Internet Traffic Sees Surge in Names

I just noticed that Internet Traffic saw a surge in domain names that were added to its servers in the last 24 hours. In total, there are now over 680,000 domain names that resolve on its servers. It’s possible that there are other names that aren’t using this DNS.

To give you an idea of how this compares to other parking companies, here are the approximate number of domain names that resolve to their DNS according to DomainTools (rounded up):

  • Parked: 415,000
  • WhyPark: 239,000
  • Fabulous: 568,000
  • Bodis: 148,000
  • Sedo: 1,891,000
  • HitFarm: 386,000
  • Trafficz: 171,000
  • Cash Parking: 1,154,000
  • Smartname: 301,000
  • Above: 654,000
  • Domain Market: 187,000
  • DS Redirection (Domain Sponsor/Oversee): 1,957,000

There are other parking companies, although I don’t know the DNS off the top of my head. Keep in mind, some of the numbers above may not be totally accurate as people may use their own DNS and some type of forwarding.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty good illustration of how much of an impact Internet Traffic has had in such a short period of time.

Lisa Box of Oversee in Video Sharing How to Price Domain Names

I saw this video of Lisa Box from Oversee.net discussing the various factors that may influence the value of a domain name on the aftermarket, and what information a domain owner needs to know when negotiating to sell a domain name. I recommend that you watch the video since there’s some pretty good advice given.

Lisa previously worked for IREIT where she had experience in selling domain names, and her role at Oversee is Senior Director of Sales.

Let me know if she missed anything or if you agree/disagree with her assessment.

Domain Boardroom Back Up

Despite being on vacation for the last few days, I knew something funky was up when I got a few emails asking about Domain Boardroom (DBR). I checked it from the hotel, and sure enough, DBR was down with an ominous looking database error.

Unlike most other domain forums that have at least one techie that maintains the site and keeps things running, Domain Boardroom doesn’t have that type of person on staff. Well, the forum doesn’t really have a staff at all aside from a couple of people (like Donna Mahony) who moderate when necessary and approve new members.

When there’s a technical problem or a patch that needs to be updated, Donna relies on the IT support team at Oversee to keep things running smoothly. Donna just emailed me to let me know that Domain Boardroom is back up and running and it was the Oversee IT team that helped fix the issue.

Thanks for the assist.

Snapnames & Moniker Down Prior to Auction

With the DomainFest live auction scheduled to begin in about 10 minutes (10:00am) EST, it appears that some Oversee websites are down. I’ve tried to access Moniker, Snapnames, and even the Oversee corporate website with no luck.  For some reason, the auction page on Moniker’s site is working, but the others don’t appear to be working right now.

Fortunately for those who park with Domain Sponsor, it does not appear that the outage is impacting parked pages or the DS website.

I’ve reached out to Oversee spokesman Mason Cole for an update, and I will let you know what I hear. I would imagine the live auction will not start until the website is working, but I will keep you posted.

*** Update from Oversee***

Due to a technical issue, the Moniker Live auction in Barcelona slated for today will not be conducted as scheduled.   Our tech team is working to identify and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Moniker and SnapNames very much regret the inconvenience this has caused our customers.   The difficult decision was made in order to protect the integrity of our auctions for both buyers and sellers.

Oversee Closes $11 Million in Domain Sales During First Half of 2011

Oversee just announced that the company closed a deal on Data.com this morning “for an amount that significantly exceeds the $1.5 million reserve.” Andrew already reported that the buyer is publicly traded company, Salesforce.com.

Personally, I don’t like to see a company remove domain names from public auctions but I guess they felt it was in the best interests of the seller (and them) to do so. If there were other potential buyers that did due diligence on the domain name and perhaps didn’t want to let Oversee or others know of their interest to keep a low profile, this wouldn’t really be fair to them since they wouldn’t have a chance to bid on the domain name.

In any event, congratulations to the three parties on what will likely be a public sale if Salesforce.com needs to report it with its other public disclosures.

In other news that was also announced in the same email, this sale brought the total revenue “for the aftermarket division of Oversee.net to more than $11 million.”  This is a significant number for the company, and assuming they weren’t the seller of the domain name, it likely translates to a little more than $1.5m for the company.

The DomainFest live auction in Barcelona will be held tomorrow, and bidding can be done via Snapnames.

Oversee Will Likely Benefit from Google’s New Cloud Music Service

MusicBeta.comToday at Google I/O, the company’s annual developer-focused conference in San Francisco, Google announced its new cloud music service, which is called Music Beta. The service is currently in private mode, and is invite only, but that will likely change very soon.

The owner of MusicBeta.com is “Oversee  Domain  Management,  LLC”, a company operated by domain industry conglomerate, Oversee.net. It appears that the company has owned this domain name since at least 2007, according to the Whois history tool.

Assuming Google wants the domain name, negotiations could get pretty interesting. I believe Oversee’s domain parking provider, Domain Sponsor, uses a Google feed that likely produces tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue for both companies and partners. When you have such an important relationship, these types of negotiations can be tricky.

Oversee would seem to be in a very good position here, since the domain name is descriptive in nature and they’ve owned it well before Google chose the brand name for its new service. As such, Oversee should be able to continue monetizing the domain name with targeted, music-related pay per click links. However, Google does seemingly control the revenue the parked name will earn 🙂

I have a feeling Music Beta is going to be big, and Google is going to feel the need to acquire the domain name due to the volume of direct navigation traffic. It should be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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