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5 with Jen Sale, Co-Founder of Evergreen


Jen Sale - EvergreenIn the second quarter  of 2016, domain industry veterans  Jen Sale and Adam Strong launched Evergreen, a full-service naming agency that helps companies create, acquire, and manage their domain names. The company  has  clients of all sizes throughout the world.

Based on a small island off the east coast of Australia, Jen Sale is the COO (and Co-Founder) of Evergreen. Drawing on her 15+ years domain industry experience, Jen was previously the Co-Founder of DomainGuardians.com, Business Development Manager at DarkBlueSea.com (Fabulous.com) and a Web Designer/Developer. Jen has more experience in the domain name business than most.

With Evergreen's one year anniversary on the horizon, I had the opportunity to ask Jen some questions about Evergreen and the domain brokerage business. Jen offered some insight into  building the business as well as operating within the domain naming space.

What goes into building a business like Evergreen?
We created Evergreen to consolidate the corporate naming services that Adam and I have → Read More

5 With Scott Reynolds, President, Payoneer Escrow


scott-reynolds-payoneerIn the weeks leading up to THE Domain Conference, one of the most interesting things I learned is that Brandon Abbey, formerly the President of Escrow.com, was hired by Payoneer. For those of you who don't know of Payoneer, the company is a payment platform used by companies like Airbnb, Amazon, and Google. The company is used in over 200 countries transacting in more than 150 currencies.

In March of 2016, Payoneer acquired Armor Escrow Inc., a California-licensed Internet escrow agent doing business as Armor Payments. Within the past week, the company rebranded its escrow product as Payoneer Escrow, and Brandon Abbey will be working with this business, specifically on its domain name escrow offering.

Because of the company's entry into the domain space, I interviewed Scott Reynolds, President of Payoneer Escrow. If you have additional questions for Scott (or for Brandon), I invite you to post them in the comment section.

Elliot: Why is Payoneer moving into the domain escrow space?

Scott Reynolds: Since Payoneer's → Read More

5 With… Paul Stahura


Paul StahuraPaul Stahura has had a successful career in the domain business, long before the new gTLD domain names were available. If you aren't familiar with Paul and his career, I think Ron Jackson's article about Paul is a great place to learn more about his background.

Paul is the founder of Enom, which he launched in 1997. Enom went on to become one of the largest domain name registrars in the world, and the company was acquired in 2006. In 2010, Paul co-founded Donuts, and he serves as the company CEO. Donuts operates the largest portfolio of new gTLD extensions, and I think this gives Paul a unique perspective on the new gTLD space as well as the domain industry.

I asked Paul a series of five questions covering topics related to the new gTLD domain names and his company. If you have additional questions you would like Paul to answer, I invite you to post them in the comment section and perhaps he will find some time to answer them.

I appreciate that Paul was willing to be interviewed, and I hope you find the information he → Read More

5 With… Daniel Negari


Daniel Negari XYZAs CEO of XYZ, Daniel Negari has seen the .XYZ extension become the largest new gTLD domain name extension. According to nTLDStats.com, there are nearly 6.5 million registered .XYZ domain names, and the extension has a 27.79% market share of all registered new gTLD domain names. Daniel's company also operates other extensions such as .College, .Rent, .Security, .Protection, .Theatre, .Cars, .Car, and .Auto.

There has been a considerable amount  of industry talk about the marketing strategies and tactics undertaken by XYZ. For this 5 question interview, I asked Daniel about  other topics related to his business and the new gTLD extensions.

If you have questions for Daniel, you are welcome to ask them.  Please keep your comments or questions respectful, as I have a low tolerance for rudeness and uncivil discussion when people have been nice enough to participate in an interview like this.

Elliot:  What are your goals for .XYZ in the next 3 years and how do you plan to achieve them?

Daniel Negari: .xyz is for → Read More

5 With… Andrew Rosener


Andrew Rosener and Elliot Silver in Casco Viejo, PanamaIt has been a while since my last "5 With..." five question interview, and I thought it would be neat to revive this series by interviewing Andrew Rosener, CEO of Media Options.

Andrew runs one of the most successful domain name brokerage firms, and his company has also done very well investing in domain names. When it comes to getting domain name industry observations or feedback about a particular domain name, Andrew is one of the few people I rely on to get honest, first-hand insight. There is probably just a small amount of people regularly working on acquisitions and sales as hard as I am working, and Andrew is definitely in this group.

I asked Andrew several questions about the state of his business and the current state of the domain name aftermarket. Although Andrew shares his thoughts regularly on Domain Sherpa, I think he provided some interesting insight in this interview. I am sure he would be willing to answer more questions if you want to ask in the comment section.

As always, I appreciate Andrew's time spent → Read More

5 With… Christine Jones, Candidate for Arizona Governor



Many people who invest in domain names are familiar with Christine Jones because of her role as General Counsel and Executive Vice  President at GoDaddy. Ms. Jones was one of the highest ranking (and most visible) employees at the company. When she left in  2012, I thought she was going to retire and live comfortably, having helped build GoDaddy into the world's largest domain registrar and  one of the largest employers in the state of Arizona.

Instead of retiring, Ms. Jones decided to run for Governor of the State of Arizona. Shortly after hearing about her campaign, I asked if I could post an interview with her. I appreciate that Ms. Jones found the time to answer my five questions, and I hope you enjoy the interview. Although this website is not political in nature and I don't live in Arizona (I do love Tucson though), I want to share this with you because of Ms. Jones' background in the domain name business.

You can read more about Ms. Jones on her campaign website, ChristineJones.com, and you can also follow her on → Read More

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