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Top Public Uniregistry Market Domain Sales YTD


Earlier this morning, I published a press release from Uniregistry with details about its year to date sales results. The company reported that it sold 3,617 domain names totaling more than $29,000,000. I asked Uniregistry VP of Sales Jeff Gabriel if he could share any more details about YTD sales at Uniregistry Market, and he sent me a list of over 2,700 sales worth more than $17.2 million. Jeff mentioned that many of the sales were removed, so the list I received is abridged.

Several of these sales were previously reported. For instance, I wrote about the the sales of and I presume there are other domain name sales that have been written about by me or by others. I also presume this list of sales will be reported to DNJournal and NameBio for archiving. Once Ron Jackson has this data, there will be some major changes at the top of the DNJournal Year to Date sales report.

For the sake of convenience I am sharing all of the sales I received that are worth $20,000 or more. There are 156 domain name sales → Read More

Thoughts About Uniregistry Market Sales Report


Earlier this morning, Uniregistry published a press release (published below) with its aftermarket domain name sales report from Uniregistry Market for the first 8 months of 2017. While the report doesn't offer specific details about domain name sales, it offers a general overview of sales on its platform year to date. From what I understand, this aggregated sales data includes domain name sales from Frank Schilling's Name Administration company as well as the third party sales of Uniregistry Market clients.

You should read the entire press release for more color commentary, but here are the most interesting data points the company shared:

  • "it has sold 3617 domains totaling more than 29,000,000 USD in the first 8 months of 2017."

  • "The number of transactions increased by more than 24% over the same time period in 2016"

  • "total sales have increased by 13.85% from the 25,000,000 USD sold in the same period prior."

  • "Average sale prices since 2011 have seen steady gains year over year, with 2017 showing some signs → Read More

☯.com Acquired by Gregg Ostrick for $11,201


Most low 5 figure domain name sales aren't really all that notable, but I think this one is a bit different. Veteran domain investor Gregg Ostrick of GNO, Inc. reported that his company acquired the Yin-Yang symbol Emoji domain name, ☯.com, for $11,201. Greg's company acquired the domain name privately from the former owner.

According to a tweet from @punycode_com, this is the second largest publicly reported Emoji domain name sale of all time:

According to NameBio, the largest public Emoji domain name sale I could find was ☁.com (the cloud Emoji), which sold for $13,600 in December of 2016.

Gregg shared the following information about Emoji domain names and his portfolio of Emoji domains:
"I wanted the Yin-Yang to add to my collection of 5 other .com emoji domains, which include the airplane, → Read More Sold for “high six-figures”


This morning, I tweeted that the domain name was likely sold. Prior to a registrant change I detected this morning, had been owned by Digimedia. I reached out to Digimedia's Jay Chapman and Scott Day to see if they could share any details or confirm the sale of, and they told me they did not have a comment (which is generally their response when I ask about a sale).

Forbes just published an article about the acquisition of, and it details how much the domain name cost and how the domain name will be used. The article title tells us that the domain name was expensive: Why A Daily Fantasy Sports Company Paid High Six-Figures For

Here's an excerpt from the article with some detail about the acquisition:

"Mere hours prior to the start of the 2017 NFL regular season, a fantasy sports operator is announcing the acquisition of probably the most valuable URL in the space. The operator aptly named DRAFT, which was purchased by Ireland-based Paddy Power Betfair in May, has acquired the → Read More is “Sort of” For Sale

22 is a high value domain name, and it is probably one of just a few domain names to have its own Wikipedia page. For the longest time, the domain name had a message that stated " is not for sale," although the owner of the domain name has been willing to consider licensing or lease deals. Recently, the owner became more willing to sell for the right price.

If you visit right now and click the "Sale" link on the homepage, you can see the owner's new FAQ about the potential sale of

"Q: Is for sale?
A: Sort of. We've gotten a couple reasonable offers recently. It seems prudent to explore them. If you're interested, the price is $1.5m (USD). See the availability FAQ for comments about why this may or may not be a reasonable price. (Surprisingly, perhaps, it has recently become a reasonable price.)"

I reached out to Jeff Abrahamson, the owner of since 1994, and he offered some additional insight into why he has decided to offer for sale: → Read More

Coya Buys Before $10 Million Funding Round


CrunchBase reported that an insurance startup called Coya received $10 million in seed funding at the end of August. A quick check showed that the company is operating its business on the domain name, which had previously been owned by Frank Schilling's Name Administration. Jamie Zoch reported the sale of at the end of July, although the price was not published.

I reached out to one of the founders of Coya via email to ask what the company paid to buy the domain name and what url the company was using prior to the acquisition. Unfortunately, I did not hear back from him.

I also reached out to Jeff Gabriel, Vice President of Sales at Uniregistry. Jeff let me know that the domain name was brokered by Ryan May of Uniregistry, and the sale price for the domain name was a very reasonable (more…) → Read More

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