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55.com Was Sold for 7 Figures in 2011

While my wife was watching her favorite Netflix show last night, I was digging through some old SEC filings on the couch next to her. I discovered a seven figure domain name sale that does not seem to have been reported elsewhere until now.

According to a note in the Wowo Limited Form 1 SEC filing from January of 2015, the 55.com domain name was acquired in 2011 for $2,317,200. The domain name acquisition can be found on page F-81 of the SEC filing.

Keep Your Minimum Offer Realistic

I typically use the DAN.com buy it now landing page with a Make Offer option. I’ve heard and experienced that these landing pages induce far more offers than buy now deals, but I am okay with considering offers on my domain names. The one suggestion I have is to ensure your minimum offer amount is a realistic number you would consider accepting.

The default minimum offer on my account is set at $500. This number was chosen by me, and it is the highest I can set it because I have one or two names for sale with BIN prices of $500, and the highest default minimum I can set cannot be higher than the lowest BIN price. This means that if I do not modify the minimum offer for an individual domain name, $500 will be the minimum offer set as a default. With DAN, I can modify the minimum offer on a per name basis.

Flow.com Acquired by Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs is the company behind the popular NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties NFTs / digital collectibles and the Flow blockchain. Whois records show that the company recently acquired the Flow.com domain name, in what appears to have been a private acquisition.

The registrant change was spotted this morning by Jamie Zoch, and he shared what he found on Twitter:

Microsoft Now Using Teams.com

Teams.com was sold for an undisclosed amount of money towards then end of 2020. The domain name was sold by Anything.com, a company with a large portfolio full of gem quality domain names. When the domain name changed hands, it was registered under privacy proxy at MarkMonitor, so the buyer was not known until a subsequent Whois update reported by James Iles.

Teams.com is now being used by Microsoft for its Microsoft Teams video conferencing service. While the domain name is not being used as a standalone website for the service, Microsoft is forwarding the url to its Teams landing page within the company’s Microsoft.com website. Notably, one can tell from the full url that Microsoft is actively tracking traffic that directly navigates to its website from Teams.com.

Snappy.com Sold by Anything.com for $415,000


I noticed another domain name has been sold by Anything.com, a company that operates a portfolio of valuable domain names. Snappy.com, which had been registered to Anything.com for many years, transferred from Tucows to GoDaddy. The domain name is currently registered under Whois privacy, but it is now forwarding to a company called Snappy that operates on MeetSnappy.com. The sale was confirmed to me by a representative of the company, and I was told the sale price was $415,000.

The buyer of Snappy.com was represented by GoDaddy and its Domain Buy Service. Larry Fischer from GetYourDomain.com and DomainsForSale.com represented Anything.com on this deal.

Wolf.com Acquired for $550,000

Wolf.com has been acquired by Namecheap for $550,000, according to Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall. I was told this half million deal was brokered by Andy Booth. The domain name recently moved into the Escrow.com holding account, and I anticipate it will transfer to Namecheap very soon.

As with other recent domain name purchases made by Namecheap, I was told that Wolf.com was acquired as a corporate asset for a future project. Namecheap also recently acquired IZ.com for $625,000, Poke.com for $150,000, and Cluster.com for $150,000. The company owns quite a few descriptive domain names, including Spaceship.com, Visual.com, and Validation.com (among others).

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