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Uni-Parked Domains Now “may be for sale”

When GoDaddy announced the Afternic to Uni transition, I was notified I would need to change any Uni-related nameservers I use. I was curious about what would happen to domain names utilizing the InternetTraffic.com nameservers that didn’t get changed.

Several domain names I previously sold maintained the nameservers I had been using after their sale. Obviously, the buyers of these domain names would not receive these notifications. I presume some wouldn’t care considering they did not update the nameservers on their own following their acquisitions.

Just Parking at Afternic? Here’s What To Do

GoDaddy recently announced the Uni to Afternic migration in March. I was not super happy about this, but I connected with Afternic to get some assistance with setting up the 25 +/- domain names I parked at Uni that earn PPC revenues. Some of these domain names aren’t really for sale (primarily due to the commission structure), but I preferred to try out GoDaddy’s parking option before seeking another solution.

On April 18, as directed, I set the nameservers to ns1.afternic.com ns2.afternic.com, and the domain names with traffic started showing up under the Parking tab in my Afternic account.

Several days ago, I noticed one name in particular wasn’t showing additional traffic or revenue. This was peculiar, and I thought there was some lag in reporting. I emailed GoDaddy over the weekend to see what is up with the reporting.

Before receiving a response this morning, I figured out what was causing the issue. The PPC parking page had disappeared. In its place was the landing page that said the domain name may be for sale. It’s pretty much the default landing page for when a domain name has Afternic nameservers but isn’t listed for sale in an account.

I followed-up this morning to report what I found, and a representative from Afternic told me what I need to do to resolve. I asked if the person could give an update I could share with others who may be facing the same issue as me, and here’s what I was provided:

Questions Related to Uni —> Afternic Parking Migration

If you are a Uniregistry customer, you most likely received an email explaining the upcoming migration of the Uniregistry Market and parking platform to Afternic. The subject of the email I received was “Important notice – ACTION RECOMMENDED to move your Market & Parking accounts to Afternic within 6 weeks“. Andrew Allemann wrote about this as did Theo Develegas.

I have had a Uniregistry account since its inception. I started with parking and the Market for sales, but I later moved all of my domain names off of the Market and nearly all of them off of parking. I primarily use my own inquiry forms and Dan.com for my domain name sales right now.

I have about 1,100 domain names listed in my Uniregistry Market account. Since I neither parked most of my domain names nor directed them to the Market, I never took the time to delete sold or expired domain names. My portfolio at Uniregistry is totally outdated due to the lack of upkeep. If GoDaddy would migrate this list of domain names to my Afternic account, it would be annoying to remediate. I will almost certainly delete just about all of the domain names listed there, with the exception of my parked domain names.

Some Uni-Registered New gTLDs Will be Transferred to 1API


I received an email from Uni (formerly Uniregistry) that I initially thought was a Whois verification email and almost ignored. It was, in fact, a somewhat important email informing me that one of my domain names is going to be transferred to 1API if I don’t take action sooner.

Here’s an excerpt from the email I received:

Continuing to Get Uniregistry Inquiry Spam


It’s been a long while since I actively used Uniregistry to sell my domain names. Despite this, I continue to receive spam emails sent via an old purchase inquiry thread. In fact, the domain name that was subject of the email has since been sold twice – first by me and then by the company that initially acquired the domain name.

Upstream Provider Issue at Uniregistry Resolved – Data Updated by Friday

I have a small percentage of my domain names resolving to pay per click landing pages at Uniregistry. When I checked in on my PPC earnings this afternoon, it showed zero revenue was earned since October 1. The traffic figures seemed to be consistent, so there is an issue with revenue reporting.

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