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Brand Marketing Changes Hands


One of my favorite color .com domain names appears to have changed hands., which has been owned and used by a company called Indigo Instruments for many years, is now forwarding to  The current Whois record shows that the domain name is now registered to someone affiliated with another company called Indigo, described as "Canada's largest book, gift and specialty toy retailer."

I reached out to the current registrant as well as the former registrant to ask if they could share details about the registrant change, and neither party replied to me to confirm that was sold.

When you visit and land on, there is a message noting the domain name change. On the page with more information about the domain name change, it states, "We have changed our domain. “INDIGO.COM” has moved to “INDIGOINSTRUMENTS.COM” SAME NAME – DIFFERENT DOMAIN." Smartly, it looks like Indigo Instruments has owned the longer domain name since 1999. This → Read More

Startups Choosing Longer .coms Over Alternatives


Chris Sheridan, Head of Strategic Partner Sales at Weebly, shared a link to a TechCrunch article covering startup branding:

The article discussed quite a few funded startups and their brand name choices. Brands mentioned in the article include Waldo, Morty, Pie Insurance, Carrot Fertility, Lemonade, Oscar, Herb, Bud, Radish, Purple Squirrel, and quite a few other companies with interesting (or even confusing) brand names.

I was interested in the brand name choices, but I was particularly interested in the domain names the companies chose for their websites. The article (more…) → Read More

Neustar Webinar About Launching .Neustar TLD


Neustar is obviously a big proponent of the new gTLD domain name extensions. Last year, the company launched its .Neustar brand TLD, and its website can now be found at Home.Neustar. In an effort to promote .Brand extensions, the company is hosting a free webinar to share some of the things the company learned when it launched its own extension.

Here are some of the topics the company intends to cover in the webinar, as shared by them:

What technical and operational steps went into our launch
How we built a communications plan for stakeholders around the change
Where we see some of the biggest opportunities and challenges of a .brand transition

There is quite a bit of technical (more…) → Read More

50 Year Old Company Rebrands With a .Health Domain Name


A company called Sound Mental Health announced (via press release) that it was undergoing a rebrand. The company will now be known simply as "Sound." To enable this rebranding effort, the company is now using the Sound.Health new gTLD domain name for its website. The press release noted that the company has been in business for 50 years.

A Whois search shows that this company is the first registrant of the domain name. It is unclear to me if this domain name is classified as a premium domain name (ie the buyer had to work out a deal with the .Health domain registry) or if this was simply a hand-registered domain name with a normal renewal rate. It looks like .Health domain names cost $69.99/year at GoDaddy and other registrars seem to be in the same ballpark. Sound.Health is registered at MarkMonitor, a brand protection and domain name management company.

If you visit Sound.Health, you will notice the company's logo does not reference the .Health aspect of the domain name. In addition, it does not appear that the company → Read More Elizabeth Warren Wants to “Stop Trump”


President Donald Trump has been referring to US Senator Elizabeth Warren (my Senator) as "Pocahontas" for quite some time. In an event honoring Navajo veterans on Monday, the President once again referred to Senator Warren as Pocahontas:

"I just want to thank you because you are very, very special people. You were here long before any of us were here," Trump said. "Although, we have a representative in Congress who has been here a long time ... longer than you -- they call her Pocahontas!"

Since mid-2016, has been forwarding to Senator Warren's website, The Whois information on is private, so the owner of the domain name remains publicly unknown. When I wrote about the forward last year, I was unsure whether it was being done as a prank on Senator Warren or done in support of her. I am (more…) → Read More

Wordfence Parent Rebrands as Defiant – Bought the EMD via Sedo


I use the Wordfence plugin for security on all of my Wordpress-based websites. I think it offers an enhanced level of security, and it has both a free and a paid version. This afternoon, Wordfence announced that its corporate brand name has been changed from Feedjit Inc. to Defiant Inc. Smartly the company acquired the  matching domain name in advance of the rebranding.

Curious to learn more about the sale price, I searched through my email history and found the name in a Sedo sale report. was acquired for the very reasonable price of $45,000 in February of 2017. The sale is publicly archived on NameBio. I am not sure if the domain name was being brokered by a Sedo domain broker or if the owner put the name up for sale on the platform with a make offer listing or a buy it now price.

It looks like the Wordfence service (and plugin) will (more…) → Read More

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