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CBD.com: “It’s not for sale”


The Boston Globe published an article about Christian Book Distributors, a company that branded itself as CBD before CBD became a household name for the popular and widely used, cannabidiol. The Christian book publisher and distribution company owns the brand match CBD.com domain name. Smartly, the company also owns ChristianBook.com, which it uses for its website. CBD.com forwards to ChristianBook.com.

Did Taster Get a Great Deal on Taster.com?


There was an article published in TechCrunch this morning about a startup called Taster, which announced an $8 million round of funding. Crunchbase shows that this company has now raised $13.1 million in total funding to date. A quick search showed me that Taster operates on the brand match Taster.com domain name.

Carvertise: The “Golden Domain Name”


I want to share a video of a TedX talk that John and Jackie mentioned to me in a pair of comments. In the video, Carvertise CEO Mac Nagaswami discusses his company’s rebranding to Carvertise and what it took to acquire the brand match Carvertise.com domain name. It’s nearly 20 minutes in length, but it is well worth the time when you have an opportunity:

Koch Org. Gets StandTogether.com in Advance of Rebrand


The Washington Post reported that The Seminar Network, a non-profit organization founded and funded by billionaire Charles Koch, is being rebranded as Stand Together. Wisely, the organization acquired the brand match StandTogether.com domain name in advance of the rebranding.

Close Discussion How it Acquired Close.com


Close, a company that had been operating on Close.io, recently announced that it acquired the brand match Close.com domain name. The purchase price and other details about the acquisition were not shared, but I think closing a deal on Close.com was a smart move for the company that is now known simply as Close. This slight branding change was made more possible because of its acquisition of Close.com.

Massdrop Rebrands as Drop with Drop.com Domain Name


A company called Massdrop announced a rebrand to Drop, and smartly, the company was able to acquire the matching Drop.com domain name in advance of the rebrand. Here’s why the company opted to rebrand from Massdrop to Drop, according to an article from Christian de Looper who wrote about the rebrand this morning in Digital Trends:

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