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Sold for 6 Figures, UDRP Filed Against DAE.com


In November of 2019, DAE.com expired and was sold via GoDaddy Auctions for $126,000. According to UDRPSearch.com, a UDRP was just filed against this high value domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The case is WIPO case number D2020-0041.

The buyer of DAE.com chose to register the domain name using GoDaddy’s privacy proxy service, so the current registrant is not publicly known. It does not appear the domain name has been put into use yet, as the domain name resolves to a default GoDaddy landing page at the time of publication. Assuming it was an end user buyer, this is not surprising considering the search engine and marketing ramifications of a domain name rebranding.

Acquired for a Reported $2.68 Million, Lotto.com Saved in UDRP


A UDRP was filed against the Lotto.com domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization. The complainant in the UDRP is Bremer Toto und Lotto GmbH of Germany. The decision was published on the WIPO website today, and not surprisingly, the domain registrant won the UDRP.

The respondent’s contention in the decision is what caught my attention (bold emphasis is mine):

FEEV.com UDRP: Reverse Domain Name Hijacking


In November of 2019, I saw that a UDRP was filed against the FEEV.com domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization. When I saw the UDRP filing, I speculated that it could be a case of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) because a quick Whois lookup showed “the registrant organization of the domain name is and has been FeeV.” The complainant in the UDRP is a company called Feev Holding B.V.

Assurity Life: Loser UDRP


Assurity Life Insurance Company filed a UDRP against the AssurityLife.com domain name. The UDRP was filed at the National Arbitration Foundation (NAF), and it is Claim Number: FA1911001872882. Because the domain registrant did not file a response to the UDRP, one might presume the complainant would have a much better chance at winning the proceeding. In this particular case, the panelist, Debrett G. Lyons, found in favor of the registrant.

Silversea Won a UDRP and the Domain Name is in Expiry Auction

One of the top domain names on the board at GoDaddy Auctions today is SilverSeas.com. The domain name sounds like it could be sort of generic in the color + keyword sense I suppose, but it is very similar to the Silversea cruise line brand name. It is the type of domain name that caught my attention, but I quickly decided it would probably end up causing issues and I am not going to participate in the auction.

SteveJobs.com: UDRP Won by Steve Jobs Archive


A UDRP was filed against the SteveJobs.com domain name at the NAF. The complainant in this UDRP is Steve Jobs Archive, LLC, which is described in the complaint as “the lawful owner of the Steve Jobs publicity rights and the trademark rights in the STEVE JOBS name.” The UDRP decision was published yesterday evening, and the complainant won the proceeding and will get the SteveJobs.com domain name unless a lawsuit is filed to overturn the decision.

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