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Domain Names: Personal Use vs. Commercial Use


I receive many inquiries from people who specify that they want to buy a domain name for personal usage. I am not sure why they feel the need to tell me this, but I assume they think they might get a better price if they are using it in a non-commercial manner rather than if they are going to use it for commercial purposes. Suffice to say, it doesn’t matter how the buyer is going to use the domain name, the price will not change.

Domain Name Sales: Publicity vs. Privacy


Some domain investors and investment companies prefer to keep their domain name purchases and sales private. Others like to share their deals publicly. Some people don’t care either way. I thought I would discuss what I see as the advantages of publicly reporting domain name sales as well as the advantages of keeping domain sales private:

Publicity Advantages:

Firefly.com Acquired by Firefly Aerospace


A few weeks ago, I read an article about a company called Firefly, which had just raised $21.5 million in seed funding. I knew the matching Firefly.com domain was forwarding to MediaOptions.com and likely being brokered by Media Options, and I visited Firefly.com to see if this company acquired the matching domain name before the funding news hit the press.

Fund.com Sold via Media Options


I recently detected that the Fund.com domain name had transferred to GoDaddy. It was noteworthy because I knew that it had been listed for sale via Media Options for $2.5 million. Before sharing anything, I reached out to Andrew Rosener, CEO of Media Options, to see if his firm brokered the sale of Fund.com. Andrew confirmed the news to me but could not comment further:

Huckleberry Insurance Acquires Huckleberry.com


A couple of months ago, the owner of Huckleberry.com reached out to me because he decided to sell the domain name. I had previously submitted an offer, and he was asking people who had inquired in the past to make a best offer. As the owner of Lilac.com, Guava.com, and Honeydew.com, I know that plant and fruit domain names get a lot of interest, and I submitted an offer.

Unfortunately for me, my offer was not sufficient, and I was unable to acquire the domain name.

Holoride.com Acquired for $5,499


According to a tweet from Techmeme referencing an article in The Verge, German automaker Audi spun out its VR division and partnered with Disney to launch a startup called Holoride:

Smartly, the startup is using the exact match Holoride.com domain name for its website.

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