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Report: Sleep.com.au Sold for $100,000

According to a report on Domainer.com.au, the Sleep.com.au domain name was sold for $100,000 AUD on the Drop.com.au domain name auction platform. (Update: It would appear that the sale is in AUD rather than USD. Assuming it is AUD, that would be approximately $66,559 in USD.):

Downside of Self-Hosted Landing Page

I like the idea of operating my own landing pages. For better or worse, I have autonomy over the exact design of my landing pages, and I can test pretty much anything. I can change the colors, I can change the text, I can add or subtract form fields, I can enhance or remove the phone number. With my own landing pages, I can pretty much do whatever I want, as long as I can either do it on my own or pay a designer to do it for me.

There are some costs to doing this, beyond the actual cost of paying a designer to make changes on my behalf. Lost leads is an incalculable cost, and I want to share a recent experience.

Original Price of Diapers.com was $600,000

Quidsi was one of the most successful companies that utilized keyword .com domain names as standalone brands. The company was founded by Marc Lore, who went on to found Jet.com, and he is now CEO of Walmart’s ecommerce business operations.

Quidsi’s most well-known brand was Diapers.com, and it also operated Soap.com, Wag.com, BeautyBar.com, Casa.com, and YoYo.com. In 2010, Amazon acquired Quidsi for $545 million before shutting down Diapers.com and other brands it acquired from Quidsi in 2017.

VideoGames.CO Sells for $999

Vito was following the VideoGames.CO auction on Sav.com today, and it closed at $999. Whois records show that VideoGames.CO was created 11 days ago. I assume this is some sort of pending delete auction, although I am not familiar with the auction platform. There were 25 bids from 7 bidders in the auction:

Bra.com: For Sale Lander with Video Ad

I noticed a couple of tweets mentioning the Bra.com domain name for sale landing page, and I thought I would share it with readers. Bra.com is listed for sale via Epik, and it looks like the landing page was also created via Epik:

Extract.com Acquired for $300k & Blunt.com Acquired for $125k

George Kirikos uncovered two six figure domain name sales and a large .Club domain name sale. The domain names were acquired by a company called Farmhouse, Inc. The company trades under the OTCMKTS ticker symbol FMHS, and the domain name acquisitions were reported in the company’s S-1 filing with the US Securities & Exchange Commission.

FarmHouse reportedly acquired Extract.com for $300,000, Blunt.com for $125,000, and Weed.Club for $30,000. Here’s George’s tweet from this morning:

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Report: Sleep.com.au Sold for $100,000

According to a report on Domainer.com.au, the Sleep.com.au domain name was sold for $100,000 AUD on the Drop.com.au domain name auction platform. (Update: It...

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