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WIPO Shares Some Facts About 2017 UDRP Filings


It seems that UDRP filings have been increasing every year, and 2017 was no different. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the largest UDRP provider. Yesterday evening, WIPO published a report about UDRP filings in 2017, and I wanted to share some of the facts with you.

2017 WIPO UDRP Facts:

  • 3,074 UDRP filings
  • Three industries (Banking / finance, fashion, and internet / IT) accounted for nearly one-third of all cybersquatting disputes.
  • .Store, .Site, and .Online were the most frequently disputed new gTLD extensions.
  • The US had the most UDRP filings.
  • Philip Morris filed the most UDRP disputes
  • Since 1999, there have been over 39,000 UDRP filings encompassing over 73,000 domain names.

Keep in mind that these facts are from WIPO UDRP filings and don’t include other venues, such as the National Arbitration Forum, The Czech Arbitration Court Arbitration Center for Internet Disputes, Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre or others. Although the UDRP → Read More

Daily Poll: Do You Track Your Domain Names After Selling Them?


When I sell a domain name, I don’t usually know how it will be used. I can make an educated assumption based on the buyer and the domain name, but I don’t always have a clear picture of how it will be used. On occasion, I will look back to track how a domain name is being used, but for the most part, I don’t really keep track of domain names after I sell them. I guess I don’t want to know if I undersold a name or not!

Do you track your domain names after you sell them? Saved From Expiry By Industry Veterans


If you follow expiry auctions, you likely noticed that was coming up for auction via GoDaddy Auctions. is a fantastic domain name, and the auction price in the mid $60,000 range reflected how desirable the domain name is. The domain name was renewed at the last possible moment, so the auction was halted.

Expired domain names get renewed all the time, so having an auction taken down isn’t an uncommon occurrence. In the case of, it took quite a bit of effort from two domain industry veterans to ensure the domain name would not be lost by its owner.

A couple of days ago, I noticed that Name Ninja’s Bill Sweetman had posted an update on Facebook asking his network if they knew a Canadian artist or his family (out of respect for the artist’s family, I refrained from publishing his name). I realized why he was searching for the man, and I reached out to see if he had made any progress. Bill responded and told me he had been working behind the scenes with DotWeekly’s Jamie Zoch and some other people who Bill did not mention by name.

Yesterday afternoon, a friend messaged me → Read More

How Does Whois Data Help Your Business?


Andrew Allemann has written about the pending changes to the Whois records system. I also wrote about the changes to Whois that will be necessary for domain registrars to comply with GDPR.

Without a doubt, changes to the Whois system is going to cause major issues for anyone who buys domain names that are registered, especially domain name investors. Not only will it likely become much harder to get in touch with domain name owners to make a purchase inquiry, but it could become more difficult to track the provenance of a domain name. This could effectively make it more risky to buy a domain name from a third party.

From my perspective, drastic changes to the Whois system → Read More

Daily Poll: How Large is Your Domain Portfolio?


Although my domain portfolio has grown from around 400 – 500 domain names to 500 – 600 domain names over the past 5 years, I still keep a relatively small portfolio. I have always tried to keep a tidy portfolio to keep operating costs low and focus on higher value acquisitions. My acquisition rate is probably similar to my sale rate, which explains why the portfolio size has not grown much over the years.

I have met people with portfolios of all sizes. I know people with a couple of dozen domain names and I know people who own or manage portfolios with hundreds of thousands of domain names. How many domain names do you have in your portfolio?

10 Recent Expiry Auction Buys


Yesterday, I shared some of the things I look at when evaluating expiring domain name auctions. I thought I would share 10 recent domain names I bought at expiry auction since the beginning of 2018. These are just a selection of the names I bought at auction, although the total is less than 50 year to date.

10 recent expiry auction purchases: → Read More

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