Domain Investing Conferences

Throughout the years, there have been several domain investing business conferences, tradeshows, and events that have been held. There are just four domain conferences that have become annual tradeshow events with hundreds of attendees and sponsors: TRAFFIC, DomainFest, NamesCon, and Domaining Spain. In years past, there were other large events such as Domain Roundtable, Domainer Mardi Gras, DomainConvergence, and several others.

Domain conferences typically cater primarily to domain investors. There are panels to discuss current events, website development, marketing techniques, domain parking, legal issues, and everything in between. The events are traditionally held in a conference hotel for several days, and they have been held in cities around the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Vancouver, Amsterdam, New Orleans, and elsewhere.

In addition to the major domain conferences, there are also local domain investor meetup events. One annual event is the Rocky Mountain Domain Conference held in Denver, Colorado. The Southern California Domainers group has frequent meetups in restaurants and other locations in California. There have also been a number of smaller domain investor meetups like this held in Boston (Fenway Park), Seattle (Space Needle), Boynton Beach, and elsewhere.

Listed below is information about the four major domain investing conferences that occur annually.

TRAFFIC Conference

Founded by Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu, TRAFFIC is a domain conference that has been held in several cities in the US, Canada, and Europe. According to the TRAFFIC conference website, “T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is for real professionals, with the highest integrity and business ethics. We come together to do business and make deals. There is no time to waste.” TRAFFIC was started in 2004, and at the end of each Fall TRAFFIC conference, industry awards are given in a variety of categories. For more information about TRAFFIC, visit


DomainFest was founded by DomainSponsor, the parking service which is a division of According to organizers, “DomainFest is a conference series that brings domain, registrar, hosting, advertising and online marketing professionals together to learn, network and do business. Attendees include domain owners, internet entrepreneurs and a wide range of online business executives and service providers.” DomainFest is generally held in the greater Los Angeles area in the first quarter of the year. For more information about DomainFest, visit


NamesCon was created in 2014 by Richard Lau and held in Las Vegas. The primary focus of the inaugural event was the new gTLD domain names, and there were over 600 people in attendance. NamesCon had several panel tracks covering a variety of domain industry topics. It is expected that NamesCon will be held annually. For more information about NamesCon, visit

Domaining Spain

Domaining Spain is an annual domain conference held in Europe. According to the conference website, “Domaining Europe 2014 is the 6th European Domaining Conference in Europe with over 20 International Speakers and 120 Top executives from 20 countries.” The conference is organized by Dietmar Stefitz. For more information about Domaining Spain, visit