Chris Zuiker Discusses the Rebrand

Chris Zuiker is a senior domain broker at Media Options (Andrew Rosener’s brokerage company). From what I understand, Chris has brokered some of the larger Media Options domain name deals. I saw a video Chris shared on LinkedIn that discusses the recent rebrand. I shared my thoughts on the rebranding from, and I think it’s always good to hear from someone else.

Here’s what Chris had to say about the rebrand to

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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      • Anunt does have a point here. The single word is very vague and ambiguous for what they do. If they do not significantly expand, then frankly it is a waste of such a great domain.

        Make no mistake: the general public is not going to be searching for “leasing” when they search for the services this company offers. They are going to be searching for “leasing [this or that]” or “[this or that] leasing” and such.

        Ergo, Elliot, et al, your extreme obsession regarding great short one word .com’s does not rule the day here. Morgan Linton is the one who is right in his post from a while ago about how a two word domain would be better in this case. And the applicable principle behind the two word examples Rick Schwartz gave in that thread is right. So while “cars” may certainly be too restrictive there are numerous better alternatives for vehicle leasing.

        • Only one person with an extreme obsession John and that is you, an obsession with beating a dead horse against one word .com’s. Have you thought of buying some John. If you can’t be beat maybe join?

        • I know, especially since I said “frankly it is a waste of such a great domain.”

          But thanks for lying and misrepresenting my position, Snoopy.

          And thanks for your extreme obsession with frequently trolling me from blog to blog.

  1. is a major upgrade over the previous domain. Also it allows the company to branch out into other verticals — homes, boats, art….and more. Also, the URL itself enhances the value of the company, No idea what the company paid for the URL — but I’m sure it was a great business decision.

  2. Freudian slip? It sounds like at 00:12-15 he says the help companies to acquire the “wrongful” version of their brand name at the lowest possible cost…

    Seriously? So despite all the love and affection people display lavish on them in the industry, “Media Options” is really just our enemy? Is that what also explains why Andrew S. was so upset about this one domain not selling for peanuts not long ago and lamented about it in one of the blogs?

  3. As for this domain, it looks like they just acquired too.

    When this news first broke, that was the first thing I looked at, and it already had a site and appeared to be another business. I was thinking and was just going to say here now that ironically they would have been much better off if they could have, but I guess they were unable to. It’s interesting to seen now that it is being forwarded to the .com, especially if they just acquired that one too. I thought the .com was actually probably “plan B” this time.

    • And PS: while sometimes longer really is better and even more valuable than shorter, in this case I definitely agree the “upgraded from” domain was absolutely dreadful in that regard.

  4. All right, Elliot or someone might say “I’m glad they operate because it means we get more sales, yada, yada…” To the best of my recollection Elliot said something like that before about this topic of buyer brokers. Whatever, I don’t buy that at all…

    But on a different note, someone tell Chris that the music here is unbelievably distracting, at least when you’re wearing headphones:

    I imagine it’s not much better when not wearing headphones. It seems completely out of place and that it shouldn’t be there at all.


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