Saturday Afternoon Thoughts and Updates


Today is the one year anniversary of Lonnie Borck’s passing. It is hard to believe it has been a year already. If you have a chance, you should try and do something kind for someone else this weekend. Lonnie was always helping others out when he could.

Here are some domain industry thoughts and updates:

The ICA website has some good information about UDRP filings and UDRP defense. For those who aren’t familiar with what to do after a UDRP was filed against a domain name they own, this is a good place to get information.

You probably noticed the NamesCon banners at the bottom of each article. NamesCon is offering readers two discounted ticket deals to January’s conference. NamesCon is coming up at the end of January.

For those people looking for a simple “for sale” landing page for their domain name, check out Carrd.CO. I used them to create the landing page. This does not take the place of a more comprehensive offer management platform like Efty, but it is good for me for a few names I am looking to sell. Thanks to Peter Askew for sharing.

Payoneer Escrow has a special offer for new customers to save 50% off a transaction. This offer is valid through the end of 2017.

Speaking of escrow companies, I had very good experiences with both Payoneer Escrow and this past week. Both companies went above and beyond, and I appreciate it when they assist to make transactions easier.

Some people question why escrow is expensive. Just a few things that are within the scope of their work: preventing fraud, ensuring funds are delivered in the event fraud slips through, working with lawyers on both sides of a deal to ensure the escrow contract works for all parties, working with banking companies on OFAC reviews, intervening with buyers or sellers if a transaction stalls…etc. For most people, these issues aren’t very common, but they do happen and escrow companies help with these issues and more.


  1. To put escrow fees from and Payoneer in context, several years ago I shopped around for a US bank to handle escrow arrangements in a $120k CRM outsourcing project that I was brokering. The cheapest price quote was $80k, from Wells Fargo. Everyone else wanted $120k or more. We ended up not using an escrow service.

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