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Legal News Petition Fighting UDRP has 130k+ Signatures


A domain name registrant started a popular petition on targeting a UDRP filed by Disney. Apparently, the operators of a website called Club Penguin Rewritten have come under scrutiny from Disney for using the company's Club Penguin trademark within its domain name. The UDRP was filed against the domain name at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF).

To date, the petition has over 130,500 signatures, and the petition's goal is to get 150,000 signatures. That is a lot of signatures.

According to the petition page, here's what Club Penguin Rewritten does: (more…) → Read More Subject of UDRP Filing


Another valuable three letter .com domain name is the subject of a UDRP proceeding at the World Intellectual Property Organization. A UDRP was filed against, and it is WIPO Case D2017-2240.

The owner of is WebMD, a publisher of health news and information. was created over 25 years ago, in June of 1992. When I visited this morning, the domain name did not resolve for me. It looks like WebMD and/or a related entity has owned the domain name since the 1990s.

The company that filed the complaint is listed as Equipo IVI SL. A Google search for that entity showed me a website with the homepage title, IVI-RMA is the largest Assisted Reproduction group in the world. That company operates on the inferior (more…) → Read More

Kitchens To Go Tries to Get via UDRP


A company called Kitchens to Go filed a UDRP against the valuable domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization. This UDRP filing is WIPO Case D2017-2241. has a creation date of February 22, 2001, where it was picked up on the drop as shows some entries prior to that. The domain registrant appears to be an entity with an address in Belize. When I visited this evening, I was forwarded to a Domain Holdings inquiry page, indicating the domain name is likely listed for sale. I don't see any public sales history for this domain name on NameBio.

The complainant in this case is a company called Kitchens to Go. Obviously the acronym of KTG would explain why Kitchens to Go would want to own this domain name. I took a brief look at the company's website, and I do not see any references to "KTG" on the homepage. On the (more…) → Read More Subject of UDRP


There's a peculiar UDRP filing at the World Intellectual Property Organization that I noticed last night. It looks like a UDRP was filed against the domain name, and it is WIPO Case D2017-2174.

A Whois search shows that Office Depot, Inc. is the current registrant of DomainTools shows that Office Depot has owned since at least 2004. It looks like forwards to, which appears to be a separate brand from Office Depot. This Viking-branded website also sells office products, and based on the currency shown to visitors, my guess is the target audience is UK-based buyers.

The complainant in the UDRP is listed as Aurelius RHO GTM Development Limited. I had never heard of the company before, so I did a Google search to see why the company may have filed a UDRP, and here is where I was confused. According to this press release from 2016 published on Business Wire, "Office Depot, Inc. (NASDAQ:ODP) today announced that it intends to sell its European business to The → Read More UDRP Decision is Stunning


A UDRP was filed against the domain name a little over a month ago. The decision was just published on the NAF website, and I am shocked that it went in favor of the complainant, despite the fact the respondent did not file a response to the UDRP.

The complainant in the UDRP is a company called Irving Materials, Inc. I had never heard of the company before I saw the UDRP filing, but their logo has "IMI" in it and the company was one of the top 10 or so results for IMI. I can see why this company would want the domain name, but I don't agree with the decision that was rendered.

Although the respondent did not file a response, I think the publicly available Whois information makes it clear why it owns the domain name (note the admin organization name, Internet Marketing, Inc.). This has been the case since at least 2000, according to the Whois History tool at DomainTools. I wouldn't necessarily expect the panelist to use an account at DomainTools to see how long it has been registered to the registrant, but the → Read More

Negotiation Dooms Complainant’s UDRP in Decision


An interior design company in Finland called Vallila filed a UDRP to try and wrest control of the domain name from its rightful owner. The company operates on, so owning the exact match .com domain name would have been ideal for them. Instead of buying the domain name, which the company tried to do but failed, the company opted to file a UDRP instead. They failed at that approach as well.

Vallila is a neighborhood inĀ Helsinki, Finland. As such, owning the geographic exact match .com domain name is fair game. A company called Linkz Internet Services has owned for quite some time, and the Uniregistry-parked page has travel related advertising displayed.

In the UDRP decision, it was revealed that the company tried to acquire The complainant discussed this in its filing, but apparently left out some pertinent information that was provided by the respondent's attorney, John Berryhill. Here's an excerpt from the section in the UDRP decision discussing Reverse Domain Name Hijacking: → Read More

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