Full 2019 NamesCon Auction Sale List

The 2019 NamesCon live auction was held on January 28, and the extended auction ran for a few weeks after the live auction concluded. This morning, I received the full 2019 NamesCon auction sale list, which I shared below. These sales include domain names that were sold in both the live and extended auctions. In total, 124 domain names were sold for just under $2.5 million.

There are two things to note when reviewing the sale list. First, I doubt all of these sales have closed yet. I know some sales, such as the sale of DomainNames.com, already closed. I have not looked through the list to see what sales have closed and what have not yet closed. I presume NameJet will report the closed sales to DNJournal and NameBio for reporting. In addition, I believe names that were in auction have an exclusivity period. People who are interested in buying a domain name that was in the auction but not sold should contact Monte Cahn from Right of the Dot to discuss.

Here is the full 2019 NamesCon auction sale list:

ol.com $900,000 Live Auction
leads.com $435,000 Live Auction
domainnames.com $370,000 Live Auction
djs.com $130,000 Live Auction
stop.com $110,000 Live Auction
mywebsite.com $70,000 Pre-Auction
mez.com $29,000 Live Auction
chatsites.com $21,000 Pre-Auction
bg.net $20,000 Live Auction
xga.com $20,000 Live Auction
oncologist.com $14,400 Extended Auction
traceroute.com $14,300 Live Auction
abdul.com $13,000 Live Auction
np.net $13,000 Live Auction
cannabiscompany.com $12,000 Live Auction
downsize.com $12,000 Extended Auction
wipeout.com $12,000 Extended Auction
repossession.com $11,000 Live Auction
battalion.com $10,200 Extended Auction
smartdrugs.com $9,500 Live Auction
fk.org $9,000 Live Auction
coordination.com $8,000 Live Auction
absence.com $7,700 Extended Auction
solvent.com $7,600 Live Auction
draught.com $7,221 Extended Auction
insurance.us $7,000 Live Auction
qv.net $7,000 Live Auction
70s.com $6,000 Live Auction
shoerack.com $6,000 Live Auction
dietsupplements.com $5,500 Live Auction
ibar.com $5,500 Live Auction
xm.co $4,500 Live Auction
pathological.com $4,200 Live Auction
dieticians.com $4,000 Live Auction
dingy.com $4,000 Live Auction
glucose.org $4,000 Live Auction
illc.com $4,000 Live Auction
numerals.com $4,000 Live Auction
startupfunding.com $4,000 Live Auction
safevape.com $3,600 Live Auction
multiplexer.com $3,500 Live Auction
start-up.com $3,500 Live Auction
emd.org $3,333 Extended Auction
premiumcigars.com $3,333 Extended Auction
corporatebrand.com $3,200 Live Auction
lotus.net $3,100 Live Auction
thebes.com $3,000 Live Auction
localapp.com $2,600 Live Auction
abomination.com $2,300 Live Auction
vap.net $2,100 Live Auction
poov.com $1,900 Live Auction
londonfashion.com $1,875 Extended Auction
purged.com $1,800 Live Auction
tms.net $1,800 Live Auction
sauteed.com $1,664 Extended Auction
byuc.com $1,600 Live Auction
antiqueappraisals.com $1,500 Live Auction
coat.net $1,500 Live Auction
rfc.net $1,460 Live Auction
wholesalers.org $1,400 Extended Auction
flexible.org $1,300 Live Auction
carpetflooring.com $1,200 Live Auction
chelsy.com $1,200 Live Auction
medschools.com $1,200 Live Auction
mpm.net $1,200 Live Auction
ncb.net $1,200 Live Auction
salvager.com $1,200 Live Auction
surgical.center $1,200 Live Auction
enfl.com $1,100 Live Auction
makingnoise.com $1,100 Live Auction
sharp.net $1,100 Live Auction
byga.com $1,000 Live Auction
city.directory $1,000 Live Auction
nutritionalproducts.com $1,000 Live Auction
buoyancy.com $1,000 Extended Auction
bathroomsink.com $900 Live Auction
billiardgames.com $900 Live Auction
debtprograms.com $900 Live Auction
rkn.net $900 Live Auction
welcomegift.com $900 Live Auction
bellybuttonrings.com $800 Live Auction
internetmarketingservices.com $800 Live Auction
readinglessons.com $800 Live Auction
pfkc.com $700 Live Auction
tourism.global $700 Live Auction
yourdate.com $669 Extended Auction
plunged.com $650 Extended Auction
sired.com $621 Extended Auction
bab.org $600 Live Auction
qt.club $600 Live Auction
vok.net $600 Live Auction
vti.net $600 Live Auction
tazed.com $509 Extended Auction
bzl.net $500 Live Auction
een.org $500 Live Auction
escort.io $500 Live Auction
lcsm.com $500 Live Auction
prostitute.org $500 Live Auction
vab.net $500 Live Auction
truce.org $459 Extended Auction
furiously.com $410 Extended Auction
kvetching.com $410 Extended Auction
emends.com $410 Extended Auction
cheapflights.global $400 Live Auction
equation.org $400 Live Auction
lasvegas.events $400 Live Auction
solarbackpack.com $400 Live Auction
sportswear.co $400 Live Auction
vm.club $400 Live Auction
xaf.net $400 Live Auction
driveways.net $320 Extended Auction
craft.info $310 Live Auction
smartski.com $310 Extended Auction
race.info $310 Extended Auction
jarcandle.com $310 Extended Auction
sciv.com $300 Extended Auction
decriminalized.com $300 Extended Auction
boater.club $300 Extended Auction
akxs.com $300 Extended Auction
biomedengineer.com $300 Extended Auction
biomedengineering.com $300 Extended Auction
metropolitan.tv $300 Extended Auction
gps.xyz $300 Extended Auction
suitor.org $300 Extended Auction

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. “Hey Wilma, that’s a great domain listed there. One of the best a person can get. Let’s take this opportunity to try to win it.”

    “Well Fred, Estibot says it’s only worth about 5% – 10% of the reserve price, it’s showing right there under the auction listing, so nothing doing. We can’t afford to throw money away on a grossly inflated item like that.”


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