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Domain Registrars Should Reset All EPP Codes


Andrew Allemann reported about changes that are coming to domain name transfers, and it is a bit concerning to me. You can read about the new, hopefully temporary transfer authorization process on Domain Name Wire, but this is the part that concerns me:

In many cases, domain name registrars will not be able to get the registrant email address from Whois that is necessary to send a Form of Authorization when someone transfers a domain name to them. As a result, gaining registrars will be allowed to skip the Form of Authorization requirement.” (emphasis added by me).

From what I understand, domain registrars are responsible for generating EPP authorization codes. Each registrar may have its own process for creating them and for updating them regularly or periodically. With the new transfer process coming into play, I think it is very important for domain registrars to reset all EPP authorization codes. If that would be a major inconvenience for customers who are in the middle of a domain transfer, perhaps the EPP codes could be reset for those that were requested more than 30 days ago.

It would appear that someone could → Read More

Daily Poll: Should I Publish Articles That Concern Me?


I am often on the lookout for domain industry news or news that will impact my business and the business of other domain investors. I am also sent quite a bit of news and/or stories that may be of interest to readers once I disseminate it.

Sometimes when I learn about something that may be newsworthy (a domain name sale, company or service launch, domain investor or company doing something noteworthy…etc), I have concerns about the veracity of the news or have concerns about the person or company. Oftentimes, it would either not be possible to have these concerns alleviated or would take more time than I have to give to have my concerns allayed.

With that being said, I am curious what readers think about these types of situations. Should I report the news as I have read it and leave it up to readers to determine whether they believe the news or not? Should I write about the news and mention my concerns about the veracity of the story or mention that I can not say for certain if the story is legit or authentic? Should I simply avoid writing about topics I can not prove or have doubts about?

I think this is an important topic, so please vote and consider sharing your thoughts in the comment section:

Sedo’s GDPR Solution: “Owner Self-Verification”


Sedo just sent out an email to customers in response to the upcoming GDPR changes that are going to make domain name ownership verification more difficult. Many registrars will likely eliminate public Whois records, and European registrants at other registrars will likely have their Whois information private or not shown depending on the registrar.

Obviously this change will have an impact on the aftermarket and domain name resale marketplaces.

Sedo just sent an email to customers introducing their solution to the GDPR issue. They’re calling it “Owner Self-Verification.” Here’s the email that Sedo distributed to clients this afternoon so you can read about what the company is doing to ensure its listings are accurate: → Read More

2018 Pan-Mass Challenge Fundraiser


logoI will be riding in the 2018 Pan-Mass Challenge to raise money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston. DFCI is one of the leading cancer organizations in the world – both in terms of cancer treatment and cancer research. Last year’s Pan-Mass Challenge raised $51 million for Dana-Farber!

For the third year in a row (and my fifth PMC ride), I will be riding the 2-day, 162 mile route from Wellesley, Massachusetts to Provincetown, Massachusetts. I set a fundraising goal of $12,000.  Last year, with the help of friends and family, we raised over $11,000. In the first four years of riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge, we have raised over $35,000 for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I couldn’t do this without your support – Thank You!

If you are able, I would greatly appreciate it if you could support my ride by donating to Dana-Farber via my PMC fundraiser. You can donate via my fundraising page on

Listed below, are this year’s generous domain industry donors (or commitments to donate) so far. I would love to add you to this list, regardless of how much you are able to contribute. I will keep a running tally of domain industry donors as a way to say thank you! If you are interested in donating at the $500+ level, get in touch so I can chat with you about sponsoring my jersey this year. There are 14 spots available (6 remain). Here’s last year’s jersey for a reference point.

2018 PMC jersey sponsors:

2018  domain industry PMC donors:

Daily Poll: Are You Ready for GDPR?


The long anticipated GDPR implementation date is this coming Friday. The Whois system changes that are coming as a result of GDPR are probably going to have a pretty big impact on the domain investment space.

I speculated that GDPR might benefit some domain investors, but I think it will likely cause many more hassles and annoyances than be helpful to investors.

In a post I published earlier this morning, I shared the ways I have been preparing for the implementation GDPR regulations.

Are you ready for the GDPR implementation that might impact the domain investment space?

7 Ways I am Preparing for GDPR


GDPR is coming this Friday, May 25. Unless there is a last minute reprieve (litigation or something else unexpected), the Whois system will likely disappear. This is going to have a big impact on the business of domain name investing.

It will become harder to contact domain name owners. It could become more difficult or cumbersome to transfer domain names to other registrars. Performing due diligence could be more challenging. Domain investors may benefit a bit from GDPR, but I think there is a great chance domain investing could become more difficult.

I am hopeful ICANN and domain registrars figure out a GDPR compliant system that works and allows domain investors to continue to operate as usual. In the short term, I am not sure this is going to be possible, so I am preparing my domain portfolio in anticipation of some GDPR related problems.

There is still time, so I thought I would share some of the ways I am preparing for GDPR. I invite you to share the ways you are preparing if you would like. → Read More

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