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Sharing Some Thoughts This Weekend


The last couple of weeks have been like nothing I have ever experienced. Luckily and thankfully, my family and I are in good health and safe. In difficult times like we are all facing, family is the absolute most important thing. I truly hope all of you who are reading this have a good support system in place to get through these uncertain times.

While my business and domain names in general are taking a backseat to my family obligations, I will continue to write about domain names and domain name news as it comes up. We are doing what we can to flatten the curve, and that means social distancing and keeping to ourselves as much as we can. I am always near my computer or phone, so while I will be taking care of family matters first and foremost, I will also be tending to my business as usual, including my blog. I am truly grateful to the advertisers who support my blog, and I hope you understand it is primarily because of them that I am able to spend my time sharing.

Speaking of my business, I want to share some thoughts about how I am operating my business right now:

Saturday Afternoon Thoughts and Updates


Today is the one year anniversary of Lonnie Borck’s passing. It is hard to believe it has been a year already. If you have a chance, you should try and do something kind for someone else this weekend. Lonnie was always helping others out when he could.

Here are some domain industry thoughts and updates:

The ICA website has some good information about UDRP filings and UDRP defense. For those who aren’t familiar with what to do after a UDRP was filed against a domain name they own, this is a good place to get information.

You probably noticed the NamesCon banners at the bottom of each article. NamesCon is offering readers two

Sunday Morning Thoughts and Updates


The Summer is winding down, and I am very happy for that. I have a few large deals in the works, and I thought at least one of them would be finished last week. It wasn’t, but that is life in this business. I feel like things slow down in the Summer, and I am happy that the Fall is almost here. Things should pick up in the next couple of weeks.

Here are some thoughts and updates. You are welcome to share yours as well:

I wish I could share this message with brand owners and their legal representatives: please do not file a UDRP to try and get a domain name that was registered prior to your existence. Houzz tried it with HOUZ.com and they just lost their UDRP. The domain name was owned by the registrant before Houzz existed, so there is really no way they could have proven the name was registered in bad faith. If a company wants a domain name badly enough, they should buy it.

It’s very strange to see a UDRP filed against a

Sunday Morning Thoughts & Updates


It’s a beautiful Summer Sunday morning, and I thought I would share some thoughts and updates with you before we head out with the kids. The PMC is a week away, and I sincerely appreciate all of the domain industry support. There is still time to make a donation to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and help me achieve my fundraising goal. In the meantime, here are some domain industry thoughts and updates:

I agree with Shane that some domain investing money has been moved to cryptocurrency investments. I am not really involved in the crypto space, and I can’t imagine having to focus on the hyper volatile cryptocurrency trading market at all times. I spend enough time on my domain business, and I don’t think it would be fair to my family if I had to keep a constant monitor on something else. I am sure there are people that moved from the domain business to cryptocurrency making lots of money, and hopefully that continues for them.

According to a Domain Incite article, “ICANN will NOT set a date for the next round of new gTLD applications, despite recent pleas from registry operators.” Not surprising to me.

If I were to list domain names for sale at NameJet right now, I would do it with

Summer Sunday Thoughts and Updates


It’s highly likely that I am on my bicycle right now while you read this. I am starting out at 6am and will probably finish at around noon. Luckily, my wife is super understanding (she runs the Boston Marathon on the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge Team), and she watches the kids while I do my training rides. The support from the domain industry means a great deal to me, and what keeps me going is thinking about kids who are helped by Dana-Farber’s Jimmy Fund. Seeing tweets like these drives me to keep fundraising and pedaling.

Here are some domain industry thoughts and updates for the weekend:

When I was starting out in the domain space, I read forum posts from John Berryhill that offered good insight about domain name legal issues. On a couple of occasions when I had a concern, I called John to ask for some advice. John never charged me for his time answering these questions. If John has helped you, I am sure he would appreciate your support as he is also riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge to raise funds for Dana-Farber. Even small donations show appreciation.

I think it would be great if DomainIQ or Whoisology

Father’s Day Sunday Thoughts & Updates


We celebrate Father’s Day here in the US. I will be celebrating by hosting a BBQ with my Dad and my kids. I am going to start out the day with a 50+/- bike ride. I am ramping up the distance in my PMC training. I now ride Saturday and Sunday and will continue to increase the distance until mid-July. If you’re in the Boston MetroWest area and want to go for a 50+ mile ride on a Saturday or Sunday morning (somewhere between 15-16mph), let me know.

Here are some thoughts and updates for the week. You are welcome to share your own in the comment section:

GoDaddy shared an interesting article on its blog about how it helped Carter Wilkerson and his #NuggsForCarter campaign. When I saw the company tweeting about it as it happened, I thought it would be a nice PR win for them.

It was nice to see a mainstream business publication (CNBC) write about Snap Inc.’s failed attempt to

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