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Legal News UDRP: Complaint Rejected


There was another three letter .com domain name that recently became the subject of a UDRP proceeding: Because the UDRP was filed at the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC), I didn't even realize the UDRP had been filed until I read the decision on

The owner of was represented by domain industry attorney John Berryhill. The complainant is a company called NTI CADcenter A/S, which operates on the similar but inferior domain name. .DK is the ccTLD extension for Denmark.

I think the most important aspect of the UDRP decision can be found here: (more…) → Read More Subject of UDRP Filing


A UDRP has been filed against the high value domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The UDRP filing is WIPO Case D2017-1778. has a creation date of January of 2000. Because it is a three letter .com domain name, this domain name was almost certainly initially registered prior to this. The Whois record for is currently private, so I am unsure about who owns this domain name. From what I can see using the Whois History tool from DomainTools, the domain name has been privately registered for quite some time.

When I visited today, the domain name did not resolve for me. does not have any entries for this domain name since 2011. I looked through my email history, and I don't see listed for sale via any brokerage email. I also don't see any public sales record for the domain name on NameBio. DomainIQ values this domain name into the 6 figures.

The complainant in this UDRP proceeding is listed as PCO AG. A Google search for this company → Read More

Many Equifax Domain Names Registered


Yesterday, we learned that there was a major security breach at Equifax that may impact well over 100 million Americans and others. This is a concerning situation to those who are impacted, but there may be another threat looming for victims and others who may become victims in an effort to see if they were impacted by this breach.

A look at Verisign's DomainScope tool that tracks new domain name registrations shows 135 .com and .net domain names were registered just yesterday with "Equifax" in them. There have been more registrations today, and I presume this number will continue to climb. I only searched for the correct spelling of Equifax, so this result does not include any typographical errors that spelled the company name wrong, nor does it include domain names that are related but do not include "Equifax" in them. In addition, because the tool is Verisign's, it does not include registrations made in other extensions such as .org, .us, or any of the new gTLD extensions.

Domain name registrations are a concern because of → Read More

UDRP Filed Against


A UDRP has been filed against the valuable domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization. This UDRP filing is WIPO Case D2017-1709. was created back in March of 1995. In 2011, the Whois record for domain name went private, so I am not sure who currently owns the domain name. I believe Whois privacy will be removed because of the UDRP. Prior to the domain name becoming privately registered, was registered to a company in North Carolina. A DomainTools Whois History search shows that this company was the registrant since at least 2001 (there are no Whois History records from before that time).

At the present time, resolves to a generic GoDaddy landing page (see below). shows that the domain name has had a GoDaddy landing page for quite some time. It looks like the domain name was used for a website in the past.

The complainant in this UDRP is listed as a company called Screen-It Graphics of Lawrence, Inc., which is listed as doing → Read More

Green Bay Packers File UDRP Against


Green Bay, Wisconsin is known as "Titletown" or "Titletown USA" because of the Green Bay Packers. Now it appears that the National Football League team wants the domain name. The NFL team filed a UDRP at the World Intellectual Property Organization, and it is WIPO Case D2017-1685. is a domain name registered to a company called, Inc. The domain name was created in January of 1996 (over 20 years ago). According to DomainTools' Whois History tool, the current registrant has owned the domain name for many years. The earliest entry in DomainTools is from 2005, and the domain name was owned by at that time. I looked at, and the earliest entry is from 1998. At that time, it also appears that owned based on the archived landing page.

At the present time, does not resolve for me. I am not sure when the domain name resolved to a website, although the page shows many entries over the years. → Read More

.Org TM – Not Related to Domain Names


Nat Cohen noticed an interesting trademark when looking at a cutlery tray organizer his wife bought. As you can see in the top left hand corner of the packaging, there is a TM symbol next to the .ORG logo.

I did a search on, and it looks like the trademark was registered earlier this month (on August 8). I am not all that knowledgable about trademarks, but I think this company's mark is related more to the design than .org. Since the company's url is (more…) → Read More

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