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The Future is About Leverage


Time and time again I see where we as individuals are losing leverage – and with it the ability to make change.

As we have grown into a more technological world, everything has become much more complicated. Even to understand current politics or local law is like a college degree of its own. I've seen this same pattern with my internet businesses: When I could create domain websites easily years ago, they would get lots of search and direct traffic. Now, the competition has become oversaturated, so I need to pay more people and spend more time to try to stay ahead of the competition. I have to prioritize sites and businesses to put my time and money into, or sell others to which I can't. It would almost be wiser for me to sell all of my names and focus on one business exclusively, but currently I have more leverage in controlling more verticals - like for finance, for moms, for beauty, and for music. There is so much to think about, and it gets very complicated. We all just want → Read More

Increase Readership by Sharing Personal Stories


When you are building a website, one thing I think you can do to help build your brand and readership is to share personal stories with your readers. If they have a vested interest in getting to know more about you, they will also probably be more interested in visiting your website and referring it to friends.

This morning I was checking out, a CCIN website. I read the story about David's first experience with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Although I couldn't relate to the death of a dog, I immediately thought about my dog, Lucy.

Yesterday, when my wife and I were walking her off leash in Central Park, she decided to check out an area that was under construction and cordoned off. The area has thick brush, and we couldn't find her for close to 10 minutes, but it felt like much longer. Eventually, my wife saw a construction worker sitting under a veranda and called down to him to ask if he had seen a dog. He looked behind him, and said, "you mean this one right here?"

Anyhow, if you can write an article or story → Read More

David & Michael Castello to Speak at Local Interactive Advertising Conference


Borrell AssociatesThe Castello Brothers of the Castello Cities Internet Network (CCIN) have been added as guest speakers at the 2010 Local Interactive Advertising: The 'Business of Making Money' Conference to be held February 8th and 9th, 2010 at the Grand Hyatt New York in Manhattan, a conference I plan to attend. With large companies (like ESPN) continuing to focus on hyperlocal media, now is a great time for David and Michael to get in front of this audience and talk about city .com domain names.

"If legacy media companies were conservative parents, Michael and David Castello would be the beguiled rock stars leading the kids astray," said Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates, the producer of the 2010 Local Interactive Advertising: The 'Business of Making Money' Conference. "These guys bear watching. One of their sites makes more money than any locally owned media site in that market."

This is good news for geodomain development companies like mine because David and Michael have a way of energizing people, and they will be speaking → Read More

Thank You, David Castello


If you read my blog frequently, you are probably well aware that David Castello from CCIN has given me great geodomain development advice on and As I mentioned in a previous article, David's advice led me to add banners across the top row of the home page on my geodomains, whereas before I only had the 6 spots on the bottom right.

Not only did one advertiser just renew a six month advertising deal adter nearly backing out after 3 months, but I analyzed my hotel affiliate revenue, and much of it is coming from clicks on the rotating banners on the top row. In addition, I have been receiving many inquiries for advertising from people clicking on the "Advertise on Burbank/" banner in the top row. This is a marked improvement from the side rotating banners.

Without David's advice, I don't think the results would be as good. As revenue begins to ramp up, I am realizing that all of the effort I've put in is beginning to pay off, and by treating my advertisers well, they are happy to continue → Read More