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Jim Grace Joins Team Internet


Team InternetA little over a month ago, I reported that Jim Grace was no longer with Domain Holdings. I mentioned that I thought he would find a new position in the domain business quickly, and he did.

This morning, I received an email from Team Internet CEO Nico Zeifang, and he announced that Jim Grace had joined the company in the role of Director of Business Development. Jim will be working with Team Internet on its domain parking product,, and he will also be working on its advertising platform,

According to Nico,

Would You Like Your Parking Company to Offer a “For Sale” Landing Page?


After a couple of posts discussing the topic, I think it would be interesting to see how many of you would like your parking company to offer a simple “for sale” landing page without PPC links.

I understand that parking companies may be reluctant to offer these because they are in business to generate revenue from pay per click advertising, but they are in the position to easily offer these landers to their clients, aside from the costs associated with creating and testing landing pages. It’s also easier than creating our own landers, which requires a hosting account, some coding skills, and time.

If you’d like to see straight up for sale landers offered by your parking company, please vote yes, and if you don’t think they are necessary, please vote no. You may also indicate what parking service you use, and if you know of a company already offering for sale landing pages, let us know that, too.

Joe Higgins Introducing You to Rook Media


Joe Higgins has been involved in the domain investment space for many years, and he is the Senior Sales and Strategy Consultant at Rook Media, a parking company founded by several people who have considerable experience with domain name monetization.

As you probably noticed, Rook Media is now advertising on my blog. I didn’t know much about Rook, and since this company is relatively new, I asked Joe if he could provide some information about the company.

I want to thank Rook Media for being a sponsor of my blog, and I hope you will check out the company.

Hello everyone. With there being more choices than ever for domain investors to park their domains, I wanted to take a minute to let you know about Rook Media  and what makes us unique.

Rook is a Swiss-based parking company founded in 2010 by Ash Rahimi, Daniel Law, Ed Russell, Martin Andersson and Simon Pupo, most of them part of the founding and management team at NameDrive. Before that, Dan, Ed, and Ash held management roles at Sedo. To make a long story short, we’ve been doing this for a long time, and you’d be hard pressed to find a team with more experience and know-how than ours.

I joined the team in July 2011, just as Rook opened their platform to the public. Having spent the prior 6 ½ years with DomainSponsor, I brought an expanded understanding of parking to the team, along with a pretty solid reputation among industry clients.

We have over 55 years combined experience in the domain industry, and this is evident through the strength of our monetization and customer service alike. Our unique blend of cultures and past parking experience has taught us how to monetize traffic from all over the globe, not just specialize in any one geo-type. The small size of our team, along with our location in Switzerland, allows us a low cost structure. That means we can afford to pass you on more of what you earn. The privacy afforded by Switzerland is a nice plus in this day and age. So are the chocolates.

Including Rook, most of the founders have either worked with or founded 3 parking companies. This is significant because, while it may not appear domain parking has gone through many phases on the outside, things could not be more different now than they were in 2007. Different times call for a new, fresh, and lean platform. Rest assured there are no band-aids holding everything together, and that means a lot moving forward.

When working together with our team as a partner, you’re working directly with a stakeholder at Rook, not some kid straight of college who knows next to nothing about domains and isn’t allowed to make a decision even if they wanted to. We’re problem solvers, and we easily offer more customized solutions for our partners than anyone else in the industry. We understand the needs of domainers because we are domainers ourselves. A good example of this is our new DomainAdvance product, which allows our partners an interest-free prepayment on their parking earnings.

We want to grow together with our partners, and we’ll help in any way we can. We’ve been around for a long time, and we are staying for the long run, just like you. to Offer Store Front for Domain Investors


I received a press release from and wanted to share the information with you. The company was founded by Internet entrepreneur and domain investor, Igal Lichtman, who you can read more about on Wikipedia. is offering domain investors a store front to exhibit their domain names. I believe the crux of the idea is that every person who launches a store front for their domain names will also help promote other domain names in the network, thus giving all domain names additional exposure. Appraisals are also available via the new store front.

If you’d like to check out an example, you can visit If you’re attending DomainFest next week in Santa Monica, you can visit the booth to learn more about this new offering. I’ve embedded the press release below, which has additional information.

Sedo: .XXX Parking & Sales Permitted


For domain investors who have bought .XXX domain names, the next logical step after securing a domain name is to park it and/or list it for sale.

I just received an email from Sedo in response to a question I posed, and I was informed that “clients can park and sell their new .XXX domains at Sedo,” beginning later on today. This is good news for those who wish to monetize their investment(s) without having to get more involved in the adult industry.

Please note that the back-end Sedo update is still in progress, and the TLD will be listed in the search TLD filter once the update is complete this afternoon. Everything should be set by later this afternoon or possibly tomorrow.

Feel free to post your .XXX domain acquisitions if you’d like.

Guest Post: Google Adsense for Parked Domain Names Enhances Landing Pages


I am still traveling today (almost back from vacation), so this is a guest post by Bobby Fitzgerald about how it appears that Google Adsense for Domains has changed/enhanced its landing pages by adding graphics. As you may recall,  Bobby previously discussed how was developed to raise money for the children of  Camp Sunrise.

As I continue on my journey to learn this business I noticed something recently. Google has greatly improved the graphics of their Google for domains. Recently I have been moving a number of domains I plan on holding, or developing, to Google. I had been using a couple of the parking companies and was not seeing any income what so ever on over 100 unique visits a day. I believe someone who lands on a parked page will only make one click the vast majority of the time. They also need to see a trusted, related, choice like a hotel chain on a geo or travel site or a restaurant on a geo restaurant site. Just MHO.

Having read more than one of the industry leaders comment that parking income covers all or near-all renewal fees I decided to mix it up so the march to Google parking began.

Rather than just stating that, “Below are sponsored listings for goods and services related to…” as you see below:

Google now has a tighter window with color backgrounds and photos as well as a banner ad that is visible in the initial window.

There are 24 images to choose from within Google Adsense for domains.

The reality is my revenue has gone up and I will cover the cost of renewals if the trend continues. While I enjoy the traffic stats offered by the parking companies, money talks and, well, stats can walk. One thing I have done is use a parking company to test if there is any traffic at all and if so then move to Google where income appears to be happening. Hopefully Google will continue the improvements and offer traffic stats for each domain or the parking companies will up their game. I am still new enough to not understand how splitting Google ad income with a parking company can be more profitable than parking with Google directly, but that is why I am doing this-to learn.



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