Thank You, David Castello

If you read my blog frequently, you are probably well aware that David Castello from CCIN has given me great geodomain development advice on and As I mentioned in a previous article, David’s advice led me to add banners across the top row of the home page on my geodomains, whereas before I only had the 6 spots on the bottom right.

Not only did one advertiser just renew a six month advertising deal adter nearly backing out after 3 months, but I analyzed my hotel affiliate revenue, and much of it is coming from clicks on the rotating banners on the top row. In addition, I have been receiving many inquiries for advertising from people clicking on the “Advertise on Burbank/” banner in the top row. This is a marked improvement from the side rotating banners.

Without David’s advice, I don’t think the results would be as good. As revenue begins to ramp up, I am realizing that all of the effort I’ve put in is beginning to pay off, and by treating my advertisers well, they are happy to continue advertising on the site.

One thing you can take away from this is that when you develop, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Look at successful websites and see how they monetize. For geodomain names, you can look at other Associated Cities member websites and adapt some of the commonly seen strategies. You can also look at the local news and newspaper websites, too. Not only can you gleen strategy, but you can also see who is advertising locally!

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. During the Chicago GeoDomain Expo, during a session where David and others were up on a panel, I publicly thanked him and everyone involved for being so generous with their time and advice. I have never once contacted David with a question or problem that he didn’t go out of his way to answer or provide solutions to my issues. I try to have this same philosophy, when I am asked anything, now that I’ve got some solid experience and success under my belt. This kind of interaction, as it relates to the GeoDomain industry, is what makes Associated Cities so valuable to this industry and the people involved. We are working hard to get Associated Cities to the next level so this type of cooperation and help continues for many years to come.

  2. David and Michael are really great guys. I met one of them at the Playboy Mansion Party at DomainFest 09. I can’t remember which one, in fact I can’t remember what we talked about:) All I remember is we talked while we were consuming drinks:)

    Next time, I plan on meeting and talking to them sober but they are great guys and I go to there site often since it’s where I vacation 2 or 3 times a year.

    Thanks, Jim

  3. Hi Elliot,

    Yes David is a great guy and the domain world is a better space for having the knowledge and input from himself & Michael.

    Your sites are looking great mate, you have done a brilliant job of getting them where they are today!

    I think we need to have a re-visit on my podcast to have a chat about development and some on the things you have learnt along the way. Let me know if you are keen.


    Ed Keay-Smith

    • @Ed

      You know I am always happy to chat with you. Wonder if I can expense a trip across the world to hang out in person and talk about development 🙂

  4. Hi Elliot, I’m new to your site. Saw the post about and how the football team wants the domain.

    You mentioned that you have How did you stop the city from requesting the domain from you? Or any other company that has a trademark with “Burbank”?

    Did you get a trademark for “”?

    Isn’t there confusion for users who find your site on Google vs. the official city site?

    Thanks, Sherry

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