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Mercury Acquires Brand Match Mercury.com Domain Name


Mercury, a banking company “built for startups,” has operated on the Mercury.CO domain name since its inception. Earlier this week, Jamie Zoch reported that the brand match .com domain name, Mercury.com, had moved into Escrow.com’s escrow account and might have been sold:

The ROI # is not That Important to Me


I’ve been asked what ROI I expect to achieve with my domain investments. While I have heard (and probably said) a 10x ROI is a good goal to have, I really don’t really have a hard and fast rule that a 10x return on my domain name investments is critical. Perhaps a 10x return is a fair goal across a portfolio, but it is difficult for me to think like that when it comes to selling individual domain names.

Fashion.com and Democracy.com Both Sold


There were two high value domain names reportedly coming up for auction in the last several weeks. Democracy.com was listed for sale via Heritage Auctions, and the domain name was reportedly sold privately before it went to auction. Fashion.com was also reportedly up for auction in October. Fashion.com and Democracy.com are generic domain names that can be turned into powerful brands.

BlackFriday.com Sale Price Revealed


Black Friday, which occurs one week from today, has become the largest in-store shopping day of the year in the United States. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving (November 29th this year), and many people around the country participate by doing their Christmas and holiday shopping on this day that is known for its special Black Friday sales and deals. There are countless websites that promote Black Friday and offer information about where to find good deals.

When I Shoot for the Moon


If you were not familiar with the term “shoot the moon” before this month, you’ve probably become familiar with it by now. Figuratively speaking, when it comes to domain names, shooting the moon is when a domain registrant receives an inquiry to buy a domain name and prices it as high as conceivably possible to ensure money is not left on the table.

Rob Monster started what has become a long discussion on NamePros discussing the strategy of shooting the moon. Michael Sumner followed up by sharing his thoughts on the NameBio blog with some data supporting his thought that most investors should not use this strategy because it probably won’t work out too well in the end.

Hilco Streambank Marketing Thomas Cook Domain Name Portfolio


British travel company Thomas Cook Travel Group had a highly publicized bankruptcy that ended up stranding hundreds of thousands of customers who were abroad when the company became insolvent. I received an email from Hilco Streambank this morning announcing the company is tasked with marketing a portfolio of domain names owned by Thomas Cook Group Plc and some subsidiaries that are in liquidation. According to the email, “Offers will be entertained for the domain names by category groupings, for individual domain names or for the portfolio as a whole.”

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Mercury Acquires Brand Match Mercury.com Domain Name

Mercury, a banking company "built for startups," has operated on the Mercury.CO domain name since its inception. Earlier this week, Jamie Zoch reported that...

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