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HugeDomains Gets RDNH Finding on RockNCrystals.com UDRP


A UDRP was filed at WIPO against the RockNCrystals.com domain name, which is owned by HugeDomains (a company operated by Turn Commerce). The respondent was self-represented, and it won the UDRP with a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH). In looking at the domain name alone, I would not have expected a RDNH finding, but in reviewing the decision, I can see why the panelist ruled in this manner.

The sequence of events that led to the UDRP filing is what caused the UDRP to fail and the panelist to rule in favor of Huge Domains. An aspect of the decision is another example of a panelist acknowledging the legitimacy of selling domain names as a business (although it is arguably not a strong endorsement):

MX.com Registrant Files & Loses ᴍx.com UDRP


MX.com and ᴍx.com look similar, but they are completely different and unrelated domain names. The first is a valuable two letter .com domain name, and the second is a IDN domain name [xn--x-x6l.com]. The registrant of MX.com (MX Technologies, Inc.) filed a UDRP against the ᴍx.com domain name, and the registrant of the IDN prevailed. The UDRP was filed at WIPO and the decision was published this morning.

Here’s what the complainant alleged as the reason it filed the UDRP citing bad faith usage of the domain name:

AVK.com UDRP: Complaint Rejected


A company called AVK Holding A/S filed a UDRP against the valuable 3 letter .com domain name, AVK.com. The UDRP dispute was filed at the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) and the decision was just published. Because of the venue, I did not notice this LLL.com UDRP filing until I saw it listed on UDRPSearch.com.

The respondent won the UDRP dispute and will keep its domain name, although it seems to have won based on a technicality rather than the merits of the case. Domain industry attorney Zak Muscovitch represented the domain registrant. Here’s an excerpt from the decision discussing why the panel ruled against the complainant:

SVH.com Reportedly “Hijacked”


My email inbox had several Google Alerts this morning linking to a Sonoma Index-Tribune article about an alleged “hijacking” of SVH.com, a domain name that has been owned by Sonoma Valley Hospital. As a result of this alleged domain name theft, the hospital was forced to change its website and email to the SonomaValleyHospital.org domain name.

Here’s an excerpt from the article discussing what happened and how the hospital reacted to this:

CP Org Files UDRP Against Other CP Org Domain Name


I noticed an interesting UDRP dispute involving what appears to be two Cerebral Palsy organizations. A UDRP was filed against the UCPA.org domain name. The UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPI), and it is WIPO Case D2019-1920.

When I first looked at the UCPA.org website, I was a bit confused. It looks like that domain name is being used by an entity called United Cerebral Palsy Alliance (UCPA). The domain name appears to be fully developed, and a note in the footer of the website states that it is a “501(c)(3) non-profit organization.”

Why Would Wynn File 7 UDRPs on 253 Domain Names Like These?


Wynn Resorts Holdings, LLC recently filed seven separate UDRPs at the World Intellectual Property Organization. From what I can tell, it looks like there are 253 domain names involved in these seven UDRP filings. The cases are WIPO Case D2019-1604, WIPO Case 2019-1606, WIPO Case 2019-1608, WIPO Case 2019-1713, WIPO Case D2019-1847, WIPO Case D2019-1855, and WIPO Case D2019-1858. Wynn has filed other UDRPs, but these are the most recent ones I noticed.

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