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SquadHelp Ultra Premium Marketplace Goes Live


The Ultra Premium Marketplace featuring top domain names listed for sale at Squadhelp is now live. Featured domain names on the marketplace include Jay.com, Onyx.com, Ladder.com, Excel.com, and others. Some of the domain names listed for sale on the Marketplace have buy it now prices and others invite offers. The Marketplace is being operated in partnership with Hilco Digital.

Based on a quick glance at listing pages, it appears they are displayed in similar fashion to other listings on Squadhelp. The major difference that can immediately be seen is the black background on UPM-listed domain names.

BuyDomains Discontinues Sharing Domain Name Sales


BuyDomains owns and operates a very large domain name portfolio consisting of hundreds of thousands of domain names – possibly millions. Many of the domain names I have seen are inventory quality domain names that would be desired by small to medium-sized businesses. I would guess the company sells a greater volume of domain names that just about any other industry company focusing on end user sales.

For many years, BuyDomains has publicly shared a percentage of its domain name sales that aren’t subject to confidentiality agreements. Each year, the company has shared thousands of domain names, and those sales were syndicated by NameBio. In 2022 alone, BuyDomains reported 4,261 domain name sales worth nearly $10 million USD, according to NameBio. In the past 5 years, the company has reported $43.8 million in domain name sales.

Over the weekend, Alexej Kirillov asked NameBio if BuyDomains stopped reporting its domain name sales publicly:

Keep on Testing


Many years ago, I earned a Master’s Degree in Direct & Interactive Marketing. The focus of my program was primarily related to the field of Direct Marketing. One of the biggest takeaways from my program is the importance of testing. If a marketer is able to test something, it should be tested. Over and over. Even the best performing elements should continue to be tested to see if optimizations can be made.

One of the reasons I signed up for an account at Squadhelp is because the company appeared to continually test and optimize. I am sure other platforms and services tests, but it helps that its CEO regularly shares updates about its testing. I am a big believer in testing. If I had the analytics and development chops along with a statistically significant number of inquiries for my domain names, I would be testing my own landing pages, too.

Yolo.com Sold for $3 Million in 2021


Domain name sales go unreported all the time, particularly at the highest levels. This afternoon, Andy Booth reported that he co-brokered the sale of Yolo.com for $3 million:

Andrew Rosener from Media Options shared Andy’s tweet and announced that he co-brokered the 2021 deal with Andy.

Media Options “completed well into the 8-figures in domain name sales in August”


How has the Summer been in terms of domain name sales for you? If you’re Andrew Rosener or on the Media Options team, it sounds like it has been a pretty hot Summer. The company “completed well into the 8-figures in domain name sales in August,” according to its CEO Andrew Rosener:

Andrew did not share any of the sales his domain brokerage closed, but I am pretty sure one was recently discovered by George Kirikos last week:

Rich from Dan.com Brokered My Last Deal

I recently received a $5k offer for one of my domain names listed for sale via Dan.com. I had it listed for a little less than $10k on Dan, and I countered at $9k. I asked the buyer a question, but I did not hear back.

If this offer was made on one of my own landing pages and a phone number was provided, I would have called the buyer on the phone. I would have tried to get him to improve his offer, but I probably would have taken the $5k offer had we chatted and I understood this to be a “best” offer. My total investment for this domain name is less than $100, and my hold time is less than two years.

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