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NYC Encourages Voting with Voting.NYC Domain Name


The City of New York has been using a .NYC domain name to promote the local election which happened today. Domain investor Larry Fischer, a New York City resident who has been in the domain business for many years, shared the photograph of this bus advertisement that is encouraging people to visit Voting.NYC.

When you visit Voting.NYC, you can see a sleek looking website that has information about the current election. It also serves as a resource to send people to other websites for further information about the election and voting. Essentially, it looks like (more…) → Read More

Neustar Comments on .NYC Auction Results


nyc registryNeustar sold a small portfolio of real estate related .NYC domain names on NameJet, and the auction grossed $70,650 in sales. As one might expect, the top three domain names that were sold in this auction were RealEstate.NYC ($21,300), Apartments.NYC ($16,155), and Rentals.NYC ($5,700).

I do not have any more ties to New York City, so even if I wanted to bid on the auctions, I was not permitted due to nexus restrictions for .NYC domain names. I watched the conclusion of some of the auctions, and it seems that there were at least a few well known New York-based domain investors participating. I am unsure of who won these auctions, but I am interested to see how the domain names will be used.

Lori Anne Wardi, VP of Registry Services at Neustar shared some comments with me about the auction and its results: (more…) → Read More

Crain’s Covers .NYC Domain Name Auctions


Yesterday afternoon, Thornton McEnery of Crain's New York published an article about .NYC domain names: What's he smoking? Podiatrist foots $60K bill for marijuana.nyc. The article covered the recently concluded auctions for .NYC domain names, which grossed just under $750,000 in total sales, netting "roughly $300,000" for the government of New York City.

McEnery published a list of 1,011 domain names that went to auction. Nearly half of these domain names sold for $10, and the largest sale was Marijuana.NYC at $60,920. I don't know if the sale price included an additional registration fee or not (for instance if a buyer who won an auction for $10 only had to pay $10 or a registration fee on top).

I took the .NYC list that was published and ran all the domain names through GoDaddy's bulk domain checker as .com domain names to see how many of these names were unregistered in .com (MarijuanaNYC.com for example). Out of the 1,011 .NYC domain names sold at auction, (more…) → Read More

John Oliver Discusses .NYC Domain Names (Slightly NSFW)


.NYC domain names were front and center in this clip from HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. More specifically, Oliver discussed .NYC domain name registrations related to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Some of these domain names were vulgar and likely defensively registered on behalf of the former Mayor (I would assume without his knowledge).

Andrew Allemann reported on these domain name registrations a week ago. Some of the Mike Bloomberg domain names he discussed include gems like BloombergBlows.NYC, MikeIsTooShort.NYC, MikeBloombergisaDweeb.NYC, MikeBloombergBlows.NYC, and FuckBloomberg.NYC.

There has been quite a bit of press about .NYC domain names lately, and Neustar must be loving it. The Wall Street Journal published an article last week, and other local newspapers have published articles as well. You can't buy this type of publicity, and it's probably helping to contribute to the growth of the extension.

Enjoy the video embedded below, although it might be a bit unsafe for work due to some of → Read More

Poll: .Vegas vs. .NYC


I had a discussion with a friend about the .Vegas and .NYC new gTLD extensions, and we debated about which extension we prefer - .Vegas or .NYC. I won't reveal which extension I like more, but I am curious about which extension you prefer. Personally, I think the geographic new gTLDs are going to be among the top performers of all new gTLD extensions.

One thing that is unique about these two extensions is that neither .Vegas or .NYC are the full name of their respective cities, Las Vegas and New York City. The .NYC landrush began on August 4, and the .Vegas landrush began today, August 14. .NYC domain names have a residency restriction and .Vegas domain names do not require registrants to have a presence in Las Vegas.

For the sake of the (more…) → Read More

NYC Mayor Touts .NYC Domain Names


nyc registryThe sunrise period for .NYC domain names began today, and the .NYC domain registry received support from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio this morning. Today is the first day that trademark holders can apply for a .NYC domain name, and there are around 30 domain registrars working with Neustar to offer sunrise registrations. Sunrise registrations can be made from now through June 20.

According to a press release found on NYC.gov:

"New Yorkers are constantly innovating and putting this great city on the digital map," said Mayor Bill de Blasio. "The launch of the .nyc domain is one of the most anticipated arrivals for the city and the Internet at large. There is no shortage of New Yorkers ready to claim their exclusive .nyc identities online, and this is their chance to reserve their piece of this city's valuable digital real estate."

In addition to announcing the beginning of the .NYC sunrise period, the press release also announced (more…) → Read More

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