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Will Whois Changes from GDPR Cause an Uptick in UDRP Filings?


The Whois system is going to change to the GDPR regulations that are coming very soon. There was discussion about these changes at the most recent ICANN meeting, and I know the ICA is working to address concerns of domain investors and domain name owners in general.

One concern I have is related to UDRP filings. From what I understand, the UDRP was created as a way to help brands and trademark holders recover domain names from cybersquatters. A brand owner that is concerned about a domain name infringing on its mark can do a Whois search to see who owns the domain name, and that offer some clarity. This clarity could cause them to opt to not file a UDRP because they know it is going to be a loser for them.

I will illustrate my concern with an example: → Read More

Escrow Could Change Because of GDPR


Yesterday morning, I asked if readers are concerned with the Whois changes that are likely coming because of Europe’s GDPR regulations. Nearly 40% of those who responded are not concerned about changes, which is a bit surprising to me given the nature of what could change.

I was chatting about the Whois changes with a friend, and one big change that might come as a result of not having public Whois records is the domain name sale escrow process. When domain owners sell domain names without the involvement of a marketplace like Sedo or Afternic, most use a third party escrow service (or they should) like Payoneer Escrow or The verification process currently in place is going to have to change if public Whois records are not available.

The way the process works now is that → Read More

Daily Poll: Do You Own Typo Domain Names?


Every day when I scan lists of domain names that are coming up for sale via expiry auction, I see a ton of typographical error domain names. Some of these names have bids, and occasionally, a typo domain name will have a considerable amount of bids. I presume some of the bidders are bad spellers or are following the action of other bidders, but I am sure there are plenty that are desired because they are typos.

I have stayed away from typo domain names over the years. I think generic typos (like or are likely defensible to own, although I am not a legal expert. Typo domain names can see significant levels of traffic and may produce substantial income.

With PPC revenue down considerably over the past decade, I presume fewer people are buying typo domain names, but it’s not something that is really on my radar. Today’s poll asks if you own typo domain names: Expiry Domain Name with a $900 Minimum Bid

3 is coming up for auction on NameJet. From what I can see, the minimum bid is listed at $900 rather than the standard $69 minimum bid amount:

Based on the “pendingrenewalordeletion” email address, it looks like this is an expiry domain name rather than a private listing. The NameJet auction page also confirms that this is an expiry channel listing rather than a privately owned “Direct Lister” listing.

The high bid is listed at $69, and there is one bidder for this auction at the time of publication. I believe people can place the $69 minimum bid to observe the auction, but if it ends at below the $900 minimum bid, the domain name will not sell. I am not sure whether the → Read More

Directi is #1 in 2018 LinkedIn Top Companies List


According to an article published on LinkedIn yesterday, Directi has been named the #1 company on the 2018 LinkedIn Top Companies in India list. This list is comprised of companies that have offices in India where professionals would most like to work, “based on the actions of LinkedIn’s more than 546 million professionals (over 47 million in India alone).” Here’s how the list was determined:

“The Top Companies list is based on the billions of actions taken by LinkedIn members and looks at four main pillars: interest in the company, engagement with the company’s employees, job demand and employee retention.”

Directi was found by Divyank Turakhia and Bhavin Turakhia, and the company was acquired by Endurance International Group in a 9 figure deal. From what I understand, co-founder Bhavin stayed on board, and I believe he still works with the company. Directi operates a number of domain industry companies such as Big Rock and Radix. The LinkedIn article notes that the global headcount at Directi is “more than 1,500.”

Some of the other notable companies on the list of 25 that ranked lower than Directi include: → Read More

Daily Poll: Are You Concerned About Whois Changes?


There is growing talk about GDPR compliance that will likely cause major changes to the Whois database. Most of the changes are still up in the air, and there have been discussions about what to do in the short term while a long term solution is hammered out.

From my vantage point, this is going to change the business of domain investing. I don’t know if it will have a major impact or if the Whois change will end up simply adding a step or two to the process of contacting domain owners or performing due diligence.

Perhaps it is just me, but it does not seem like most domain investors are concerned about this. Perhaps it is a lack of awareness or maybe people think things will work out in the end. I am curious if you are concerned about Whois changes that are likely coming as a result of GDPR compliance. I invite you to vote in the poll below and share your thoughts.

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