.  We provide a personal sales executive to handle all inbound and outbound leads, and ensure you will receive the personalized attention needed to quickly drive a sale, at the highest price possible.

We start with a marketing strategy tailored to your target audience that will drive traffic to a customized landing page. Using the optimized lead form on the landing page, we will ensure the capture and delivery of qualified leads and convert them into a successful sale. Our team will guarantee that your domain name is live and active in the marketplace within days, while actively optimizing on each channel to increase the number of incoming leads.  BuyDomains is able to utilize the other Endurance brands in marketing and cross share any relevant information through our social media profiles, expanding the market reach for the brokered name.”

People who are interested in working with BuyDomains to sell their domain names should

Dave Evanson Brokers Sale of for $500,000


Sedo broker Dave Evanson announced that he successfully brokered the sale of the domain name for $500,000. Dave announced the sale this afternoon via Twitter:

According to Wikipedia, “Kush is a strain of Cannabis indica.” Kush is a popular term in the marijuana trade, and I think the sale price reflects that popularity.

I don’t always know what the asking price of a domain name was before it sells, but in this case I do: $3 million. An article in Merry Jane published in October of 2017 discussed the value of It appears that Dave reached out to the publication (or someone associated with the publication) and offered the domain name for sale. When he was asked the price, Dave reportedly responded,

GDPR Making It Harder to Research Inbound Offers


A couple of weeks ago, I closed a deal with a buyer who resides in the UK. The domain name I sold was not particularly valuable, but I still like to do some research on the buyer and prospective usage of the domain name before agreeing to a deal.

Shortly after the offer was submitted via my landing page, I could not find a whole lot of information about the buyer. I did several Google searches for the buyer’s name and the email address. Unfortunately, the name was fairly common and the email address did not yield much helpful information. I also searched similar domain names to see

The buyer and I ended up agreeing to a deal that was slightly below the listed asking price, so it worked out in the end because there was no commission involved. The deal closed and all was fine.

Yesterday afternoon, I was curious to see if the domain name was Sold for $150,000 via Sedo (Update)


When I was looking at my DomainTools Domain Monitor daily email on Saturday, I noticed that was unlocked and pending transfer to another registrar. Yesterday morning, I saw that the domain name transferred to another domain registrant.

The most recent screenshot record at shows that the domain name had been listed for sale with Sedo’s Dave Evanson as the broker. I reached out to Dave via email, and he confirmed that he brokered the sale of The domain name was acquired for $150,000. He was not able to share any other details about the deal, so the buyer is presently unknown (see update below).

When I visited yesterday morning, I saw Domain Name Acquired by Expedia


In June of 2017, I wrote about the domain name. At the time of the article, the startup using had not purchased the domain name but had the option to purchase it in the future.

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Expedia acquired Pillow. The terms of the acquisition were not revealed by either party. At the present time, it is unclear whether Expedia plans to keep Pillow operating separately or fold it into one of its other brands.

I exchanged emails about the acquisition with Jamie Zoch this morning, and he reminded me that I should reconnect with Craig Clark, the prior registrant of the domain name, to see if was acquired since I published my article. Craig responded to me this afternoon, and here’s what he told me about the domain name:

Tracking Visitor Stats


One of the benefits to using my own domain for sale landing pages is that I can control and access the visitor logs and stats. Tracking visitors to landing page by IP address is an invaluable tool for me.

I’ll give you one example of why this data can be helpful. I am currently in a negotiation with a prospective buyer to sell a domain name. The person made an offer, and I shared the purchase price. I was told his partners think the price is too high and then radio silence. Ordinarily, I might think the deal is dead and either let it die or try to make a price concession. With my tracking stats, I can see that the prospect has visited the landing page several times. Even though there is radio silence, I know he is still interested.

I am not sure if any parking

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