Domain Boardroom Back Up


Despite being on vacation for the last few days, I knew something funky was up when I got a few emails asking about Domain Boardroom (DBR). I checked it from the hotel, and sure enough, DBR was down with an ominous looking database error.

Unlike most other domain forums that have at least one techie that maintains the site and keeps things running, Domain Boardroom doesn’t have that type of person on staff. Well, the forum doesn’t really have a staff at all aside from a couple of people (like Donna Mahony) who moderate when necessary and approve new members.

When there’s a technical problem or a patch that needs to be updated, Donna relies on the IT support team at Oversee to keep things running smoothly. Donna just emailed me to let me know that Domain Boardroom is back up and running and it was the Oversee IT team that helped fix the issue.

Thanks for the assist.


  1. Great to have DBR back alive and well again…… you, Scooter, HB and my cousin Vinny are back in the saddle again making some great posts there since the green light went back on….even that guy from Vancouver too.

    Cheers !

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