Moniker Seeking Account Executive / Domain Name Specialist

I read a Twitter post earlier today with a link to a job posting for Moniker. The company is seeking to hire a Account Executive / Domain Name Specialist in the Pompano Beach, Florida office. I don’t think this is the same position Patrick Ruddell left, as he was a domain broker.

The company lists a number of responsibilities for this position, which include:

  • Initiate, develop and cultivate accounts to sell domain names and related services via phone, Internet based communication and face to face meetings
  • Attend client meetings and industry trade shows
  • Manage ongoing relationships with clients including regular communication, analysis of data relating to their account, monitor success of their sales campaigns and advise clients on how to increase sales through existing and new efforts
  • Work with marketing and other entities to generate sales with decision makers. Must be aggressive and willing to make cold calls into accounts.
  • Utilize social networking and all forms of electronic communications (IM, text, etc) to maintain existing and develop new relationships
  • Identify domain sales opportunities that best meet client needs, create written sales presentations and present to clients as well as potential buyers
  • Research, negotiate and secure sellers for monthly/themed domain name auctions and obtain prospective buyers.  Facilitate and broker deals between parties.
  • Report pipeline and forecast using Salesforce.com

No domain industry experience is needed to apply for this position. A college degree is required, or some sort of equivalent experience is necessary.

If you happen to be looking for a job in the domain industry, this position is available. Information about applying for the position is available on the job posting page.

Oversee Responds to Illness Outbreak

I wanted to pass along an update I just received from Mason Cole, spokesman for Oversee.net. I am very glad to hear that the company and local health officials are investigating the matter.  They plan to email this update to all attendees tomorrow.

Here’s the update provided by the company this evening:

DomainSponsor, the organizer of the DOMAINfest Global conference, and its parent company, Oversee.net, have been made aware that several people in attendance at DOMAINfest and various evening events during the week became ill during the conference or after it concluded.

There has been significant speculation about this situation, but as of now, not many actual facts are known.   Only medical authorities are qualified to identify this illness and investigate its ultimate source, so toward the improvement and protection of everyone’s health, it’s important not to speculate or make unfounded assumptions.   Of course, should you have a concern about your health, please seek the advice of a doctor.

The health and safety of DOMAINfest attendees is our first priority, and thankfully, most attendees and staff did not become ill, and those that did appear now to be feeling better.   Even so, in order to accurately identify the health concern and prevent its further possible communication, we have consulted with Los Angeles County health authorities and at their request have provided them a comprehensive list of places we know gatherings were held (either organized by DOMAINfest or by others) during each day and night.   We also have notified our vendors and service providers of the situation, and have encouraged them to cooperate with authorities and take any steps they believe necessary.

Medical authorities have further requested, and Oversee has provided, a list of all attendees and their e-mail addresses.   You may already have received a link to a survey asking for more information.   It is important that ALL attendees complete the survey, whether you were ill or not.   This will help authorities narrow down the range of possible causes and sources.   Only health authorities will have access to this data—neither Oversee nor any other party will be able to see it, so please do your part to help.

Oversee will continue to work with health authorities, though at this stage, work is best left in their hands.   If there’s more we’re in a position to share about the situation, we will do so.

DOMAINfest was a great event—our best ever with more than 700 attendees—and it’s regrettable that this has cast a shadow over an otherwise good week.   We’re very encouraged that most everyone is in improving health (including those on our staff), and look forward to seeing many of you in Barcelona in June.

Oversee Update with CEO Jeff Kupietsky

One of my favorite sessions organized by Oversee.net during DomainFest was a breakfast for bloggers and domain news sites with CEO, Jeff Kupietsky. It was a good opportunity to learn about the company’s plans for the upcoming year.

My biggest takeaway from the meeting with Jeff is that Oversee is working to drive the maturation of the domain industry, and that will help bring new investment and growth into the domain space.  Jeff noted that there has been much more  collaboration among big companies (like Bob Parsons speaking at DomainFest), and this is essential for the domain industry to mature.

In addition to its collaboration efforts, Oversee is looking to build and grow additional revenue streams. Similar to individual domain investors who are building businesses on domain names, Oversee has been building infrastructure on some of its key domain assets. The company currently operates in 3 verticals: travel, shopping, and finance.

One way domain investors will benefit from this is that Oversee has been gaining insight into consumer behavior. This should not only help the company with its own projects, but it can also be used on the company’s domain monetization platform.  Domain Sponsor recently launched its Precision Targeting Engine, which should help increase a domain owner’s revenue by being able to predict consumer behavior and push the right offer at the right time.

In addition, the company’s biggest parking customer is itself, and it’s able to leverage its own domain assets to get insight into traffic and visitor habits/patterns. The company owns over 1 million domain names, and 99.9% of them are parked with Domain Sponsor.

Jeff mentioned that in 2010, Oversee had a net gain of  50 employees. Out of this group, between 10-15 people were added to this infrastructure group. He reiterated that he and the company are “very bullish on this” area of growth.

When economic conditions are poor, companies are forced to develop alternative ways to generate revenue, especially when outside investors need to see growth. Oversee is no different, and the company is working on ways to grow its bottom line. The good news for domain investors is that we should be able to profit from the company’s learnings, too.

Things I Am Looking Forward to at DomainFest

I am writing this post from somewhere above the middle of the US (maybe Omaha), and the huge storm is causing some turbulence. I guess I should consider myself lucky I was able to get out of New York City this morning, since most flights were cancelled today due to the snow storm. Despite the rough ride, I am very excited for DomainFest, which begins for me in just a few hours.

As with every domain conference, I am most excited about seeing friends and colleagues, meeting people I haven’t met, and chatting with vendors and sponsors. I’ve heard reports that more than 650 attendees are expected, so this should be a good opportunity to see the people who are most actively involved in the domain space.

Jeff Kupietsky is meeting with domain bloggers and journalists first thing tomorrow morning, and I am looking forward to hearing about what he and his executives are seeing in the domain space. The unique thing about Oversee.net is that the company is active in many channels within the domain business, and they have a good perspective on the overall market.

Listening to Go Daddy CEO, Bob Parsons is something I am excited about. Mr. Parsons never minces words and always says what is on his mind. Tony Hsieh of Zappos was interesting last year, but I think Mr. Parsons’ keynote will be more relevant to my business.

The live auction is going to be interesting to watch. I think there are very few “weak” names in the auction so it could be exciting, although I think many of the great names are overpriced for a domain investor audience. If some of these big names sell, it will bre very impressive.

Of course, the parties are always fun, and the Playboy Mansion fundraiser is always memorable. I anticipate this tradeshow will help get 2011 off to a great start.

Women in Domaining Party During DomainFest

Despite the reputation as a male dominated business, there are many highly successful women domain investors and executives in the domain industry.  During the DomainFest conference in Santa Monica next week, there is going to be a special event for women only: the  Women in Domaining Party.

This year, Oversee is inviting women in our industry to share ideas, meet new contacts and have a chance to network with leading women executives. This year’s party will be held on Thursday, February 3rd from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM at the Malibu Cabana near the Pool at the Fairmont Miramar  Hotel.

No RSVP is necessary to attend. For more information about this event, please contact Oversee’s Lisa Box (lbox@oversee.net) with any questions.

Going to DomainFest

I know, I know. You read on my blog that I was going skiing at Breckenridge in lieu of attending DomainFest.  Shortly after my article was posted, you may have read on Frager’s Factor that I wasn’t going to DomainFest, where I think the article seemed to imply it was because I had issues with Oversee.

Surprisingly (because I didn’t think anyone would actually believe what he wrote), a couple of people emailed me asking me if I had problems with Oversee. I don’t. In fact, most of my domain names are registered at Moniker and will continue to be registered there.

After speaking with a close friend and colleague, I’ve decided that I need to go to DomainFest. I’m going to fly cross country 4x in the next few weeks. If you’ll be at DomainFest, I will see you there.

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