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Exact Match .com Domain Names Making News


During the last couple of weeks, there have been news reported about several exact match .com domain names and the companies that operate them. While news about these individual companies might not directly produce residual value for our domain names, I think reports about these businesses with exact match .com domain names is good for the domain name resale market.

Here are four news stories from the last couple of weeks I have been tracking pertaining to exact match .com domain names. Keep in mind that some of these news reports are related to the companies who use EMDs and is not simply "domain name news." You should also keep in mind that I am biased because my portfolio is almost exclusively made up of EMDs, and my developed brands are built on EMDs.

I am sure I missed additional articles, and if so, I invite you to share them with all of us. (more…) → Read More

Thank You, David Castello


If you read my blog frequently, you are probably well aware that David Castello from CCIN has given me great geodomain development advice on and As I mentioned in a previous article, David's advice led me to add banners across the top row of the home page on my geodomains, whereas before I only had the 6 spots on the bottom right.

Not only did one advertiser just renew a six month advertising deal adter nearly backing out after 3 months, but I analyzed my hotel affiliate revenue, and much of it is coming from clicks on the rotating banners on the top row. In addition, I have been receiving many inquiries for advertising from people clicking on the "Advertise on Burbank/" banner in the top row. This is a marked improvement from the side rotating banners.

Without David's advice, I don't think the results would be as good. As revenue begins to ramp up, I am realizing that all of the effort I've put in is beginning to pay off, and by treating my advertisers well, they are happy to continue → Read More