Why It’s Wise to Check Stats Regularly


I don’t make a ton of money from PPC. It’s in the three figures a month so it doesn’t move the needle but it pays for a handful of renewals. I probably check my earnings a few times a week just to see where things stand. Sometimes I see a nice little bump and other times it’s status quo.

Yesterday I noticed a big jump in traffic across one of my portfolios. I didn’t think much of it because these blips tend to happen every once in a while. Perhaps a company sent a newsletter with my url instead of theirs, or maybe an old news story that links to one of my parked domain names because of its prior usage got some social media traction. More often than not, this is a brief occurrence.

When I checked a parking account today, I noticed that traffic doubled across the board from yesterday. Today’s traffic figures (meaning the numbers from yesterday) are approximately 4x what I typically see on a daily basis. I am not talking about massive traffic but it is a substantial difference.

Even with the jump in traffic, the revenue didn’t increase much more than usual. To me, this indicates that people are likely looking for a specific company and the traffic is a leak from somewhere. This is just a guess because I would suspect there would be more clicks and greater revenue if they were simply looking for an old news article or something of that sort. The other issue I can think of is that the PPC link targeting is not on point right now and the keywords could be adjusted to increase CTR (click through rate).

Unfortunately, I can’t see the source of traffic to understand what is happening. I am going to reach out to the parking company to see if they can share the source of the traffic to understand what’s caused the increase in traffic. If this traffic is people looking for a specific type of product not currently being advertised with the PPC links, it would be good to be able to change the targeting on the fly.  Assuming I can do that, it might make a nice jump in revenue for a few days.


  1. Not sure if I understand you, “accross the board”, meaning all your domains at that parking company? That would indicate fake traffic or a different way of calculating visitors being applied.

    If it’s an individual domain then it would be best to look at the analytics if they have any. If you can locate the country then you can dig deeper also and see what that name or brand is doing in that country that’s making traffic jump.

  2. My domain traffic is up this week as well, especially for my Storeless.com domain name.
    I think people are slowly going back to typing in Domains instead of going to Social Media and Apps.
    I also noticed TV ad’s promoting their websites more again, rather than their Social Media accounts.

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