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Monte Cahn Domain Name Up for Sale


I read a report that is for sale and being brokered by Right of the Dot. I reached out to Right of the Dot CEO Monte Cahn, and he confirmed that his company is actively seeking a buyer for this high value domain name. Monte shared that the owner is seeking $20 million for

Monte has a pretty large list of prospective buyers for The domain name seems like a perfect fit for a company that operates in the online poker space. A casino - either virtual or brick and mortar - might also be a good prospect for There are other organizations and businesses related to the world of poker that might also have an interest in this domain name.

While $20 million seems quite high for a domain name, there have been quite a few large gambling domain name sales. According to NameBio, the 5 largest publicly reported gambling related domain name sales are: (more…) → Read More

NamesCon Auction Details and Submission Info


With the NamesCon 2018 conference a few months away, the domain name auction is starting to take shape. Monte Cahn from Right of the Dot is helping to organize the auction event, and he shared some details about the auction as well as some information about submitting domain names to be sold via auction.

Monte shared these details about the types of domain names that are being sought out for the auction:

"I am looking for the best super premium .com names - meaning key words, dictionary terms in proper tense, N, NN, NNN, L, LL, LLL, etc. These will be at no and low reserve to drive as much bidding competition and bidding excitement as possible.

Although there will be some new TLDs, we will not get most of those from submitters, some will come from the registries and some from registrants but we will not allow any names with premium priced renewals or crazy tiered pricing, etc. But point is, that I am not looking for new TLDs from registrants yet for the auction - just super premium .com names for now."

The auction will be run → Read More

NameJet to Host NamesCon 2017 Live Auction


namescon-2017-auctionNameJet will once again play host to the live domain name auction that will be held during the 2017 NamesCon conference in Las Vegas. The domain auction is being organized by Monte Cahn's consulting firm, Right of the Dot. The live auction will be held at the Tropicana hotel on January 23rd from 3PM – 6PM Pacific time. A press release  sharing information about the auction was published this morning.

Here's an excerpt from the press release with some details about the auction that you might find interesting:

"The auctions will feature some of the best .com and new gTLD names available anywhere including a super premium bundled lot featuring BAR.COM, BAR.NET, CAFES.COM, GRILL.COM, PLACE.COM, PUB.COM SHELTER.COM, and other individual premium and super premium names such as LEADS.COM, SPORTSCARS.COM, PATTY.COM, STOP.COM, WINECLUB.COM, GOLD.CLUB, SINGLE.COM, E.HOSTING, MORTGAGE.BROKER, PPL.NET, and others. There will be an estimated 400 names in the overall auction with an estimated 125 domains being offered at the live auction on → Read More

Poll: Will NamesCon Auction Set a Record?


I think the NamesCon domain auction being held on NameJet has the potential to be big. There are many awesome names up for sale and it seems like most of those already have bids. As of right now, there are several million in bids placed, although only one auction with a reserve price north of $10k has hit its reserve. There are several no reserve auctions above $10k though.

Monte Cahn, a co-founder of Right of the Dot, is one of the organizers of this year's auction. In a tweet on Monday, he said that he believes the NamesCon auction is going to set a record for the largest domain name auction (beating the $12.3 million high water market set at TRAFFIC 2007).

I think there is a (more…) → Read More

Monte Cahn Predicts NamesCon Auction Will Be Largest


It looks like Monte Cahn believes the upcoming NamesCon domain name auction will be the largest domain auction of all time.

Earlier this morning, Colin Campbell, CEO and founder of the .Club Registry posted the tweet below asking if NamesCon will be the largest auction:

Monte Cahn responded to the question without hesitation and left no doubt about his expectations for the auction: (more…) → Read More Domain Name is for Sale


Measles is a disease that was reported as eliminated in the United States in 2000, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Most babies born in the US receive an immunization shot for the measles in a vaccine that generally covers measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). With that said, it's a bit of a surprise that there has been a measles outbreak in the United States reported by many news outlets. The outbreak hasn't been as large or as deadly as the Ebola outbreak, but it is concerning.

I was curious who owns the domain name, and it appears to be owned by a healthcare company. The domain name  is currently parked with pay per click advertising links, and you'll see a banner across the top of the landing page announcing that  is for sale. After a bit of searching, I learned that is being  brokered exclusively by Right of the Dot.

I reached out to Right of the Dot co-founder Monte Cahn, and he (more…) → Read More

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