Poll: Should Weight Watchers Have Rebranded to WW?


In July of last year, I speculated that Weight Watchers may have bought the valuable WW.com domain name. I assumed they might use it as a shortener for their brand. In September, I wrote about the news that Weight Watchers was rebranding as WW. Perhaps the company wanted to move away from its branding to something much more generic. In my opinion, the WW name doesn’t really say anything about the company and it seems the company will need to continually use the Weight Watchers brand so people recognize it.

Since its rebranding, things have not gone so well for the publicly traded company. An article in Market Watch illustrates what has happened to the value of the company’s stock since the name change:

“Since the company changed its name to WW on Sept. 24, 2018, the stock has tumbled 72%. In comparison, the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.05% has lost 4.9% over the same time. Meanwhile, WW shares are still nearly triple the price Oprah paid for them, and could pay to buy more if she chooses.”

Obviously, the rebranding doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the company’s performance since that time. In fact, I believe the CEO mentioned that the emergence of keto is causing the biggest issues for WW.

I am curious if readers think Weight Watchers should have rebranded to WW. Vote in the poll below and feel free to share additional thoughts about the WW rebrand in the comment section.


  1. The WW.com rebrand from WeightWatchers has nothing to do with the new Winter diet plans/meals they were offering which according to News reports were very unpopular.

  2. Weight Watchers is an iconic brand so they should not have changed their main domain. It has only three syllables, while WW has six. If Coca Cola rebranded to CC, it would be a disaster. Brand identity and loyalty are very important. To engage your customers you want to appeal to their emotions.

  3. Big mistake. I see this all the time. Remember in Southern Cal a drug store chain “Thrifty”/ Bought by another chain and the name dumped, one of the best names ever. (thriftydrugstore.com for sale cheap at 3 grand)

  4. do not like ww many others don,t like it either it started out weight watchers we all did great bring back the real weight watchers this new stuff is for the birds bring back the real weight watchers , WW STANDS FOR WEIGHT WATCHERS i will never except ww ( WW WEIGHT WATCHERS)

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