Use Sedo Search? Fill Out the Survey


This morning when I visited Sedo to search for new listings, I noticed a new banner under the header asking users to fill out a survey: “We need your Feedback! Help us to improve the search and thus your experience with answering a few questions.

The survey is being hosted via Google Forms, and it is reportedly anonymous. I do not know if Sedo will be able to track participants who may be logged in to their Google account when they do a survey though.

I think it is a good idea for Sedo to ask users for feedback on the search functionality. Here are a few of my comments:

  • Don’t automatically check off the box for IDNs, Hyphens, or Numericals. It’s easy enough to uncheck those boxes under “Special Characters,” but I will never want to search for IDNS or Hyphens, and I imagine many more people would uncheck those boxes than willingly search for those types of domain names.
  • Improve the word recognition functionality. It’s frustrating to do a search for a one or two word domain name and end up with typos. Typographically incorrect words should not be returned if one or two word domain names is chosen.
  • Default should be .com searches. It’s funny to search for newly listed domain names by price and see a bunch of overpriced one word .ROTFL domain names at the top. Again, the extra steps are no big deal, but I would prefer to not have to take extra steps.

I am sure other Sedo users have additional feedback, and now is a good time to provide the feedback since Sedo is asking.

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