Uniregistry Now Owns DomainNames.com


Two weeks ago, Frank Schilling was the winner of the NamesCon auction for DomainNames.com after Network Solutions decided to list the domain name for sale in auction. The DomainNames.com domain name sold for $370,000, and the majority of readers thought this was a good buy. The sale of DomainNames.com was one of the largest sales in the 2019 NamesCon live auction.

I checked on the Whois record this morning, and it looks like the deal has already closed. Uniregistry is now the registrant of DomainNames.com, and the domain name is forwarding to the Uniregistry home page. It looks like the company is using a special tracking url for the domain name. I am not sure if Uniregistry will use DomainNames.com independent of its Uniregistry website and branding, but I would be surprised if the company launches a separate brand for this domain name.

For the time being, the $370,000 sale of DomainNames.com will rank as one of the top domain name sales of 2019. Time will tell whether this was a great purchase for Uniregistry.


  1. How stupid does web.com have to be to sell this to their conception for $370k, which across global revenue is ice cream money for them.

    One of the dumbest sells by a corporate company whose main business function is domain names.

  2. Read my lips, oh misguided ones, and I’ve said this before:

    The regular normal public, i.e. many of our non-domaining family and friends and especially those in the end user market, practically speaking haven’t got the slightest clue what “domains” are.

    But they do virtually ALL know what “domain names” are, and that’s what they know them as.

    And that’s what makes this name huge re this topic.

    And that is what also makes it supremely ironic that the defining category-killer/category-owning domain is the shorter two word version and not any one word version.

  3. Probably adding DomainNames.com to the Uniregistry business in order to sell it all off eventually. DomainNames.com looks better on paper to a Venture Capital company than Uni or Uniregistry does right now.

  4. How to rank the following domain names based on their value (undeveloped) ?


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  6. Web.com (Network Solutions) was bought by a private equity firm at the end of 2018. It’s possible the new owner is shedding all liquid assets like this to generate cash. Although that may not be the case here, that is usually the Private Equity model: Buy, slash & plunder, cash out. There may not be so much long-term strategic thinking taking place as how do we reap the most benefits from this company in the shortest amount of time before we liquidate it and move on. Again, may not be the case, but who knows. Otherwise why sell DomainNames.com to your competition?

  7. DomainNames.com is “beautiful,” which a domainer would say and I would not dispute, but not a single word on the beautiful Leona Lewis and her beautiful presentation.

    Deplorable. 😐

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