Two Letter Domain Name Sold


It appears that another two letter .com domain name has been sold. Because of the recent two letter .com domain names that have recently sold (or appear to have sold), I have been monitoring a number of those that aren’t held by major corporations, and I noticed a change with

The Whois information for the domain name changed yesterday, and the new domain registrant is listed as Spring Airlines, a company that appears to be based in China. is currently forwarding to the company’s website, This isn’t a big surprise considering that many similar two letter .com domain names have sold to Chinese buyers. Some two letter .com domain names that  I have written about recently include the following:

Prior to the sale, the domain name was owned by Media Options, the domain brokerage and investment firm founded by Andrew Rosener. I reached out to Andrew to inquire about the sale, and he did not wish to discuss it publicly. Knowing Andrew’s knack for getting good prices for his domain names, I would imagine this was an exceptional sale.

Although  did not wish to comment about this particular sale, here is a  comment from Andrew about two letter .com domain names on August 13, 2014:

For an endless number of reasons which I’ve documented on our own blog, I believe that 2 Letter domain names are one of the most under-appreciated and under-valued assets today. If there were a single class of domain name which I were most confident in the future value appreciation of, it would most certainly be two letter .com domains – even more so than 2 number .com domains, despite their being even more scarce, simply because the letters have a more global appeal and reach and numbers are primarily focused and value based in China and other Asian markets.

If you notice a two letter .com domain name sale that is unreported, I invite you to share the information with me so I can research it.


  1. Permutations of the 26 letters come to 676 names. Just wondering what names you monitor, as the amount of the domains possibly available for resale in this category going down pretty fast. Can you share with us the list of the remaining/monitored domain names?

  2. Searching through my email archives, I see it listed at $399,000 in Andrew’s newsletter in the middle of last year. In light of his recent comments on’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got more than that.

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