Oversee Closes $11 Million in Domain Sales During First Half of 2011


Oversee just announced that the company closed a deal on Data.com this morning “for an amount that significantly exceeds the $1.5 million reserve.” Andrew already reported that the buyer is publicly traded company, Salesforce.com.

Personally, I don’t like to see a company remove domain names from public auctions but I guess they felt it was in the best interests of the seller (and them) to do so. If there were other potential buyers that did due diligence on the domain name and perhaps didn’t want to let Oversee or others know of their interest to keep a low profile, this wouldn’t really be fair to them since they wouldn’t have a chance to bid on the domain name.

In any event, congratulations to the three parties on what will likely be a public sale if Salesforce.com needs to report it with its other public disclosures.

In other news that was also announced in the same email, this sale brought the total revenue “for the aftermarket division of Oversee.net to more than $11 million.”  This is a significant number for the company, and assuming they weren’t the seller of the domain name, it likely translates to a little more than $1.5m for the company.

The DomainFest live auction in Barcelona will be held tomorrow, and bidding can be done via Snapnames.


  1. gr8 sale for a gr8 name.going by recent sales of datacenter.com one shouldn’t be surprised by this sale. going by the prices being paid by end users, suddenly domain names like wintercoats.com look like 6-7 figure names to end users.

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