Joe Higgins Introducing You to Rook Media

Joe Higgins has been involved in the domain investment space for many years, and he is the Senior Sales and Strategy Consultant at Rook Media, a parking company founded by several people who have considerable experience with domain name monetization.

As you probably noticed, Rook Media is now advertising on my blog. I didn’t know much about Rook, and since this company is relatively new, I asked Joe if he could provide some information about the company.

I want to thank Rook Media for being a sponsor of my blog, and I hope you will check out the company.

Hello everyone. With there being more choices than ever for domain investors to park their domains, I wanted to take a minute to let you know about Rook Media  and what makes us unique.

Rook is a Swiss-based parking company founded in 2010 by Ash Rahimi, Daniel Law, Ed Russell, Martin Andersson and Simon Pupo, most of them part of the founding and management team at NameDrive. Before that, Dan, Ed, and Ash held management roles at Sedo. To make a long story short, we’ve been doing this for a long time, and you’d be hard pressed to find a team with more experience and know-how than ours.

I joined the team in July 2011, just as Rook opened their platform to the public. Having spent the prior 6 ½ years with DomainSponsor, I brought an expanded understanding of parking to the team, along with a pretty solid reputation among industry clients.

We have over 55 years combined experience in the domain industry, and this is evident through the strength of our monetization and customer service alike. Our unique blend of cultures and past parking experience has taught us how to monetize traffic from all over the globe, not just specialize in any one geo-type. The small size of our team, along with our location in Switzerland, allows us a low cost structure. That means we can afford to pass you on more of what you earn. The privacy afforded by Switzerland is a nice plus in this day and age. So are the chocolates.

Including Rook, most of the founders have either worked with or founded 3 parking companies. This is significant because, while it may not appear domain parking has gone through many phases on the outside, things could not be more different now than they were in 2007. Different times call for a new, fresh, and lean platform. Rest assured there are no band-aids holding everything together, and that means a lot moving forward.

When working together with our team as a partner, you’re working directly with a stakeholder at Rook, not some kid straight of college who knows next to nothing about domains and isn’t allowed to make a decision even if they wanted to. We’re problem solvers, and we easily offer more customized solutions for our partners than anyone else in the industry. We understand the needs of domainers because we are domainers ourselves. A good example of this is our new DomainAdvance product, which allows our partners an interest-free prepayment on their parking earnings.

We want to grow together with our partners, and we’ll help in any way we can. We’ve been around for a long time, and we are staying for the long run, just like you.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hi Guys,

    When Elliot invited me to do a quick post, I suppose I did think of it more as a bio. The idea wasn’t to let people know we’re reinventing the wheel but simply inform those interested that we’ve all been a part of the wheel for quite a while. This history has been instrumental in our client relationships, as well as with our upstream provider.

    We also feel the broad parking experience from our past, along with a new and fresh platform, allows us to do things a little bit better, even if it isn’t completely different.

    By the way, DomainAdvance, is something relatively unique where we offer a prepayment (up to 12 months) to qualifying partners.

    Happy to talk specifics or answer questions anytime. Email me at


  2. I have heard of rook media.

    I sold to a guy in Equador and he is using Rook Media…

    I told him to use InternetTraffic but he says he likes Rook Media.

    Good Luck to ALL

  3. I am using Rook and overall I am pleased with the payouts and great for idn domains IMO.

    While I dont have everything with them, they are in my top 3 parking companies.

    I dont know Joe, but Ash is a cool guy and always quick service and response time.

  4. I made arookmedia for one of my domains which was getting good traffic .
    And with rookmedia,I made some 240$ in the first month,,not with any invalid clicks,
    and clicks were surprisingly low too.
    One day when Iogged in,they said I am banned,neither they sent me any email so we can talk,nor did he sent any warning or gave my money..
    In the end,rookmedia suddenly closed my account without any email or anything,so I cannot contact them,and took my240$

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