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Sunday, Muddy Sunday

I ran in my first “Mud Run” this morning. It was a 5k race in the Bronx sponsored by Merrell shoes company as part of their Down and Dirty National Mud Run Series. We ran through a series of obstacles, like wood hurdles, rope wall, ocean run, and of course two mud pits. Lots of fun!

Anyway, here are some updates:

September was a pretty solid month for my company. I made a few pretty decent sales, including NassauHotels.com, which had been listed for sale on my blog. I don’t know if the economy is turning a corner, but I do know if you are willing to sell solid domain names at good prices, there are buyers.

Rick Schwartz has been posting quite a bit on domain sales and acquisitions, and I think the articles are good reads. If you didn’t see the sponsored headlines on Domaining.com, you should check out Rick’s Blog when you have enough time to read a few articles. I agree with much of what he says, although I’ve made my living primarily by buying and selling quickly, which is something he doesn’t recommend. It’s something you should keep in mind because there are many different business models in this biz.

I am going to be at the Traffic conference in Miami for a day if you’d like to connect. I am extending a previously scheduled Florida vacation, and I’ll be traveling an hour or so south to Miami for the conference.   I already have a couple of meetings scheduled on Monday, but if you think there’s a reason we should meet, drop me a note and I will try to make some time.

Sunday Afternoon Updates


I’ve been out of town for a few days but just returned home to the city, where it’s time for beers, wings, and the Patriots game. As always, thanks for checking out my blog today.   Here are a few updates.

– It’s only been live for a few days, but I find Google Instant extremely annoying and distracting. The problem is that generally as I search, totally unrelated listings come up until I complete the first related word or phrase. It’s distracting to my eyes, and it seems to make Firefox run much slower for me. I really don’t like it and am only keeping it live for now to see if I can learn something from it. I will probably turn it off in Firefox but keep it on in Safari for the time being.

– The first acting coach signed up for a directory listing on ActingCoach.com. I know the $4 net revenue is only enough to buy me a couple cups of coffee every month, but the first paid sign up always feels good. It shows that there is at least some interest.

– One big test of ActingCoach.com is whether clients will stick and pay each month.   The annual cost is a bit more than on DogWalker.com ($60/yr vs. $49/year).   It’s a bit like comparing apples to oranges since the professions are paid much differently, but learning about sign up and cancellation habits will be important, and it will be interesting to see, especially when renewals come around on DogWalker.com in a few months.

– Congrats to my developer Mike McAlister (aka “Threat”) who was named a Featured Author on ThemeForest this week. Mike works as hard (or more) than I work to build his business. It’s great to see him recognized for his dedication to his clients and projects.

– I am going to be migrating my blog to a new hosting company some time this week. I don’t anticipate any down time at all and have a backup plan in the event something doesn’t go as planned, but I want to give a head’s up in case you see anything funky.

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