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In a tweet sent yesterday afternoon and shared with me by a couple of different people, New York City’s official Twitter account shared a link to a humorous website that is utilizing a .NYC domain name: BillyNeverIdles.NYC. It’s a pun based off the name of musician Billy Idol, and the campaign stars Billy Idol:

BillyNeverIdles.NYC is a creative marketing url being used as a forwarder to an official page within the City’s website. The .NYC domain name usage is being marketed in conjunction with the #BillyNeverIdles hashtag to make people aware of the issue of car and truck idling. As someone who lived in Manhattan for ten years, I agree that it’s an annoyance and am glad the City is raising awareness about it.

Here’s a video shared on the website:

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. A lot of adaption on .nyc . I live here and this days, i see it everywhere. At least once a day its in front of me without looking for it. Few years back i had to stretch to fine one, now it is pretty standard sight. I dont think we are at the inflection point yet where business must have it, but it certainly now a clear option to , since new york .com use is in unique position of have 8 different ways to spell it and 6 of them are common.
    Which one looks cleaner and better? hands down. And skip the confusion.

    • Yeah I do too. One of the most popular one is. …they are only 1 1/2 year old website but are is ranking for some pretty competitive keywords like “NYC news”

  2. DK, completely agree that usage is up and is the cleanest.

    I work in Queens and see .NYC constantly on taxis, buses, store fronts, flyers… Also a few times on the radio and TV. The high school I work at has a .NYC domain and 620 of our students have .NYC email addresses that they’re using daily to apply to colleges and internships and to login to GSuite – mindshare and use is not slowing down only growing.

    Domains are my side hustle and over the last few years, sales are usually quiet until June through December. This year January was quiet but in February I have the following .NYC sales:
    $185 outbound, PayPal – $20 buy
    $470 Efty/Escrow – $20 buy
    $488 Efty/PayPal – $20 buy
    $500 Efty/PayPal – $20 buy
    $2888 Afternic – $5 buy (discount reg price)
    $13900, originally the offer came through Efty, moved transaction to to help with payment plan over 18 months. – $695 buy premium release. Lazslo/Simon at Dan can verify this sale for any doubters.

    Also I declined a $800 offer for another .NYC and declined a $500 offer for a .com all in the last few days.

    Sure not Mike Mann sales but a solid return so early in the year.

    .NYC is truly exceptional.

  3. Great post.
    Congrats on sales !
    Matt, can you give some insight to your value approach?
    Agree, clean visual preferred.
    Premium finally defined ! LOL

  4. @168 just revisited and saw your question.

    I have written a few articles on this over at – one word generics (especially verbs have done well for me). I have a few niches.

    Definitely .NYC is for end-users first (nexus rules, availability, $20+ registration/renewals, premiums from $250-5k)… But definitely investor opportunity if expectations are calibrated:

    I have sold a few domains for $3k, $7k and I have a sale going through at $15k ( over 18 months – received first payment). Most of my sales are bought for $20 (or $5 during promos). $7k and $15k definitely not typical – $500-$3k is the typical sales price range.

    I’d argue that even consistently buying for $20 and selling at $500 is a better play than most returns with a .com investment strategy.

    Will write more about this over at soon.

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