Would You Like Your Parking Company to Offer a “For Sale” Landing Page?

After a couple of posts discussing the topic, I think it would be interesting to see how many of you would like your parking company to offer a simple “for sale” landing page without PPC links.

I understand that parking companies may be reluctant to offer these because they are in business to generate revenue from pay per click advertising, but they are in the position to easily offer these landers to their clients, aside from the costs associated with creating and testing landing pages. It’s also easier than creating our own landers, which requires a hosting account, some coding skills, and time.

If you’d like to see straight up for sale landers offered by your parking company, please vote yes, and if you don’t think they are necessary, please vote no. You may also indicate what parking service you use, and if you know of a company already offering for sale landing pages, let us know that, too.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Most domainers reinvest profits back in, so best interest of parking companies, as in most cases the client would continue to build a strong portfolio to most likely park…

  2. yes, yes and yes

    99% of people contacting are timewasters and lowballers even though have a min offer set

    I want dns to have an option of parking with no ppc and have a great for sale lander and offer purchasing through card etc like afternic or sedo
    i hate afternic and searching for domains is nigh on impossible, actually try it, they suck, nightmare to list domains etc, i also hate sedo
    i love dns and franks style. i wish they would have this option. no problem at all dns taking 10% say for trouble
    needs automating to remove lowlifes lowballing
    the fact is 50% of sales are buy now, people want that, escrow for big sales fine, but a ballache all round for 0 – 5k range and also currency conversion etc

  3. C’mon Guy, it’s not 99% !

    ….and low-ballers are not necessarily low-lifes, just very annoying people. Who does not like a great price?

    Also, great domains don’t need a BIN price as though they are in a fire sale, IMO.

  4. A for sale page without ads would also prevent trademark products or ads appearing on your site by the automatic feed.
    Many generic words have trademarks for some aspect of the name or phrase.
    Eliminating the possibility of providing ammunition for a udrp’s would be good.
    Many times I have pulled names out of parking because of potential problems.

    • Also, a for sale page on a “questionable” name can bring out the lawyers as well. Having a domain for sale has been used as proof of bad faith before . . . it doesn’t always work but if it’s borderline it will be plenty of ammo.

  5. One thing to keep in mind is that most people would only take away PPC links on names that aren’t making much money anyway. It’s not like the parking companies are going to lose all that much.

    Although they might not make the daily revenue, they certainly could work out something with Escrow.com, perhaps in the way of affiliate commission.

    At the very least, it will keep customers who want this placated. If another player comes on the scene offering a full scale sales platform sans PPC links, they could lose more business that way.

    Having restrooms at Barnes & Noble might cost the company money to provide customers with something they desire, but in the end, they are keeping their customers happy and coming back.

  6. Escrow.com does not offer any type of affiliate commission. The only way for parking companies to make money with a deal like this would be to charge a commission on the sale itself.

  7. *

    I would like the sales page as an option.

    However, for higher quality domains, the ppc links might still be a great money maker.

    I doubt if Sedo will convert to just a sales page without links anytime soon. From their perspective, a little money is better than none.

    Perhaps if it can be proved that a sales page results in more sales, then parking companies may see this as a viable option.


  8. DomainParking.com from Traffic Media currently offer this, when you park a domain on their DNS you can opt for PPC links or a sales lander.

  9. Grab your own domain sales script and redirect them yourself. I currently have 80 redirected and sorting through a list of 400+ more to decide which ones to keep parked or redirect as well. Long term holds that make parking income I keep parked, domains that don’t make much or ones I will never develop straight to sales page and offers come direct.

  10. 1) I think the MOST IMPORTANT feature would be having the option to choose if you want the junk links from google or not.

    2) Secondly yes, having the option to choose adv or not would be good

    3) Another good option would be increasing the level of adv.telling to advertisers to make videos to promote their products/services (I give you (you parking platform), my entire targeted domain, not a small space for a small banner or junk adsense links: exploit it….

    So the way is very simple:

    1) Google out. This is a must. I don’t give the keys of my company to my worst competitor, it is ridiculous (10 years of sabotage…and still continues and it willl become also more aggressive than it has been so far… (something too much difficult to do, but they will succeed if all people having good domains will continue to have no reaction….).
    Never seen something like this incredible fraud for the valuable domains that has been in place for 10 years…)

    2) improving the level of adv


    Very simple.

  11. Cax offers “For Sale” landing pages without PPC. I recently switched 95% of my domains to go to those landers. With rent-to-own now an option there it’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned until Sedo and Afternic start offering financing (if they ever do?).

  12. That is good, but Cax would permit to list for free, working only on commissions

    PPC is not bad, adv from from google are bad, since the devil give adv related to your last pages visited, not related to the domain name parked…

    Sedo and Afternic surely never will offer lease option…Lease option is good for the market and they are not for the market, they are for google

    • Cax is free to list like the others and has an 8% commission. The factors affecting whether someone will buy a domain when they load up that URL are the price and how a deal would be structured if leasing is available so I see that as the best sale page option since it has rent to own. Everything else is just the quality of the name.

  13. With some of my domains I use software to create a graphic layout, then direct to the likes of SEDO. I have lost confidence with two companies, especially when it comes to their representation of landing pages via mobile. But I cannot find one that really is mustard!

  14. I too am concerned about ads showing on my Sedo page. I’ve asked multiple times, and threatened to take my 3000 names elsewhere, but they will not make an ad free page. So I’m about to move my names.

    One thing I am wondering is I sometimes hear someone say that it could be considered bad faith to have a domain name with a For Sale landing page (even without ads). I don’t really understand why — if this is even true — this is any worse than just having a page with a contact form NOT mentioning the name is for sale and then answering in the affirmative when the contact asks if the name is for sale. In either case, the name is for sale. And that would mean that every name is essentially for sale.

    I had planned to place on my own landing page that “This name may be available for sale” but this talk about bad faith has got me worried even just about that.


    • Even thought there may not be a for-sale sign on the Empire State Building, I am sure if the right offer came along the owners would consider it.

      Everything, in a sense, is for sale. 🙂

  15. Feel like I’m a shill but I definitely think it’s the best solution. Cax now has a “Contact the Seller” link on sales pages for higher level users so you get the best of both worlds: list a sale price and leasing structure (if you choose rent to own) and have a way for the user to contact you to discuss buying it.

    There’s also a solution to use the domain so you don’t have to worry about bad faith. Under the “Parking” tab you can list a URL for an image or video. Then it will show the image/video when someone loads the page and show a strip at the top saying the domain may be for sale and if they click that it takes them to the sale page. BigAppleMonthly.com is an example.

  16. Thanks for the information, Matthew. Interesting.

    Question: You said, “There’s also a solution to use the domain so you don’t have to worry about bad faith.” Why would a leasing option not be bad faith, as opposed to a purchase?

    Question 2: The BigAppleMonthly.com page says “Buy this domain. Financing available.” Is this message editable?

    I’m just so confused on the whole issue about it being bad faith if a name is for sale. I’ve heard many people who sound like they know what they are talking about say that this is not the case. Confusing. But I think it may be just used as another factor if other factors point to bad faith. But I could be wrong.

    • I was thinking of bad faith possibly being construed as redirecting straight to a “for sale” (or lease) page as opposed to putting the domain to use hosting pictures/videos and having a strip at the top saying it may also be for sale. If we’re talking UDRP/WIPO I don’t see how they can say you’re using it in bad faith in the latter.

      The strip at the top isn’t editable but if you have a better phrasing that would work across the board Francois is flexible. You can email him at info@cax.com. That’s another thing I like much better about Cax. If it makes sense he can implement it quickly. He cares about doing what’s right for the industry, not what will pad the corporate bottom line like some of the fat cats do. Why don’t Sedo, Afternic and Go Daddy offer leasing?


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