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Wordfence Parent Rebrands as Defiant – Bought the EMD via Sedo


I use the Wordfence plugin for security on all of my WordPress-based websites. I think it offers an enhanced level of security, and it has both a free and a paid version. This afternoon, Wordfence announced that its corporate brand name has been changed from Feedjit Inc. to Defiant Inc. Smartly the company acquired the  matching domain name in advance of the rebranding.

Curious to learn more about the sale price, I searched through my email history and found the name in a Sedo sale report. was acquired for the very reasonable price of $45,000 in February of 2017. The sale is publicly archived on NameBio. I am not sure if the domain name was being brokered by a Sedo domain broker or if the owner put the name up for sale on the platform with a make offer listing or a buy it now price.

It looks like the Wordfence service (and plugin) will → Read More

Thankful for… Other Industry News Outlets


With Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday, I am giving thanks this week to people and companies in the domain name business that I appreciate. Today, I want to give thanks to my fellow domain industry news publishers and writers who work hard to share news and information about domain names and topics relevant to domain name investors.

I read as much as I can about domain names when I have the chance. The domain industry websites and writers I find particularly helpful include the following (with apologies to anyone I may forget): → Read More

GoDaddy Changes Domain Name Expiry Process


I want to share an email from my GoDaddy account representative about a change to the domain name expiry process. I believe this is going to have an impact on the auction process as well, and this should be good news for people who have called for changes at GoDaddy Auctions.

The renewal timeline will shift from 42 days to 30 days. From my perspective, it looks like this means that a domain name that is won at auction will no longer be permitted to be renewed by the former registrant. The email I received did not mention anything about the impact on auctions, so that is my interpretation of the news.

Here’s the email I received a moment ago: → Read More

My Typical “Lowball” Offer Response


One of the most difficult aspects of domain name sales is that many people still have no idea how much a domain name is worth. It is always a bit humorous to receive a $100 offer shortly after receiving a 5 figure offer for the same domain name. Although it can be slightly frustrating to deal with uneducated offers, it comes with the territory. If there was a pricing model for domain names, it would be more difficult to get good deals, so I will take the uneducated “lowball” offers.

I thought I would share a typical response to lowball or uneducated offers for domain names. Most of the time, prospective buyers take this good-natured rebuke in a positive way, although there is always the potential for someone to get angry about it. After all, many prospective buyers will think I (or you) own a domain name they can use and I (or you) are not using the domain name in a productive way. This is obviously flawed thinking, but it is how many people think. I often wonder if they would think the same way about undeveloped property owned by a private investor, but that is a different story.

Here’s a response I give to people who make a lowball offer: → Read More

Almost Everyone is Dealing with Something


Last Friday, I spent the day playing blackjack at Mohegan Sun. I don’t generally visit a casino during the week, but I made an exception because of who I was going to spend time with during the day.

I met one of my closest friends and his family at Mohegan Sun. We were lucky enough to get a table to ourselves, and we had a great time catching up and playing blackjack for a few hours. The visit was somewhat bittersweet though. My friend’s dad has been battling pancreatic cancer since March. I have known my friend’s dad for many years, and I rode the Pan-Mass Challenge this year in his honor. He is a fighter, and he is battling courageously.

On my ride back home, I thought about something I want to share with you. Although it is my friend’s dad who is battling cancer, → Read More

Thankful for Domain Forums


With Thanksgiving in the US this week, I am giving thanks to various people, places, and businesses within the domain name community. Today, I want to give thanks to Domain Boardroom, NamePros, and even DNForum.

I spend quite a bit of time on Domain Boardroom (DBR) and NamePros. I am not a prolific participant on either of those forums, but I do visit regularly and appreciate both of those communities and their members.

DBR is a private domain name discussion forum operated by Donna Mahony. The community is relatively small, but it boasts a knowledgeable, professional membership that is willing to share personal insights about the domain name business. I have learned quite a bit from fellow members of DBR, and I am grateful for the community that Donna has helped cultivate for the last ten years. I find the topical discussions to be in-depth, and the environment is welcoming.

NamePros is probably the most → Read More

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