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Domain Sales Sold by NameFind


It looks like the domain name has been sold by NameFind, the domain portfolio company owned by GoDaddy. I noticed the domain name changed registrants in my daily email from DomainTools. The new registrant of is a company called Fincubator VC, a venture capital firm that invests in FinTech companies.

The website for has already been launched and it is home to an entity called FinTech Labs. There seem to be multiple companies with a similar name to that, so having the domain name should help them stand out.

In January of 2017, Jamie Zoch reported that GoDaddy sold (more…) → Read More

Google Plus Can Help Identify a Prospective Buyer


Some people don't like dealing with prospective buyers who use a free email address like Gmail. The thinking is that it could be a corporate buyer with a big budget trying to go under the radar to get a better deal. I happen to like dealing with buyers who use Gmail addresses.

An "anonymous" looking Gmail address like may seem to make it difficult to identify the prospective buyer. This is especially the case if the prospect fills out the form with the name "John" and doesn't include a phone number. The first thing I do is search for that email address within my Gmail account. This will identify if the person has emailed me before, but more importantly, it will also show their Google Plus page if they have one.

On quite a few occasions, I have been (more…) → Read More

Tip for Using DomainTools’ Domain Search Tool


I use quite a few tools from DomainTools. One of the tools I like best for prospecting is the Domain Search tool. This tool allows me to see all of the domain registrations in a specific keyword, making it easier to target prospective buyers who own domain names with a keyword similar to mine.

To give you an example, I own I think other businesses with longer tail domain names might want to upgrade to For instance, if someone owned or, they might want to purchase the domain name my company owns. Searching "kitchenconsultant" will yield all of the registered domain names with that particular search term.

One thing I like to do when using this tool is to alter my keyword a bit to broaden the number of prospects. Instead of searching (more…) → Read More

Keep Track of Your Marketplace Listings


Earlier this week, I received an offer for a domain name that had its BIN price listed on its landing page. I proceeded to negotiate with the prospect, and I told him he need to come up to a certain number to get a deal done. A couple of hours passed, and I received an email from Afternic telling me the domain name sold for the BIN price, which was lower than the BIN price on my landing page but in line with what I had emailed to the prospect.

I don't typically have two different buy it now prices for my domain names. I think it is more fair for buyers if my prices are consistent across platforms, and I think it bring up questions if that isn't the case. It is a case of fairness because a person would be (rightfully) upset if they paid $10,000 to buy a name via Afternic but found out that same name had an active BIN listing on Sedo at $7,000 after they already paid.

When I received the initial offer, I should have first looked at (more…) → Read More and May Be for Sale


According to an article in the Wall St. Journal, IAC may be looking to sell two of its websites, which use exceptional domain names. and may both be for sale:

Here's an excerpt from yesterday's WSJ article:

" is for sale—you can look it up.

The online definition resource is being put on the block by Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp , IAC -1.84% the company said.

IAC said it has hired investment bank Allen & Co. to explore a sale after two parties separately approached the company expressing interest in a possible acquisition of the property and its sister site,"

Obviously this would be far more than a domain name sale. Both and are well developed and have active websites. From the domain name point of view, both of these properties use exceptional exact → Read More Domain Name in Auction at Flippa


For the last several months, I have seen quite a few television commercials imploring the impeachment of US President Donald Trump. The multi million dollar ad campaign features a businessman named Tom Steyer, who discusses why he believes President Trump should be impeached. The website featured in the commercials is

If Mr. Steyer is looking for a more obvious call to action domain name for his impeachment campaign, a better one is now on the market:

According to a press release I received this morning, is now for sale via Flippa. The high bid currently stands at $250 but the undisclosed reserve price has not yet been met.

Depending on the reserve price and the reach of the marketing campaign promoting the auction, I would not be surprised to (more…) → Read More

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