In Memory of Lonnie Borck

lonnieI am terribly saddened to have learned about the sudden passing of Lonnie Borck. Lonnie was just 47 years old, and he leaves behind his wife and 5 children, who he cared for and loved dearly.

For as well regarded as Lonnie is in the domain investing community, he will be remembered more for being a caring husband, father, son, and friend. As I wrote when I interviewed Lonnie in 2007, he was a true “mentsch.”

Lonnie was very active in his local Baltimore Hatzolah (volunteer Emergency Medical Service), and he saved many lives. Lonnie was always doing what he could to help others in his community. One of the last emails I received from Lonnie was a fundraising plea to help the family of a friend who had recently died of cancer. Lonnie was always looking out for others.

I have known Lonnie for nearly ten years. There was a time before I had kids when we talked several times a day. I will always remember his  great sense of humor, but more importantly, he was a kind, sweet-hearted guy who was always happy to help others in need.

I learned a great deal about the business of domain investing from Lonnie. In fact, if it wasn’t for Lonnie,  I would not own Lonnie was one of the main  reasons I attended domain conferences. I spent more time with Lonnie at various TRAFFIC, DomainFest, NamesCon and other events than I spent with anyone else. Whether it was going out for a kosher meal, sharing stories about domain deals, or just sitting around and talking about our families, Lonnie and I shared some really good times together.

I want to share one fun Lonnie story with you. Several years ago, Lonnie invited me to Baltimore for an Orioles game against the Red Sox. He had two great seats a few rows off the third base dugout. For nearly the entire game, Lonnie was working on his laptop, peaking up every once in awhile to see what was happening. It was the 7th inning of a close game with Baltimore at bat. Lonnie looked up and said something like “this guy is going to hit a home run,” and he immediately turned back to his laptop. Sure enough, the guy hit a home run and everyone in earshot looked at Lonnie because they couldn’t believe that the guy who was working on a laptop for an entire baseball game called it. There are many more stories I hope to share with friends in the coming days and months.

This tragic news is heartbreaking to me, and I feel so very sad for his family and friends who lost a great human being far too soon. If you haven’t already read Scott Ross’ tribute or Ron Jackson’s tribute, I recommend doing so. Lonnie’s passing is going to leave a lasting mark on all who knew him. To honor Lonnie’s memory, I will strive to be more compassionate to those in need while devoting more time to my family and friends.  I am a better person for knowing Lonnie.


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Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Life is short, and such a grave loss resonates so unfair to behold, among us who met the Man and became aware of his ethos. More compassion, more love, more friendship – in memoriam of Lonnie. Rest in peace.

  2. Life is short, and such a grave loss resonates so unfair to behold, among us who met the Man and became aware of his ethos. More compassion, more love, more friendship – in memoriam of Lonnie. Rest in peace, friend.

  3. I had the incredible fortune to know Lonnie well. As a Baltimore native, I enjoyed lunch with Lonnie on occasion-where we would share stories of success and failure in the domain space. Lonnie was indeed a Mensch with a hear of gold. He would drop everything to go help others’ in need with the Baltimore Hatzolah.

    He often referenced his family and how proud he was of his children. The respect he had for his mother and father and love for his beloved-Philadelphia Eagles.

    Lonnie was a workaholic, always focused on the next domain acquisition or the commercial real estate deal. This man had his hands full, always focused on 18 things at once. Juggling religion, family, life and work.

    An exceptional man who was taken far too early from this world. Lonnie, may you rest in peace in your eternal home. You have made us all better human beings for knowing you…

  4. There aren’t many people you meet in life who you can say so many good things about all the time. Lonnie was one of those special friends that was beloved by all who met him and did business with him in this industry. He was the kind of soul who gave back to others without expecting anything in return.

    I was blessed with knowing Lonnie for over a decade and having him as both a client and a trusted friend.

    You will be deeply deeply missed by all of us Lon and your spirit will be in our hearts forever.

  5. ​Lonnie and I were not only business associates, but we were great friends! We spoke weekly. If not by phone then via text or email. Some conversations
    we would just “check in” with each other and chat about our personal lives and never talked business. My last phone conversation with Lonnie was on the 13th of October. My birthday. He NEVER missed it. He joked about how I was catching up to him in age and how after marrying Richard in 2014, became a “soccer mom”. Who would have known that that conversation would have been the last time I heard his laugh.

    Lonnie will be missed by so many! My heart goes out to his wife Ronit and their children Ariella, Ezra, Meira, Yosef and Akiva. He was as good as they come and he will always carry a special place in my heart. RIP my friend! I will never forget you!​

  6. When I think of Lonnie I always think of you Elliot. I know you were very close friends with him and when I think of one, I think of the other. I thought you were brothers when I first met Lonnie. Because that’s how you two acted when you were together at the conference. My condolences to his family but also to you Elliot.

  7. I was terribly sad when I heard this news on Facebook over the weekend. Lonnie was one of the very first people I met at the very first TRAFFIC conference I ever attended in 2013. He was smart, friendly and very open in the many conversations we had then and since. The outpouring of love for him in our industry shows that my experience was not unusual. He was admired and respected across the board as a wonderful person. Yet another sad reminder (I’ve had too many this year) that every day, every moment, matters… My heart goes out to Lonnie’s family and close friends.

  8. I am truly saddened by this loss. Lonnie was a good and trusted friend. Smart, sharp, funny and a giant spirit and heart.

    What many don’t know in the Schwartz VS Schilling is that the other side had 4 debaters while our side had 2. Just Lonnie and me. Why? He was the only one that agreed to join me on stage in this epic battle. Just 1 week before the show.

    Hope you watch. He was great and his words have much validity whether you are a domainer or just a businessman. For those still looking for success, I suggest you listen and pay attention to guys like Lonnie.

    RIP Lonnie. You were one of the really really good guys I have met in life.

    In my own will I named Lonnie as one of just three “Go to” people in the industry to help my family with my own domains in the event of my death. It may be impossible to name a replacement. I loved his common sense thinking process. He never knew that I did this and I never shared that with anyone until now. But I think that shows just how highly I thought of him and how much I will miss him. We can use more Lonnie’s not less! 🙁

    As a side note: Eliott, Lonnie told me a few years ago that he did not want to sell to you or anybody but you did not give up and he eventually gave in. There was a tone of regret in his voice. 😉

  9. I was shocked to hear the news this weekend. I also thought of you Elliot as I know how good a friend you were of his. I am sorry to hear about this more than I can express. He was someone I always was happy to see and to talk with when I got the chance. I have a couple funny stories about him but my favorite was the first time I met him years ago I thought he was Barry Schwartz from the Search Engine Land not only because of his Kipa but because he was talking SEO when I was introduced to him. He just laughed when I figured out my mistake and was nothing but nice to me since then. I will miss him for sure and offer my condolences to his family and friends and to you Elliot.

  10. I never had the honor to meet him. Sad news and only heard great things.

    My condolences to friends and his family.

    Life is short. A month ago I discovered I had a brother. Never knew I had a bro and going treasure this. We met first time and wow. Point is. So much more to domains and money.

  11. I didn’t know Lonnie well but he reaffirmed one of the greatest lessons in life. We only have “NOW”. Use it well. RIP Lonnie!

  12. May Lonny’s memory be for a blessing.

    And the comments here, and referenced so appropriately demonstrate that a man ‘success’ is how many friends he had, and how his good deeds will be ever so much more be appreciated than all his material successes; though Lonny had both.

    My condolences to his family, and you, Elliot.

  13. I did not know Lonnie. However, he died similarly to the way my 53-year old brother died five months ago – sudden heart attack with no chance for anyone to say goodbye. Taken from us with no warning. Just devastated people left behind. Lonnie was my age too, just 47 years. Much too young. My condolences to his family and friends who knew him. It certainly sounds like he was an exceptional person in so many ways. May he rest in peace.

  14. My goodness, I didn’t realize that was him that passed away. I met him at Namescon. A genuine guy but for some reason I couldn’t remember his name. But his friendly smiling face with his height is hard for you to forget once you meet him.

    I’m sadden for his loss. I hope he rest in great peace. Hope his family will be well.


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